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Coles Dry Fit Convenience

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greeenySA, 5096

  • 5 reviews

These are extremely soft


I have tried numerous brands and because of the reasonable price of these you would expect they might not be as good as more expensive brands. I was wrong! They really are a great nappy and I'm saving money too.
Affordable, soft



  • 3 reviews

Coles nappy very happy


These nappies are cheap and excellent to use day and night with no leakage. I especially love the pictures of Gumnuts



Better than the Dearer Brands


I have tested the top brands and found this is way cheaper and do a way better job. they can go a little more stretch than other brands. and they hold heaps and heaps.
highly recommend.
Reliable, inexpensive



  • 9 reviews

Good customer service



katiemartinTasmania, 7018

  • 6 reviews

Reliable and reasonably priced


I found the Coles Dry Fit nappies to be very reliable (even overnight) and often cheaper than Huggies (which was the other brand we were using). Although the Toddler nappies were only a couple of cents cheaper than Huggies (which seem to be permanently on special at Coles these days) so I have used both.

The advantage of the Coles nappies is that they are nice and soft without feeling cheap or thin (like some of the other cheaper brands do).

I definitely would recommend these nappies to other mums.
Reliable. Reasonably priced. Soft and comfortable.


flame.gisaWA, 6030

  • 28 reviews
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Favourite night time nappy!!!


Best nappies for my son



JaejaeWA, 6059

  • 72 reviews

Very average nappy for the price.


For the price, these were expensive. While they performed adequately, they are not a nappy I would rave about. Absorbency is average, fit is also average. I have not purchased these since trying them.
Nice print on the outside.
Too expensive. Average fit and absorbency


allystarNSW, 2040

  • 14 reviews

As good as the more expensive brands


I received these as a gift in a Baby Shower gift pack (loose out of the pack). After I ran out of the nappies I had to look up on the Net which brand these were so I could get some more. They have a cute little Gumnut Baby design on them and the best thing is some of the profit is donated to the Northcott Disability Services. I have had no problem with leakage or with the tabs not staying put. These definitely give some of the more expensive brands a run for their money.
Cost effective, no leaks, cute design.
Nothing - I was completely impressed with this product.



  • 2 reviews



I tried this nappy as a fill in when I ran out of my usual and I wasn't impressed at all. It was relatively expensive (Coles had run out of crawler girl huggies, so I gave this a shot). It didn't hold very much and my daughter had nappy rash the next next day after having used them for less than 24 hours.

Gave nappy rash



  • 5 reviews
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Nothing Dry Here


I tried this nappy together with the coles conmfy bots brand, thinking it may be a better choice for night time, but, alas, no! Some nights it was OK, others it wasn't. The quality seems really inconsistent and I can't rely on it, so Im not using it again.
Cute designs.
Inconsistent quality - performance hit and miss.



  • 6 reviews

Very good product.


We bought a packet of these to try them out after Mamia's epic fail "improvements". They have been great. They fit well, don't have a chemical smell and I have not seen any gel leaking out when they are really wet. I'm taking from that they don't contain any gel which is a big plus! We haven't had any rashes or reaction to them.
Relatively innexpensive compared to others. Cute pictures, good fit no leaks or gel on baby's skin.
Probably not very environmentally frendly, but can't afford the enviro friendly brands :(

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  • 12 reviews
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Just as good as the brand names!


These nappies were excellent for my daughter just before she was toilet training as she didn't do alot of wee in them. However for overnight use they weren't great as they would be very full in the morning.
Cheap, good product if changing them regularly.
Doesn't hold alot so must be changed frequently.

they were ok


these nappies work ok but the price and amount of nappies i dont think were worth it but on the plus side they didnt show leakage throught to the other side of the nappy
no leaks good for both boys and girls nice pattern on nappy
not enough nappys very pricy for a supermarket brand



  • 27 reviews



I found these were just like Babylove nappies - even the same shape and price. They work well and are a better cheaper alternative to huggies.
Just as good as Babylove
Cheaper than Huggies
Holds wee well
Near the end of the weigh reange the nappy becomes super-saturated and leaks
Wet poos can leak out the back



  • 13 reviews



We thought this nappy was okay for the daytime, as they are cheap, and if changed every few hours they did well. But we don't use them overnight at all. Reasonable fit, but would be better if they had a tighter waist (with elastic) as you had to tighten with the tabs instead.
I love the Snugglepot & Cuddlepie design, and they were cheap.
The very first nappy had a poo explosion up the front, but I wasn't sure if maybe I didnt do it up tight enough. It needs an elastic back to get a better fit around the waist. Also, when used overnight my 5mth old woke up with gel pieces coming out of the nappy. It was so bad we had to bathe her to wash it all off!


fourharveysNSW, 2250

  • 9 reviews



great nappies! i have really hard time getting nappies to fit my very skinny 10month old daughter, who is a tummy sleeper. these nappies are the softest i have found and i buy them alot
so soft, strong grip tabs, contain big messes,they dont cut into the legs, very inexpensive.
i wish the tabs we a bit stretchy



  • 14 reviews



I love these nappies and have been using them for my 2 yr old daughter as her night time nappy and not once had a problem. I actually believe she has been sleeping better with these nappies on because they absorb away from her skin so well. If they had more of an elastic waist they would get a full five stars.
So beautifully soft, great absorbency, great price, easy to come across, tabs grib so strongly, gorgeous designs and great price.
The only flaw is the waist band. It could be a little more elastic/stretchy.


avabgLaunceston, TAS

  • 76 reviews



A really good all rounder nappy, i was dubious about trying any supermarkets own brand nappies as i had done before and they leaked!not good for mum or bub. Anyway, i was pleasantly surprised when we tried these on our 20month old as they fit her perfectly and contained all accidents! even good over night. highly recommended!
great absorbency, soft nappy (not stiff like other brands), good fit
wish they sold them in mega boxes!



  • 2 reviews



Out of all the brands of nappies available these are my top-rated. They offer great value for money, and are every bit as good, if not better than other, more expensive brands. I would recommend these nappies to anyone.
I use these nappies for my daughter for both day and night and in 14 months have not had a single leak. The nappy doesn't get soggy, even in the mornings. The tabs stick very well and continue to work after being pulled on and off many times (the joys of toddlers). It also allows excellent movement and flexiblity for baby and doesn't hang down or stick out at the bottom.
There isn't anything I didn't like about these nappies.

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