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Coles Smart Buy Salted Peanuts

Coles Smart Buy Salted Peanuts

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These are yummy salted peanuts that are very economical for the pocket. They come in a great large size of 500g, and are pretty easy to find on the shelves in Coles. Since they are Smart Buy, they are low priced and so I can buy these more often too. If you dont really care about simple packaging (and really, who cares about packaging, youre not going to eat the bag), this pack of peanuts are great to buy regularly. I must admit that the peanuts are a bit large sized, so if you want something a bit thinner or smaller in size, these arent it.
These are great value if you want peanuts that are rightly salted and taste yummy. They come in a fantastic large size, so that makes buying them really good value for money.
They are just slightly harder than the more expensive branded peanuts, but that is okay since you are getting much more peanuts for a much cheaper price.

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