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Content Insurance - Do not buy

I have been coles insurance customer (both car and content) for the last five years. The burglary happened at our place last year in July. Initially, for the first four months, they kept asking for various document week by week and not at first instance. After that insurance claim, handler never lodged a claim to get processed. So I have started from scratch again. They approved jewellery claim but rest of the claim twice they have issued JBHIFI voucher which was declined by the store twice saying its FAKE. This is an absolute joke that how this insurance company trades. Do not buy any insurance policy. Coles insurance policy is just a big scam. Till today I am waiting for them to approve my rest of the claim. Must have rung coles insurance for nearly 100 times. I believe their call centre is in NIGERIA.

February 22nd 2019 Update: Scammers Do Not BUY

One of the worst customer service and insurance company in the industry. Took more than 9 months to process my claim. Must have called more than 100 times at least, to get the claim sorted. For 9 months, the company forced me to pay the insurance premium when I was not leaving at the property. Would not recommend anyone to buy any type of insurance policy.

Based on their current practice, the company should not be in practice at all. They don't fall law and harass the customer when it comes to processing the claim.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim ApprovedYes
Claim DateJuly 2018
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Hi Milan, thanks for getting in touch. We're disappointed to hear of your frustrating experience and we'd be happy to have this followed up further. Can you please send us a private message confirming your full name, claim number and best contact number?

Changing insurance

Been with them 5 years had wind and rain found a leak in roof due to tile being moved by wind insurance refused ?due to bad workmanship of roof tiling.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for your review. We're sorry for the disappointment and we'll pass this onto our Claims Team so they're aware.

asked to claim for a water leak caused by me not putting the dish washer hose on tight when the dish

Called to make a claim, had to get a plumbers report to make sure it was not an ongoing leak and was a sudden leak. don that, got that they never asked for the report. Assessor called review and said they would most likely only repair the base of the kitchen cupboard and not the complete units. With my excess at 500 it properly wasn't worth it, given the age of kitchen and possibility of getting increased monthly payments and loss of no claims bonus.

After two weeks I had not heard anything, so I emailed the person to advise I wished to cancel my request for a claim for reasons mentioned above.

Another week on haven't heard anything at all- Customer service is rubbish

Insurance claim madeNo
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I am now starting to think that the product review site is rigged, I posted the above review, approved then with questions and answers to and from Coles, I entered in discussion with Coles away from this site. Next I see the review is pending and all questions and answers have gone because I didn't agree with Coles and lack of service?.- Why PR?

Leaking roof

4 years with insurance company never made a claim, found to have a leaking roof, were great to get out an assessor, but now nearly four weeks later, three phone calls to be told it is in team leaders hands and under review due to faulty roof. Rang this morning as there is torrential rain and damage is becoming worse with water running down walls. Told they we raise this as an emergency and would get back to me today....nothing. black mold, water damaged carpet, wet clothes and more rain predicted...thanks Coles happy to draw out monthly payment on the 11/12/2018 while you sleep in your warm cosy beds. Thinking current affair will be my next phone call.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Simone, thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear of your ongoing disappointment and we'd be happy to have this followed up accordingly. Can you please send us a private message confirming your full name, policy number and best contact number?How about you provide me with the reports findings so I can go to the building insurance and have myself and my daughter live in a safe environment. 4 weeks now, rejected claim, was promised by team leader that she would provide these reports yesterday so I can start action as soon as possible against builder 17/12/2018 Seems like you have the same reply for every disappointed customer..... please contact us privately....pfffffft

Never use Coles insurance

I lodged damage claim of my home contents because of drain flooding, and told me all would be in procedure, inspector will come to my home to evaluate the damage. But 3 weeks passed, nobody contacted me at all. The carpet was releasing stinking smell, I have two young kids, my family are suffering the smell everyday, and my wife was sick because of the smell as well. I have to remove the carpet by myself, the furniture bottom was soaking in the water. I sent two emails with pictures to coles insurance, but we still live in a smelly house without any response. Could anybody give me a reason to stay in coles insurance?

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So we can follow this up, could you please respond to the private message we've sent you?

Home and contents

1 year Bheemesh managed the case from beginning to end efficiently following through and providing advice on the status of the claim and timeshares associated with settlement.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for sharing, Dan! We're glad to hear this. :)

absolutely pathetic service

So as I sit here on hold for 18 minutes so far yet again for the zilienth time in the last 2 months someone is trying to find a manager because i am sick of the run around. Not only do they not answer or return calls and emails from customers they don't bother with there suppliers either. 2 months after my burglary I am still waiting for them to "assign" someone to replace my items. Not hard you would think but obviously no one there has a clue. They should really be shut down. Just a scam for some offshore company to take peoples money.

December 26th 2018 Update: Unbelievable

I did a review on here 29 days ago and the "Coles team" responded asking for contact details so they could contact me personally. Well here we are a month later and guess what. They still haven't bothered to contact me. Do they do this on purpose to try and make you give up?

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So we can follow this up, could you please respond to the private message we've sent you?

Don't Give Up !

Have been with this company for 4 years and made a claim as our air conditioning unit motor burnt out and we assumed we were covered as we paid extra for fusion cover. Coles were adamant that this was not covered under our Contents policy but that it should be considered part of the building. We then approached our Body Corporate Insurance co who stated that it was part of the Contents according to Queensland law. After more denials by Coles we then submitted a complaint with ACFA (google it) which is the new organisation set up after the Royal Commission into banking and insurance practices. They were exceedingly helpful. After a week or so Coles then miraculously discovered a clause in our policy where we were actually covered and they paid out. But a stressful process all the same with a lot of time wasted. So don't give up !

Insurance claim madeYes
Sorry. I mean AFCA- Aust Financial Complaints AuthorityThanks for taking the time ti share your experience with us. We're glad to hear you received a resolution to this.

Good claims experience

We have been with Coles Insurance for 4 years now. I picked them because they were the cheapest of all online home and contents insurers. We had a burglary earlier this year and a substantial amount of jewellery and iPad was stolen. Once I had a police report and lodged a claim. The process was quick in replacing the stolen items. The claim was passed onto IVAA to handle. The iPad was replaced in a couple of days from The Good Guys without any fuss. We were very pleased with the quality of their preferred jeweller which helped ease the pain of the intrusion. There was never any hesitation or delay in handling our claim

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for the feedback, Hans! Have a great weekend. :)

Claim approved now on hold pathetic offshore service

Been with Coles for a few years now and never lodged a claim until now. Claim in an ongoing nightmare with some of the worse customer service we have ever experienced, now contractors has been told to stop because of the extra costs involved??? However I have a signed scope of works that states all necessary works will be undertaken to complete!
Looks like I’m off the the ombudsman!

Insurance claim madeYes
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So we can follow this up, could you please respond to the private message we've sent you?No! After a complaint to the Ombudsman Coles have reversed their decision. It’s a real shame that I’ve had to waste an enormous amount of time and heartache to get to this point!

Good experience

4 years I think and when we had storm damage they were so helpful and everything we asked for the obliged with courtesy and even the driveway was damaged by a tree loppers truck and they paid out for that even though they didn't have to.I am about to re insure again by the end of this month and have searched for quotes on line which is an interesting experience because thet differences in quotes is massive

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for the feedback, Harley! We'll try and keep up the good work. :)

Contents insurance

One of my air con units stopped working after a storm surge and of course Coles doesn't cover it. I remember asking when I signed up if I needed home and contents and I was adamantly told I could only apply for contents because I live in a townhouse, but now that I need it I can't be helped. Even though I purchased the electrical unit and put in on a wall it is now considered building. Of course, my TV and other electrical units that are installed are not apparently building. Just a waste of money. I pay so that I can have peace of mind, but there is no peace - read these reviews while waiting for an hour to talk to someone only to be told that I'm not insured for it. Will be cancelling my so called insurance tomorrow (yes, have to call again) and going elsewhere. I'll also take my car insurance with me.

Insurance claim madeNo

A completely underwhelming experience

After several years of being a coles insurance customer I had to make a claim. Very poor customer service, required constant chasing. A low cost / low care operation.

Insurance claim madeYes

We dealing with coles Insurance in South Africa not in Australia

10 years and in future never ever be with them due to :- Very poor customer expectation, untrained staffs, every staffs have their own rules, and how can overseas company can know whats happens in Australia.
Contractors never turn up and Excuse technical and other issues problems.

Insurance claim madeYes

Wish there was an option of 'zero' for these Crooks

I had taken out a Landlord Insurance online on 03 Oct 2018, with the option that the policy commence from 01 Nov 2018 and the amount of $908.25 towards this policy be deducted from my credit card account on 01 Nov 2018.
I was shocked to see an immediate debit made to my account.
I contacted Coles on 12 Oct 2018 to enquire why the premature deduction was effected. I was confronted by an unhelpful customer service staff (Bryan) and asked to speak with the Manager ([name removed]) who was equally unhelpful. They conceded to cancel the policy, give me a refund and if they had to re-issue the policy it would cost more as the online discount would be denied.
Unhappy with the treatment, I sought to approach Customer Relations and spoke to [name removed] who assured me he was an 'independent' official and would look into the matter. My request was to confirm that I had indeed asked for the deduction to be made on 01 Nov 2018. He told me he would look into it and get back to me by 02 Nov 2018. I could not understand why so much of time was required to merely check an online application form!
I cancelled the policy on 31 Oct 2018 and was advised that I would receive a full refund back to the same credit card account from which the payment was made, within 3 to 5 working days.
On 07 Nov 2018, having received no refund, I spoke to Coles Customer Service again and was informed that the refund was declined by my card (an outright lie as I have been using my card right through this period without any hindrance!). As a concession, I was told that a cheque for the amount would be sent to me and I should receive it within 7 days, i.e., by 14 Nov 2018.
Even if I do receive it then (which is questionable), Coles has been in unauthorised custody of my money ($908.25) for 43 days. They do stoop this low!!
[name removed] did eventually respond to my complaint in writing on 02 Nov 2018, confirming that Coles had indeed made a mistake and that other customers had also been affected.
Please keep Coles Insurance at a barge pole distance. I shudder to imagine the service I would have received had I the unfortunate circumstances of preferring a legitimate claim. Do not get taken in by the 'discounts' and other sops, Coles have yet to understand the Insurance sector and the associated service that it requires. Other providers are much more experienced and provide more reliable service.

Insurance claim madeNo

good rates

have been with coles 3 years good customer service easy to contact competitive rates will stay with coles home insurance

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Cat, thanks for sharing this with us. We're glad to hear of your positive feedback and we'll be sure to share your feedback with our teams. :)

Double dipping instalments

I choose to pay month to month, so rang them to make a payment late on a Friday afternoon only to find out soon after, that they took two payments out despite only intending to take one. Rang them back and spoke to a supervisor to be told that the money would be repaid into my bank account first thing Monday as the accounts team was not working over the weekend. Checked account balance Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs, still no refund. Rang them back and there was no record of my conversation with the supervisor. Cancelled policy, will never, ever go back. Thieving mongrels! Fortunately i realised my mistake before any claim was required...

Insurance claim madeNo
We're sorry to hear this Edward. So we can look into this further, can you please send us a private message with your full name, best contact number and policy number so we can have a member of our Customer Care Team get in touch?Your 'supervisor' Ross was meant to ring me when he started work at 11am on Friday to discuss this and no call was made. He was the one who didn't follow through with my refund as well... No point contacting me now as i cancelled the policy as you were hopelessly useless. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!

Crooks home insurance

I was 8 years with the crooks insurance company, I mean Coles, then one small claim of $1700, after 6 weeks after claim, I had to call to find out not excepted for some ridiculous reasons, crooks of 21st centuries

Insurance claim madeYes
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We're sorry to hear of your disappointment, J.J. We'd be happy to look into this further; can you please send us a private message with more details?

shocking experience with claim

fridge not working due to storm and have 2 young kids all food rotten. and water coming from the aircon after saturday storm and coles asking me to provide 2 damage reports to compare with there one and then might consider paying and want me to wait till thursday. i offered to get it fixed and reimburse me and they refused not before there report. you end up speaking to someone overseas who is not interested in helping ,and lack of communication between tradies and coles insurance. .i end up buying new fridge thanks coles insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes
We're disappointed to hear you've had a frustrating experience with your claim. We'd like to have this looked into further for you. Could you please send us a private message with your full name, claim details and best contact number?Was waste of time taking to coles stay away from coles insurance.

Don’t have how water at our place for over a week and with no sight of repair

More than 2 years, Don’t have hot water at our place for over a week and with no sight of repair

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch. We've sent you a private message.Coming up to two weeks now and still no sign of what coles will do. Apprantely hot water doesnt negate any urgent according to them Unlikely to be going with them in the future. If I saw these reviews before I would not have signed up with them.Over 4 weeks now, they still haven’t done anything about it. Called a plumber and he replaced the thermostat and it’s sorted in 30 minutes. What a rubbish company. Will be raising a claim to the financial ombudsman against this company. You have sent a message but no follow through.

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How to send private message?
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how much for$60000 contents only and accidental cover
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pleaseDenise, get a Coles quote then get a woolworths quote, I did and saved $300 with Woolies,Cole's have also lost our 2 car insurance to woolies, Cole's,you are getting expensiveHi Denise, thanks for getting in touch. We'd recommend that you contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 265 374 as they'll be best suited to assist you further.

Help! hELP! Last Friday I have lost all my precious jewellery worth of 15k. We are a premium coles Insurance member FOR 2 YEARS and paying regualrly. Please help us we are in deep trouble. Someone broken our house through back door and taken all precious valuable items. My Insurance ID is COL191573353..Call centre not aware of our situation even if I explain. Please some higher manager call me asap. We mentioned that 15k jewellery and based on that only we lodged insurance. Now they are telling we cant provide it.
2 answers
Posted 5 days ago ,, still no reply..Hi Gaya, thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear this and we'd like to look into this further. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, contact number and policy number?

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