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Coles Ice Cream Premium 1L

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It's okay, I won't buy it again

For food that has that much sugar you'd want it to be amazing. Didn't realize it had peanut chunks and their not nice. First mouth full is nice but its just cheap icecream really

My family and I love it!

We've tried all flavours and my personal favourite is rum and raisin - ever since we discovered it, there is always a tub in our freezer!

Coles Premium Ice Cream - Peanut Butter Flavour

This is a review for the smaller sized tub in the Peanut Butter flavour. If you like peanut paste you HAVE to try this. I now understand why I developed a `winter coat' and it was the release of this by Coles. I normally don't even eat much ice cream, but I like peanut butter. Well thanks very much Coles, now I am an ice cream junkie. Better go, as I need to head downstairs and get on my gym set pronto!
It is the best peanut butter ice-cream on the market. It beats Maggie Beer and Baskins hands down.

So good it should be illegal!

The Caramel and Macadamia is divine. It comes in a 1 litre tub for $6 and at first I hesitated to pay that much, but boy, once I tried it ... I was in heaven. It is creamy, with a streak of oozing caramel running through it and stacks of macadamia pieces. I have since tried the Lamington Style (not so great) and the Coconut Lime (passable).
You might need to buy more than one tub.

Amazing for a fraction of the price

I have had both the macadamia and caramel and the lime and coconut and lime, both were delicious and creamy and a fraction of the price that I would normally pay at Baskin and Robins and Cold rock. I have heard that the rum and Raisin is terrible so maybe steer clear of that product.

Tried only two flavours, but they won my heart

So far, I have had two flavours - the Chocolate Fudge and the Rum and Raisin - and needless to say, Coles has done a great job on the icecreams. For the Chocolate Fudge flavour, in which for me was an instant hit, there were some miniature brownie 'chips' that added to the textural experience (very chewy, but I wish there was more), and while I am not fond of the Rum and Raisin, it's strong point was real raisins and a balanced sweet and rummy flavour. An adequate but forgiving choice for those who'd like premium icecream, but it's wise to try some other flavours too in case you get a new favourite on your hands (taste buds!)
Texture and ingredients

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I tried the rum and raisin tonight and thought it had a slight metho taste. I would not buy it again, worst rum and raisin ever.

I'd give it a zero if I could!

It was AWFUL! I expected this to be similar to Sara-Lee Vanilla considering it cost $7 a litre but it was more like a cheap ice confection rather than a premium ice cream!

It was icy, grainy & had a really horrible chemical taste. I unfortunately served this to guests over beautiful home made chocolate fondant puddings. It ruined the dessert. Every plate had the ice cream still sitting on it at the end of the meal.

Normally I make my own but the machine died & I haven't seen any in shops (fingers crossed for summer) so I went into Coles with the intention of buying Sara-Lee or Maggie Beer...I wish I had done so but I saw the Coles "premium" & thought I'd give it a try...never again!
Absolutely nothing! It was terrible!
Everything. Expensive. Nasty flavour & horrible texture!

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Try chocolate fudge u will never buy anything else. coles choc fudge is best ice cream on the market, the other flavors are bad choc fudge rockz Trust me try it

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Is the coles vanilla bean ice cream gluten free?
No answers

Why did you stop selling the Coles Coffee Crème? Is so delicious. I have recommended to so many of my friends and they all love it. Is a pity, can you please bring them back again ? Is really so delicious. Perfect flavour.
1 answer
Hey! I think you accidentally asked me a question as opposed to asking Coles! :)


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