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Colgate ProClinical A1500

Colgate ProClinical A1500

4.3 from 51 reviews

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Great electric brush

We have had this electric toothbrush for over a year and are very impressed with the cleaning ability and strength of the pulses. We are pleased with the purchase and have noticed a difference in the colour staining on front teeth just from brushing. I like the gum sensor that turns on if brush is angled and I don't find myself turning off the brush like another review said. Very happy with purchase.

Good toothbrush

This toothbrush worked very well at cleaning my teeth. It's got decently soft but effective brush head, that can last a while even under heavy pressure brushing. I would recommend this to anyone who didn't own an electric toothbrush.

Very Happy With This

Got this as a Christmas present and its been very good. My teeth definitely felt cleaner the first time I used it. It is part of my routine now, so I don't notice but its definitely better than manual brushing. Replacement heads are a little dear

Best electric toothbrush

Purchased my proclinical 6mths ago and love it, i charge the toothbrush once a week for 15 hrs, it turns off after 2 mins of brushing it comes with extra toothbrush heads, my teeth feel so clean and refreshed after brushing, had a dentist visit and he said the cleaning was exceptional, minimal plaque. Very happy.

Love it!

I don't know how I got on to a electronic toothbrush, but I can't go back. You honestly don't know what clean is until you use the Proclinical. I have the brightest smile. Easy to use .

Good Battery Doesn't last

I previously have had Oral B toothbrushes so I got this to try out the opposition as it was on special. It cleans really well happy with that. The thing that isn't as good is the battery life. Its about two years old now and it just doesn't hold a charge well any more. It went all week at first. Like all rechargeable toothbrushes the real expense is the head replacements

I like this brush

The brush is soft and cleans well, however, needs recharge regularly. I like the box that goes with which stores the brush when I go out for a few days.

Really loving this toothbrush!

Having been an owner of an Oral-B Triumph previously I was a bit hesitant to to switch to a brand I hadnt tried before but I'm glad I did. This brush is a little powerhouse. After just the first brush my teeth felt cleaner than they ever have (short of visiting a dentist). The most noticeable difference was the clean I felt inbetween my teeth. Sure its a bit noisy but its a minor negative for me and a small trade off for the clean I get. I also like how I dont need to bother about changing speeds while brushing as its all automatic. A great little brush and I dont see myself ever using anything else again. Much better than my old (more expensive) brush.

Best toothbrush I have ever used!

I still find it hard to believe how good this toothbrush is! I have had a major problem with plaque build-up all of my long life (81 years) and have tried everything to reduce it, but to no avail! I have used other expensive well-known electric toothbrushes since 1970 but they could not keep the plaque under control. I have tried high-pressure water jets, interdental brushes, mouthwashes, etc. Same result! But the ProClinical A1500 has been a revelation in the seven months that I have owned it! It has definitely stopped plaque build up for me which is unbelievable! It actually does what it claims and, to date, no plaque build-up has occurred! My gums are not worried by the brushing and I have found it very easy to use. My periodontist is also very pleased and, as a result, has extended the periods between my visits to him!

Worth the money

Always wanted an electric toothbrush and I'm glad I did my research. It's awesome. Starts off a little hard to get used to but once you get past that your mouth will never feel cleaner. So clean you'll wonder how you've done without one for so long.

Never again

I purchased one of these electric tooth brushes almost two years ago and have had nothing but trouble. Firstly the Chemists shop where I purchased would not help, told me I had to return to warranty Agent,
Which in SA is illegal.
I have had two transformers, one complete new unit and now while on holiday in Japan it failed again.
Just out of warranty.
However under expected life of unit I am pursuing Colgate for a replacement.
It cost me nearly $100 however it is often sold for less than $40.
What a rip off.

Buzz buzz clean teeth

I bought this, after reading reviews here, to replace an Oral B that I've used and sworn by for years.
1. You need to change your brushing technique to what the brush wants to do. Don't fight it or you will end up with a less satisfactory result and will become disillusioned. Do what the brush tells you and everything will go well.
2. Noticeably whiter teeth after only a couple of weeks use. This was unexpected, and very impressive.
3. My teeth also feel much smoother to my tongue.
4. I got it heavily discounted on sale at Shaver Shop. These seem to happen quite often so it might be worth waiting.
5. The sales person recommended only charging it up overnight once a week.
Overall, highly recommended. The only negative for me is a very minor one, that the power supply is not built in to the charging base, which means an ugly 'wall wart' sticking out from the mains socket.

Hollywood Teeth

I have had another 2 electric toothbrushes. One was made by the same company as the colgate one, Omron. The Omron toothbrushes are far superior for cleaning your teeth . The A1500 is extremely high tech with ultra sonic cleaning action that cleans similar to a dentist clean. A lot of reviews are mentioning that the A1500 is noisy , this is caused by the ultra sonic speed it runs at. I would recommend any of the colgate / Omron manufactured toothbrushes.

The best toothbrush by far.

Having used an Oral B for many, many years which performed reasonably well, I purchased the Colgate A1500. It is awesome. You only need to charge it at most once per week. The brushes last a very long time. It cleans far better than anything I've ever used. It is a little noisey and yet doesn't bother me at all. It has different settings to suit your individual cleaning requirements. By far the best toothbrush I've ever used.
A great product that cleans teeth really well.

Yes this is good.

I bought this toothbrush on 20 December 2013 and was immediately surprised at how well it cleans -- much better than my old electric toothbrush (which up till now I thought was the bee's knees).

Interestingly however, I can't give this an "Excellent" rating because the actual experience of brushing my teeth is not as pleasant as with my old electric toothbrush ...

1) Noisy. My old toothbrush also used vibrations, but it was so much quieter. The Colgate is noisy and in a tinny unpleasant way, and it's inside my mouth!

2) Turns itself off. I'm not done yet and suddenly it shuts off. I'm in the shower with water and stuff in my eyes trying to feel where is that on/off button ...

I also don't like the auto-speed feature because it often gets it wrong. It's quite unpleasant when it suddenly goes into turbo-boost mode against my gums -- it's actually a little painful and I imagine it would not be good for people with sensitive or fragile gums/teeth. Thankfully it can be set to manual, and it remembers to stay in manual mode for the next brushing. I personally start off in the slower mode for sides and gums, and only go to the fast mode at the very end for the top of the molars.

The brush head is also quite small. This is a mixed blessing. It's good for getting into small crevices, but it means it takes longer to clean every surface of every tooth .. and then suddenly it turns itself off.
Cleans very well
Noisy. Turns itself off too soon. Auto speed feature gets it wrong enough to be annoying

By the way, somebody asked me if it can be taken overseas where they have different voltages. The answer is yes. It will automatically handle voltage from 100V to 250V. It also comes with a smart carry case. After 4 months of using this toothbrush, this is still a good toothbrush and working fine.It's been well over 2 years since I bought this toothbrush (today is March 7th, 2016) but I've noticed over the past few weeks it's starting to slow down. It's still perfectly usable but now I must keep it in "turbo" mode only. It still cleans my teeth beautifully and still happy with the product. It will be interesting to see how much longer it keeps going ...It's now March 28th 2016 and the toothbrush has finally died. The battery is so weak that it doesn't clean well anymore. So in all, that's lifespan of just over 2 years, which I think is acceptable given it was used twice daily, and importantly, because I bought it as half price from a discount chemist. I wouldn't be so happy if I had paid full price. So which electric toothbrush have I gone out and bought? Well, since I still had plenty of Colgate replacement heads, I went out today and bought the cheaper Colgate C600 (which I will review soon). The reason I didn't buy the A1500 again was because, in the end, I didn't use the auto-adjust feature -- it was always set to manual "turbo" mode -- so why pay almost double the price for a feature I won't use?


I really liked the look and feel of this toothbrush. It is really ergonomic and easy-grip. In comparison to my other electronic toothbrush I thought this one was quite a bit noisier and I had trouble adjusting to the 45 degree angle function. However, I really like that it comes with multiple brush heads and they are easy to change. The travel case is slim line and easy to pack into the toiletries bag. I also thought the packaging was nice ...it would make a nice gift.

Leaves a dentist clean feel after every brush!

I have been loving using this electric toothbrush.
I have used other electric toothbrushes before but this makes my teeth feel so clean, just like visiting the dentist.
After using it, it also feels like I have flossed, showing just how well the toothbrush cleans.
I thought the auto mode might be a bit strange to get used to but it took no time at all, now it feels natural.
One downside is that the toothbrush automatically turns off at 2 mins but I usually have not finished brushing at that stage,
I love that the bristles of the brush are very soft and yet the toothbrush cleans better than any toothbrush I have ever used.
Great lasting clean, choice of different modes, all in a compact travel case.
2 min auto off.

First Time!

I haven't used an electric toothbrush before apart from visits to the dentists, so this was a new experience for me. I have to say it was a bit strange at first and it took me a while to get used to using it - it's hard to change a lifetime of habit! I'm used to it now and love using it. It's true what they say about the feeling of an after dentist visit that electric toothbrushes give you - my teeth feel great after using the ProClinical A1500, much cleaner and they feel smoother and healthier. The best part is you get this feeling every single day, not once every six months! Really enjoying using it and probably won't go back to a manual toothbrush now as I don't think they clean as well.
Love the super clean feeling after using it
Don't like the auto-shut off after two minutes - doesn't seem long enough!

The best electric tootbrush I have ever used!

This toothbrush is really different. I have been using other brands for years and have never had a clean a good as this one. This brush uses sonic vibrations which means 65,000 strokes in a two minute session. Try doing that manually! The brush action actually is correct, up and down the tooth, instead of side to side or circular like other brands. This means you won't wear out your tooth enamel. Also, the fact that it stops after two minutes means you won't accidentally over brush. The design is very stylish and so much easier to clean than my old electric toothbrush. It has a very smart travel case and fantastic long lasting re-chargeable battery that lasts about a week so it's perfect for travel as well. You don't have to bother packing the charging base station and cord if your trip is under a week.
Superior results and modern design.
Takes time to get used to using the auto mode, but definitely worth perservering.

Pretty good!

It's not my first electric toothbrush but definitely the best one so far. You have this feeling of a professional tool. Battery life is exceptional. I like the small head so brushing is more precise. Positioning sensing a bit slow to trigger automatically ... so I just set it to full speed. I would have love a stand you could use without all charger cabling. Nice travel case. I recommend!
Very good cleaning. Super long battery life.
A bit noisy. Positioning sensing not perfect.

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Questions & Answers

Is the rechargeable battery replaceable?
1 answer
I don't believe it is replaceable, i have had mine for 3 years now just replacing the brush heads and its still going fantastic i charge once 15hrs a week and holds the charge for 7 days, it's great.

I've had my Colgate Omron A1500 for about 2 years and it's not able to charge up any more. . Has anyone else had this problem? Is the internal battery onlyexpetedto let this time?
1 answer
I have same problem. It looks to last average 2 years only.

Which type of electrical brush is better if you have gingivitis?
1 answer
Ask your dentist.


Colgate ProClinical A1500
CategoryElectric Toothbrushes and Flossers
Price (RRP) $229.95
FeaturesSmart Sensor, Timer and Travel Case
Brushing / Flossing Modes3
Brush Heads / Flosser Tips Included1
Colour / Finish White
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Release dateAug 2013

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