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High quality makeup for a good price!

The makeup products that I ordered are very good quality for their price. They also sent me an extra item (jelly eyeshadow) for free which was a bonus. The packaging and box it came in was very nice too. However, the shipping took ages and the tracking code always was lagging and not very accurate. But I did order this during the Christmas season so I can understand if this was a busy period for everyone. Overall, I would buy from here again.

Product Quality
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Great Products. Mostly great with a couple of misses.

I buy products from the Colorpop website about once every year.
They have a fantastic range of good quality cosmetics that seem to be superior in quality than some high end brands. I particularly love the Matte Lippie Stix and the Super shock eye shadows which is part of the reason why I buy every year, as I use them every day for work. The site is easy to navigate around, but when it comes to the color of things, I usually have to go to YouTube or other online images as the color they show is not always the color you will get. This could be due to screen resolution and lighting etc. But the extra research always pays off. Postage takes around 3-4 weeks (to Melbourne) which is expected coming from the US. The one thing that bothers me is that unlike other websites that have AUD prices as you shop, all pieces are in USD, so you need to manually check the USD- AUD conversion rates at that time, which is annoying. Another thing that I found is that during shipping some of the Supershock Shadows come away from the container. Its not a big deal because I just pat it down and it stays put.
I have never had to contact customer service like other people have, so I can't comment on the level of service. The quality of the products are great and I will keep purchasing.

Product Quality
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Terrible customer service - thieves

I use to love colourpop. Until they stole $95AUD from me, sent me a $65AUD order that I didn’t even order and then tried to tell me it’s the conversion rates??? Sucks when a brand you have supported for so long would do that at ease and not even try to rectify the situation. Absolutely appalling service and unless you want to risk being stolen from, then I would not order from them ever. Actual thieves and won’t do a thing about it but blame their consumers?? Appalling!!! 0/5 stars if I could

Product Quality

Terrible- Dont order from them!!!!

I placed an order on the 12/2 over $100 aus - I haven’t received it 19/3 told me its In transit - well I looked at the tracking number- NOTHING has moved , sent numerous emails to the company- they say wait it takes 20 business days to arrive- nothing has changed- im getting no where- no contact phone number , they say we will send another one but since we had a recent sale you will have to wait 7-10 business days before we can send you a replacement- I have waited long enough- OVER 1 MONTH
Dont buy from ColorCRAP there customer service is - SHOCKING

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Never received my items

My husband ordered a build your own palette for me for our anniversary. I was so excited because they had a great sale and I had been dying to try their pressed single eyeshadows and their super shock formula. he placed the order a month and 20 days ago and I have yet to receive the order. I contacted their customer service and they were very unhelpful. I can’t find a way to contact USPS for international customers and colourpop’s team will not provide any info. i am so disappointed and will never order from them ahain.

Poor customer service. Dirty product

Orders took a month to arrive with minimal communication from Colourpop.

Ordered 6 lipsticks and 6 of them had terrible lipstick stains on the box, making them great Christmas presents to give away(not!).

One of them had dust/mould/hair on the product itself, looks like it had either been sitting on the shelf, without a lid for ages, or just poor product.

Escalated the complaints to the them and they simply brushed it off.

I would advise ordering or buying from them.

Goods not received 8 weeks after order

I purchase In-Nude-endo and Fortune on 18 August 2018. As the goods did not arrive by 5 October I emailed Colour pop and received this response "Processing times have been extended due to our recent promotions and launches. Orders may take 5-7 business days to process. Once your replacement package goes out you'll receive an email with tracking"

Seriously!! you would have better customer satisfaction if you honoured your orders rather than waste time on promotions.

It is 19 October and 2 months later I am still waiting. Is colourpop a scam? If so they need to be exposed.

Good product eclipsed by completely incompetent customer service staff

The products being inexpensive doesn't justify having terrible customer service.

It's been over a month since I placed an order. They didn't ship it (the carrier says the label was created but the parcel was never received) and I alerted them to the error promptly. They basically brushed it off for a month.

Then they finally acknowledged the parcel wasn't coming a month later... Apparently their policy is that they can only replace an order 'one time' and they just keep your money if they screw up delivery twice! Seriously! That's obviously ludicrous and your credit card company will get your money back... It shows that the company is highly unethical to even try on a policy like that and be telling customers they can. Younger or inexperienced customers may be unaware that they're covered by consumer laws or can raise a dispute with their credit card company.

They cancelled my order when I didn't want them to, they tell you things are in stock when you can't order them, the list goes on...

I have dealt with both [name removed] and [name removed] over email on this issue. Both customer service staff actually appear to be illiterate. You can email them over and over again and yet they refuse to read an email in full or answer a simple question. I've gone back and forth over one question 5 times - still haven't got an answer... It was as simple as the staff saying an item was 'in stock' when it was showing out of stock on the website; so, all I wanted was them to confirm and make it available for me to order if it was truly in stock. But somehow they can't read that one question and just paste a nonsensical response.

Simply the worst customer service I've ever come across. So painful. And it's two days between responses so it takes forever to get your non-answer.

Infuriating. Not worth ordering from them as these issues happen far too often.

Horrible customer service but decent product.

After using ColourPop for about a year now, I understand why it's reviews are pretty bad. If you have any issue with your order, good luck contacting the company. You can only send a message to the company, in which they took 3 days to respond to me when I had sent the message only hours after I mistyped my address. They ended up sending my order to the wrong place and are making me wait a total of 2 weeks so I can get my money back. This company really needs to do something about improving its customer support if it expects to retain customers.

Bad customer service trying to get more money out of people

Really disappointed with my recent colourpop purchase. They supplied the wrong product. And wouldn't send me a replacement. They only gave me a discount code meaning I was expected to spend another $50 to get my free shipping to Aus! Just feel really taken advantage of. Considering it was them who made the mistake.

Amazing cosmetics

I have placed three orders, each worth about $100 USD, or $135 AUD. I just can't get enough. The price point is so wonderful, the products are incredible. I am obsesses with the eyeshadow palettes, I have only been disappointed in one palette (fame, and my negative review waa posted on their site), I can go out and eat a burger with their liquid lipsticks, they have that among of staying power. I also love their presses bronzer/highlighters. My favorite cosmetics company

Great products

I ordered for the first time through the colourpop website, glad i did, the lipsticks and lipliners are very nice, The prices are quite cheap and products are pigmented, shipping took 2 weeks to reach to Australia, but i was sent emails on where it was located, still it was worth the wait, will definitely buy more products in the future:)

Customer Service Department can't help with ANYTHING!!!

So I placed an order on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. I emailed IMMEDIATELY after I placed the order stating that I made a simple mistake in ordering the incorrect item, and if they could simply switch the item in my order to the other item, given that they were the SAME PRICE....as ALL of their liquid lipsticks are $6.50. They emailed me back literally the SAME day they shipped out the package, 2 days later, Thursday afternoon the 4th, WHILE I WAS AT WORK!!! Stating that they were unable to exchange the item for anything else, and the only thing that could do was cancel the entire order. Now, as aggravating as that is, I WOULD have actually been fine with that....IF I'D HAD A CHANCE TO RESPOND!!!! I was AT WORK ALL DAY! I am NOT able to check my email at work given the level of activity my work requires! I had a small four hour window to respond before they shipped out my package! You would think if someone is having an issue with their order that the company would give them at least 24 hours to respond with an answer. THE SAME courtesy that was shown to them when we have to wait up to 2 days for a response!!! But no, that was not the case. After getting off work and immediately checking my email, seeing two emails from Colourpop, one stating that they are not willing to exchange my items, also that my order as shipped!

Thanks Colourpop...I no longer trust a company who's customer care department LITERALLY won't help in any way!

I asked if I could send back the wrongly ordered item, and the rep Cindy stated that they DO NOT take back items shipped out, due to the "low cost" of the item itself! So I'm stuck with something that I don't want!

great....Looks like I'm disputing with my credit card company instead!


Colourpop is so cheap and well worth the buy, the brushes are great quality and the products are so cute. I love getting packages in the mail because it’s so exciting to get the box with all their cool, decorated goodies inside. The products are so cheap and better quality then some more high-end talked up products - one of my go - tos.

Dishonest Review System

They withhold negative or average reviews from their website to make them look like higher star ratings. There are SOME negative reviews (very small amount) but I believe they withhold most negative reviews to make the average review high. I purchased the Dream St palette by Kathleen Lights for example and tried to submit two separate reviews to say I wasn't pleased with the product and the review was not a rude or inappropriate review (I actually gave it three stars so as not to be too negative) and on both occasions it didn't appear on the website. They have had no problem posting my 5 star ratings on other products I have purchased. I've spent a lot of money with their company and I'm disappointed that they would suppress their customers in this way. Extremely unethical in my opinion. To be fair, they are reasonably priced and most of their products are pretty decent, but this practice has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Terrible colours

Been using colour pop for a long time, always order the same lipsticks every time as I know what I like, this time however I’ve never been so disappointed! The colours were absolutely terrible! Do not match up to their photos online - eg ordered clueless which is “supposed to be a light pink” what I got was a dark brown and that was just one out of my 6 I ordered ! The others are just as bad... what a waste of $60 AUD.

Shocking customer service - great products. They need to really lift their game re customer servic

Everytime I've had to deal with their customer service I swear I won't order anything ever again. They don't bother to even read your email - just send a reply which has no relevance. Back and forth you go with no answers until you're so frustrated you give up. My SSS are beginning to break up after 6 months (although tightly sealed) & they advise that they only have a shelf life of 12 months!!! I would expect more and would not have bought so many if I was aware of this. When I asked for an explanation as to why they are breaking up they replied that they need to be tightly sealed. In 4 or so emails I have stipulated that this has always been done!!! Round and round we go. Terrible customer service.

Believe the hype

I am so thrilled with my purchase. Colourpop is fantastic value for money, has a really unique selection & with it's price point and variety, doesn't really compare to other products we have available in Australia. I think that the swatching & descriptions on the website are done very well and really help when making a purchase. The products are packaged really well, and the quality is unrecognisable for makeup that is priced around $5-$6 USD per unit. The only cons I can think of is the slow shipping & lack of updates on the USPS website that I experienced as well as how difficult the eye & lip products are to wash off (although this might also qualify as a pro!).

I love them but their customer service is a huge disappointment

I got 1 eye shadow pallet, two liquid lip sticks and a highlighter (got a few other things but i gave them as a present to someone). I absolutely loved the eyeshadow pallet and my lipstick, the lipstick was so smoot and looked great on my lips and so did the eyeshadow pallet. But i got the super shock highlighter called lunch money and I'm more than just disappointed. The highlighter only just transferred onto my hand and didn't even go on my brush let alone my face. I was super disappointed because there was so much hype surrounding their highlighters and i was only left with disappointment. Now i very much wanted a refund since the highlighter didn't even transfer onto my face but they don't accept refunds and only send our coupon codes that are rarely effective because of sales. Super disappointed with their service, as much as i loved their other products, i don't recommend.

Hyped Company

I just ordered 2 concealers in the mail however i only received 1.. i emailed them and they were like "I'm sorry about your missing babies" so they gave me a coupon code however they expect to pay the shipping to get my free item i think this is horrendous and i will NEVER be ordering something off them ever again. Total waste of your money I do not recommend!!

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