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Coleman Northstar Dual Fuel

Coleman Northstar Dual Fuel

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After 17yrs still the *BRIGHTEST* and most reliable portable lantern around - just love it!

I bought my first NorthStar Dual Fuel lantern about 17yrs ago and it's still going as strong and super bright as the day I bought it! After 17yrs I have only ever had to replace the glass once (I dropped it) a few mantles and I have just replaced the pressure/priming pump. I also replaced the AA batteries in the Piezo ignition/starter about 5 years ago. Once a year I give it a bit of a clean and tidy-up to remove dead bugs, dust and sand - and it's almost as good as the day I bought it! I also purchased the Coleman NS carry/storage case for each lantern for protection.

Note: I only use Shellite as fuel - it burns clean and is available from most hardwares. I have just purchased a 2nd NorthStar for our huge camp site.

All NorthStar replacement parts can be purchased (new) on eBay should you ever need them. The replacementpressure pump cost only AUD$25 on eBay.

Works quickNeasy & clean.

I have had my Northstar for 15 years, It is very convenient, had lots of long hours use, I use it as my first light source THEN I start one of my old Tilley Kero lamps. After years of regular use about 4 hours nightly the battery compartment needed replacement due to excessive heat, I have now replaced the Generator Tube. and as the bottom mantle holder has eaten away i am using a large single tie aussie kero mantle.

Good light, bright, mantles last ages, a bit noisy and does get hot

Great quality, super bright, mantles last about 4 weeks (4-5 hours per night). 1 tank of petrol lasts about 8-10 hours. We use ours in a shed (temporary living) so is great in winter as it get quite hot. Not so good in summer when we're trying to keep the heat out. Is a bit noisy at full brightness, but i guess it would be the same LPG

Excellent Quality, A first class product

The Coleman Northstar EI Dual Fuel Lantern is something that I could not recommend highly enough. It is extremely well made with strong quality metal, brass and plastic even the clear glass with the white Coleman Northstar logo on it looks great it is like crystal. The light output is fully adjustable and is extremely bright when turned on full, the pump is much better than all the other Coleman pumps in that it has a bigger handle to use and you don't have to lock and unlock it, .The electronic ignition is great it makes it so quick and easy to light and the same with the insta-clip mantles they are so quick and easy to put on there is no mucking around tieing them on. It can run on Coleman fuel, Shellite or unleaded petrol, I have only ever used premium unleaded petrol and it has been Faultless.

The only Bad thing with these is the company that makes them, Coleman used to be a great company but in Australia at least they have declined in a lot of ways ( Customer support, Product support, Product knowledge and availability is just some of the things which need to be majorly improved) They make this great lantern which is their top of the range and it can set you back up to $200 for it, yet it's nearly impossible to get a Coleman cover to protect it as nothing fits and aside from mantles it can be hard to get spares like a glass, pump, fuel cap or generator which may not be something you will need for a long time but you never know and you would still think that there would be better product support.

But aside from that is a Great product that has led me to get the dual fuel 2 burner Coleman Stove and the Single Burner Sportster 533 both of which are excellent as well
Great quality and light ouput, great features, Easy to use and good econonmy on unleaded
Nothing except for Coleman Australia,s Handling of there products and support

Not that great

I purchased a North Star fuel lantern from Budget camping at Minchinbury NSW. I purchased this lantern as I was going Hunting in North Queensland and was advised this was a good reliable light, lucky for me I took a back up battery operated Dolphin torch.

On arrival at my camp site I fuelled lantern and followed all lighting instruction that were written on lantern. I went to pump light as per instruction only to have pump plunger fly off and land 2 metres from the table. So night number 1 I was without lighting, lucky I had battery operated Dolphin torch.

The next day my friend was able to put plunger back on lantern and as darkness was fast approaching we followed all instructions again. This time plunger worked but the whole lantern caught on fire and nearly burnt down our campsite. Yes you guessed it night 2 I was left using trusty battery operated Dolphin torch. This by the way only cost me $16.99 with battery. Your lantern cost me $189.00 dollars. Nearly 11 time the price of Dolphin torch.

The next day we decided to attempt to light lantern again, yet again the whole lantern caught on fire and was more like a petrol bomb than useful light source. So again I was without lighting. The next day we decided that lantern was unsafe so we drained all the fuel from lantern, whilst we were draining fuel the whole ignition system fell out and was in several pieces.

So, for 12 nights I was left using $16.99 battery operated Dolphin torch, which worked first time every time.

On my arrival back home I took the lantern back to where I purchased it from and outlined what had happened. After explaining what had occurred you think I would have been given a replacement lantern. No I was told it would be sent to Coleman for repairs and I would be contacted at some stage.

Now this is perplexing. It was faulty from the get go and it was dangerous from the get go. My trip was ruined because the lantern was faulty. How can any company claims that are proud of their products not offer replacement or refund for items that are faulty? I will never purchased another Coleman product again.

Unlucky. I guess the message here is, use your equipment before you go on your trip.I had similar experiences with mine - three times I found the ignition system in pieces. After three replacement systems I gave up and the lantern is now just taking up space in the cupboard.Sorry to hear you have had trouble with your lanterns I haven't had any of the problems you speak of. I can only think you have had a bit of bad luck,three ignition units does seem like a lot of bad luck though.

There's nothing brighter

I'm on my third Northstar in over 15 years. First one I reversed over, second one got nicked. Wouldn't go on a camping trip without it. Mantles last longer than gas ones. Can use on petrol and shellite. Easy to light the ignition,just have make to sure the battery is fresh.
The brightest light on the camp site
pricy, but worth it

Questions & Answers

How does Northstar EL Dual Fuel light output compare with LPG fueled 200 watt lantern?
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No comparison I have both, the LPG lamp is nowhere near as bright even a 400 watt gas lamp isn't as bright.

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