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Combat Ant-Rid Liquid

Combat Ant-Rid Liquid

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Johnny G.

Johnny G.Illawarra, NSW

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My ants love it. I tried it last week in one spot, and within a few days the ants were gone. This morning I applied some to a new visible spot and the ants are swarming. It took less than a minute from new application until there was a reaction. For me, I think it is a good product.

Purchased in September 2020 at IGA for $5.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
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  • 5 reviews

Ant Rid still works in my area of Melbourne, Bayside.

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Works for me!


Recently having a heap of ants hanging around our kitchen pantry, I bought some Ant Rid to try and get rid of them. Apparently the trick is that all the ants take it back to their source so it gets to the Queen? Well it worked for us, and after putting a few dabs here and there, there were a trail of dead ants and problem solved! We haven't had any ants since. Ant Rid is available from the supermarket and isn't too expensive, around $7 from memory. It did the trick for us.

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if ants don't like it mix it with peanut butter


Sugar loving ants love it but we have twice had ants that won't touch it. These are ants that love fat and meat so I mixed it with a little bit of peanut butter put it and they came out to find it

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  • 58 reviews

Worked well, but has some flaws


I managed to eliminate a couple of nests (hundreds or maybe thousands of ants) with a few of these little bottles. The ants absolutely loved the stuff, and after only a few days their numbers decreased.

It doesn't work very well outdoors, though, because it dries up, and then the ants won't have it anymore. It also leaves a sticky residue that you can see. I think it has honey in it, and you can smell that, too, before it dries up. I think Talon/Selley's Ant Gel could be better because it solves all of these problems.

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BaronessMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 8 reviews

Worked better than conventional surface sprays


This product worked wonders in ridding our recent ant problem. Although the instructions outline that the product is not recommended for use outside, I found that the liquid also worked well after using outside our home.

The liquid is easy to use and does not create uncontrolled emissions; as can often occur with sprays.

The ant rid liquid, does take time to work, but is effective and cost efficient.
Some re-applying may need to be considered if and when there is a new ant problem.

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Questions & Answers



Hi my husband put some ant rid down in the bathroom the ant crawled into my denture contain I didnt know this I took my dentures out rinsed and put in my mouth I think I may have poisoned myself what are the side effects

1 answer
Johnny G.
Johnny G.

The advice in case of poisoning - as written on the Ant-Rid bottle is to telephone the "Poisons Information Centre".
Australia 131 126.
Basic Stuff.

Charles Davison

Charles Davisonasked

can it be put on cement ?

1 answer
Johnny G.
Johnny G.

It could, but it will probably soak in, depending on the texture of the cement.
Put down a strip of non-porous adhesive tape or metal(like a jam bottle lid)first, then apply the product on top.

Ginger K.

Ginger K.asked

How come the ant rid gel isn’t thick anymore?
The last bottles I ever had would drop down onto the window ledge and stick up like a gel bubble, it was a darker brown colour too.
The new dual packet ant rid I bought at Bunnings is light like a pale yellow colour and drips down and spreads across the ledge like water. Then the ants don’t hover around it like a sperm to an ovum (that’s what they use to do)
The new ant rid - the ants just walk around it like it’s water.

I’ve been using ant rid for a few weeks now and nothing had happened - it’s like it’s a fertilisation drug - more and more and more ants are coming

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I'm a 1st time user and so far it has worked really well. I applied it at night as there is generally less movement around the house - not sure if that is of any help.

Pauline Poppi
Pauline Poppi

As I stated in my review, the quality of the product has deteriorated every time I purchased one. This is my third bottle.


Just a bad batch.

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