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RebeccaVIC, 3168

  • 4 reviews

Perfect Water


This water is fresh and tasty and healthy to drink, the only thing I dont like is the bottle when your around half way into your drink the noise it makes is terrible. It goes out of shape too easy.



  • 2 reviews

Refreshing Water


I have had no problem with the Coles Water Natural Spring, it is refreshing and without the chlorine taste. The bottles are a suitable size for carrying with you and the soft plastic makes it easy to crush and place in the recycle bins.


JaneSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 9 reviews
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I’ve never had an issue with Coles spring water. Been buying it for years. Good value for money. Tastes much better then tap water.



has black floaties and taste like plastic which is disgusting , too expensive, makes people get constipation and then they have to get a tube shoved up their butt to get it out



Contaminants found in Water Batch 3212 best before 15 Apr 20


I will be writing a formal letter of complaint to coles advising them the batch 3212 - has little black objects in the water. I opened a bottle and started to drink when I noticed little floaties of black in the water. I looked at the rest of the unopened bottles and they have the same micro floaties in them as well. Coles recalls spring water due to algae.

Coles natural spring water 1.5l bottle is great


I buy this water in the 8pks of 1.5l every week and have been for years. Love the crisp cool clean taste of this water. Myself and my whole family dont suffer headaches or tummy upsets from it , and i personally drink approx 2 bottles a day . I prefer this water to Adelaide tap water.
Cant believe there are negative comments about it and people say the water is getting them sick . I hope those people can get professionally diagnosed for their symptoms to find out the definite cause of their ailment if they havent already .
Id be i interested in the findings to see if this water was the cause or not .

Recall needed.


They should not be selling this water, I only consumed a small amount of this water and had a severe migraine for almost 10 hours. How is this still on the shelves? Coles need to do a recall of this product immediately.


WomeyMooney Mooney

No return of empty bottles, no barcode equals no refund !!


I’m referring to Australian natural spring water 600 ML 24 bottle slabs. I was paying $6 a slab until return & earn came in, the price went up $2.40.
The problem is there’s no barcode on these bottles?? Not happy after trying to return over 100 empty bottles...


ChloSoutheast, SA

  • 13 reviews

Water is fine


The water itself is fine.... better then the local tap water as its full of limestone. BUT the plastic bottles are HORRIBLE!
They easy break, crumble etc. The plastic is that thin you can twist the bottle



  • 5 reviews

Terrible. Contains micro plastics.


On inspection the water contains threads of what can only be described as micro plastics/microfibres. Had been experiencing migraines for around 12 months and had subsided since we stopped buying bottled water.. interesting to see so many others complaining of the same. We bought a 10l recently to use however had another terrible experience. Wrote to product recall but never heard back. This product should not be on shelves and is unsafe.

Wonky wobbly bottles


The bottles are thin and don’t stand up they just fall over, not good more water ends up on the table. Not a happy customer.



Makes you feel horrible


I stopped buying the water from coles a while ago as i found that every single time i drank it i felt sick and as though i had indigestion. I was given a bottle and stupidly drank some, confirming what I'd thought. ... sure enough i feel disgusting again and can 100% put it down to this water. The funny thing is that this has only been happening since coles changed the bottles a little while back.
My question is what the hell kind of chemicals are in the processing of this recycled plastic???
Whatever it is, its clearly making people sick!!


Wayne5555Narre Warren

  • 8 reviews

Coles natural spring water


I try a lot of water in bottles, from different shops / supermarkets. this water is very average its okay to drink but I prefer other brand, I buy this water as its very inexpensive to buy and good to take to work. it comes in a soft container with a blue lid. Coles supermarket has high standards so I know its safe to drink for a convenience.



i have just purchased a slab of water from coles kalgoorlie and ive been feeling sick after 2bottles of water, nauseous and a upset stomach, after reading all these reviews i know now it is this disgusting water the halfwits are still selling somebody needs to do something about it asap



  • 10 reviews
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I drink 3 bottles a day.at approximately 30cents who wouldn't. It has encouraged family & friend to drink water.I also like the 70 cents 1.5 litre

September 15th 2018 Update: Good value

I only drink bottled water,so when they have specials on this product($6 for 24)is great value. Works out at about 23c a bottle

Not as good as normal Tap water !


Made me sick and have a sore stomach. Same with my little cousins. I’d never get it again because of that reason.

need a knife


You need a knife to cut around the edges of this water to open it. I try and try to open it and even large guys have problems also. After reading the rest of these reviews I wont be buying it again. What's the point if you cant open the damn lid at 1 am in the morning for a drink.

Makes you sick!


Normally buy bottled water from woollies and have never had a problem. Bought some of the home brand bottled water from coles, and since drinking it have been dealing with an upset stomach, nausea, bad headaches and tiredness. Came here and read all these reviews and wondered if it was coincidence. Stopped drinking it and have started feeling relatively better!

Not the same water as picture but still coles brand water!


It tastes great and doesnt give my migranes....
But the one pictured in this website did,dont buy that one but buy other coles branded waters 100%



  • 2 reviews

Headaches Sore Stomach And Feeling Crap!!


I bought a slab and it's usually ok mind you it's been months and this time it took 4 turns to get the lid off. Even my aunt who is a big lady struggled and also it smells like plastic and oil tastes weird upset my stomach and gave me a migraine! Last time I had migraines but thought it was the heat nope every other brand of water including tap is fine Do not buy!! I am taking it back for a full refund!! Someone needs to investigate this!!

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Questions & Answers



Do coles add chemicals to their spring water?

2 answers

I'm not too sure. Best to email coles


Coles customer care number Call 1800061562



What is the pH level of Coles natural spring water?

No answers



Can someone please tell me why the 24 pkt of 600ml coles spring water has gone up in just one week by $2.40 from $6.00 to $8.40? That's just such a hugh jump in price.

4 answers
Me me me
Me me me

Maybe they changed the water quality now so you have to pay more to not get a headache

Sharon B
Sharon B

we believe its because they now have the 10c refund system .i have a condition that i can choke on food very easily, so i take Coles spring water with me every where.
i also have become very sick after drinking this water

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt

Because they put new water in it that get rid of cancer. Dah dumbass!

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