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Not bad. Not the best either.

Its pretty strong formulation might have been the cause of the whitening but it also irritates my gums. If your mouth is not sensitive then I guess the formulation wouldn't be a bother. But it's effective if whitening is what you're after.

It worked! Stripped the enamel right off my teeth!

My teeth DID get brighter within a week as the product claims to do, but this was because it probably stripped the enamel right off my teeth! First was the sensitivity, hot or cold drinks were agony to consume after two weeks, and now 3 of my front teeth have become brittle and are chipping off. Stay away from this product.

Do not use!

I've got two huge sores on my tongue, I was sore down into my throat and I've only just realised it was this! It should be taken off the market.

Colgate Optic white

I love it. Whiter than any product has delivered.
I'm a hard to please consumer, but the results are amazing. Love love love.
Have used products in the US and others and a moderate improvement, this is the best

Dangerous Product - Do Not Use

1) Yes, it whitens teeth
2) It has damaged my taste buds. Three weeks after discontinuing use I'm just starting to get back anything but salty. I quite using the product when I had a salty taste in my mouth continually. Then I went on line and found literally hundreds if not thousands of complaints dating back years. Colgate, how can you continue to sell this?

Don't waste your money

I have used both the Colgate optic white--express white; and the optic white toothpaste with built in whitening pen.
I used as instructed and have noticed no difference at all. My advice would be-- not to waste your money on either of these products ($6.00 for express and $19.00 for pen and toothpaste) You will just be paying for overpriced toothpaste. If you want your teeth whitened go to the dentist and have it done professionally, which is what I should have done, but I was taken in by the ad campaigns!!!! The supermarket products simply don't work!
I cannot believe the feedback claiming to have whitened teeth, as it made not one bit of difference to my teeth. Perhaps the product only works on some people's teeth and if this is the case, then Colgate should make this fact clear in their advertising and promotion and on the packaging, otherwise it is almost 'bait advertising' where the product may work on one person out of every 100 users. Not good enough Colgate.

I cant feel my lips

Horrible product. Burnt my mouth when using and by morning my lips were cracked, swollen and numb. Going to the doctors now to see how I can stop the pain. :(

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Hi Believe, we’re sorry to learn about your experience, but appreciate your feedback. Our aim is to produce safe, non-irritant products however in some isolated cases people may experience sensitivity to an ingredient, such as a fragrance or a flavour. In these instances we recommend you discontinue use of the product causing irritation which should assist to resolve the sensitivity being experienced. We’d like to get some more details from your about your experience so please contact our Consumer Affairs team on 1800 802 307 between 7am - 5pm, Mon – Fri (AEST).


This product is great! I'm so glad i found this toothpaste it not only cleans and makes my teeth shinny it gradually whitens them. Not sure about some of the bad reviews though? But I've never had a problem (everyone's different) you can purchase this at woolworths, chemist etc


The toothpaste I feel is quite good at cleaning my teeth and removing plaque but I have seen absolutely no difference in the colour of my teeth. I have just had my braces removed about 1-2 months ago and everyone told me to purchase this product so I had very high expectations. My teeth are still yellow and I feel that other regular toothpastes help to lighten my teeth more than this so-called "whitening" toothpaste.

wont ever use again.

Just realised what has given me such a painful mouth for the past week on holiday in bali. Big cankersores on my gums , sensitive teeth and gums red lumps under my tongue. My tongue was so painful to move it, sores dow my throat such a dry mouth i was begining to think something serious was wrong with me. Mouth was burning, but last night for some reason i thought i wonder if it's something to do with the toothpaste so this morning i used an old mcleans toothpaste i used to used and today my mouth has been so much better i haven't had a dry mouth all day my teeth aren't so sore and sensitive. I thought to night i would look my toothpaste up on Internet iam in real shock and angry after reading the reviews. I will never use a colgate product again and i will warn my family and friends. I thank god that i haven't been using it for longer like some people who have had worse symptoms. Tomorrow i will be going to health shop to buy a natural healthy tooth paste i cant believe this product is still being sold.

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Hi Donna, we’re sorry to learn about your experience but can assure you that our products are only released for sale once their safety and efficacy has been tested and proven. We thank you for your feedback and would like to get some more details from you, so please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via email at www.colgate.com.au. Thanks.

Has anyone else been left with "Geographic Tongue" after using Optic White?

Three weeks using Optic White and I developed a condition called Geographic Tongue (google it!). The top layer of my tongue peels off in a different pattern all the time and I only used it for three weeks about a year ago - I wrote to Colgate at the time and they sent me $20 cheque and told me to post the product back. What a joke. At the time I thought my tongue would get better but it never has. I can't eat anything with salt, can't any more spicy food, even an onion makes it worse. I think many other people have been affected like this and would like to hear from them.
I still have my now empty tube of Optic White and the letter from Colgate.

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Three years later I still have Geographic Tongue and have been unable to use any Colgate products. Originally I found many many reviews where people had similar reactions to Optic White toothpaste but they have all been removed. How is this possible? My symptoms are just getting worse, if I have a salty chip, a mild curry, a fizzy drink, any spice at all, my tongue just continues to burn all day every day. I would like to know where all the other complaints about Optic White vanished to - pages and pages of them.

i like it

I have been using this product along side my home tooth whitening kit (from my Dentist), i find it's a really effective maintenance product in between tooth whitening's.
My teeth feel really nice and clean afterwards, i can't use this product alone to whiten my teeth as i drink so much tea and red wine... :)

Ruined my teeth

I used the tooth paste for about 3 weeks and my teeth are as sensitive as hell now.
I went to the dentist and parts of the enamel has been removed on my front teeth and now I'm up for $2000 in dental repairs.

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Hi Krystlist, we’re sorry to learn about your experience, but appreciate your feedback. Please be assured that Colgate products are only sold after their safety and efficacy is completely tested and proven. We’d like to get some more details from you about your experience so please contact us during business hours on 1800 802 307 or via email at www.colgate.com.au. Thanks.

I would advise Do Not Use

I have had very good, mostly white teeth, (30yrs) and only used the toothpaste to lighten my teeth a bit. After using this toothpaste my teeth felt chalky and not smooth anymore, and a bit sensitive, and now I have noticed a crack in my front tooth yes I assure you it was not there before and no it is not from lightening it that I see it now (my front teeth have always been the lightest anyway and I study them regularly!). Behind my teeth at the bottom near the gums there is a strange build up or something going on so will have to go to a dentist to address A.S.A.P. I fully believe that this toothpaste has ruined the enamel on my teeth a lot compared to what they were before, and they are not as smooth as I run my tongue along them. This product should have warnings regarding damaging enamel on teeth, but it does not. I feel like calling Colgate, actually you can call me! If it had not damaged my teeth I would have left a positive review, but I have not had a good experience at all.

Hi Ivy, we’re sorry to learn about your experience but can assure you that our products are only released for sale once their safety and efficacy has been tested and proven. We thank you for your feedback and would like to get some more details from you, so please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via email at www.colgate.com.au. Thanks. Hi Colgate, I will get into touch with you, however, not if my experience is not acknowledged seriously. I've always trusted Colgate and always used the usual toothpaste, and tried this for some whitening for tea stain that all, a little on my side teeth. The outcome from using this strength toothpaste has really disappointed me and harmed my enamel on my front teeth. Totally disappointing considering i have always looked after my teeth.

Not Up To Expectations

I wrote the earlier review where I suggested a neutral score. Colgate got back to me and said "don't give up, use the whole tube" or a similar comment, I can't quite remember. I did and it made no difference. As toothpaste, it's ok, as a whitener, not so good.

Incredible results!! Suprised by the reviews on it though?!

My teeth have a slight yellow tinge to them which is caused by my smoking and morning coffees.
After running low on my usual toothpaste the white glo smokers formula which by the way is also a good contender,I saw the optic white on sale and thought i'de give it a go.

For the first week i noticed it lightened up slightly and was hopeful on the results if i continued.
It has been just over 3 weeks now and im glad i followed on. My teeth don't have a yellow tinge anymore

Obviously a health risk..

Never used to get canker sores before I started using this product. Each time it was "that time of the month" for me, I broke out in nasty canker sores, something that never happened to me before and funnily enough, it started right about the time I started using this product. went through very traumatic experiences of doctors mis-diagnosing me. you guys should be sued.

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Hi Rebecca, we’re sorry to learn about your experience but can assure you that our products are only released for sale once their safety and efficacy has been tested and proven. We appreciate your feedback however and would like to get some more details from you, so please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via email at www.colgate.com.au. Thanks.

False advertising

I cant believe the amount of advertising this product has had in magazines. I bought this product for me and my son to use and what a waste of money.False advertising. I used this product at least 2 times every day for 3 months and not a shade whiter. My son had the same result. We all know that magazines glam things up and obviously used the power of photoshopping Megan Gale's teeth, but also celebrities use a teeth brightening while they go on tv which I assume is not longlasting and from not brushing their teeth with this product. False, False False!!!

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Hi Cheryl, we want to reassure you that we stand behind all the claims we make on our products, and are committed to meeting the needs of our consumers. We’re sorry this toothpaste didn't give you the outcome you hoped for and we'd like to get some more details from you, so please contact us during business hours on 1800 802 307. We hope to hear from you soon.

It works if....

This product does work you just have to stick to it, I recommend brushing gently with it 3 times a day if you want to see results. It has made my teeth a few shades lighter, but I stopped using it because I couldn't find any fluoride in the ingredients. I have found something more natural that actually works 'activated charcoal' and would recommend that.

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Hi Miranda S, thanks for your review and comments. We’re pleased you found our product to work for you and would like to assure you that Colgate Optic White Toothpaste is a fluoride toothpaste.


This stuff works, I have used teeth whitening products before and found them to be a total joke. After 3 weeks use I can see a huge difference. It's a slow gentle process but quite amazing, for the first time in years I'm going to have lovely white teeth. Be patient and let it do it's magic.
It works

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Questions & Answers

Iv been using the product for a month now and there is no difference !!!!! As a person living on an aged pension I splashed out to try it I'd like to hear from someone please. Thank you H Newark [number removed]
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Buy some quality Australian made toothpaste like Grants or Cedal.Mix on brush a match head size blob of optic pain with a much bigger blob of the good aussie stuff. You could get years of cleaning-your teeth may even whiten without pain. Goodluck and go you good thing.

Is it safe to use Colgate Optic white to be used with someone that has tooth sensitivity?
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Im not sure you would have to ask your dentistDepends on your pain threshold. One advantage is if you have doubts about any teeth that have been treated in the past or may give trouble in the future try a tiny bit of pure optic on them. Mexican chilli thrills.

Do you get Geographic Tongue when you use this product??? Cause I am scared I will get it!!! :(
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There is a strange sensation which is moderately uncomfortable after using the whitening pen. I think that the intensity of this feeling will differ with individuals depending on each person's discomfort threshold, so it is difficult to say how much it will affect you. My complaint is that despite the varying levels of discomfort that you may be prepared to put up with, it is essentially for no purpose at all, because it makes no difference to the colour of your teeth, absolutely no difference at all! Some people have claimed on the product review site that it has whitened their teeth, but my experience has been that it made no difference at all. I've thrown my pen and whitening toothpaste in the rubbish because I'm not prepared to put up with the unpleasant taste---which may be called Geographic Tongue, I've not heard this term before.Hi Anna, No, absolutely not! The condition you mention is harmless. No need to be scared at all. Given the products on the market which are doubtful with regards to health of enamel and separtion, this is a very safe product to use which does produce excellent results.


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