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Freaked out




I gave my Lhasa poodle mix one tab in June. It’s now November and I haven’t seen any fleas! I read an article about waiting to see if fleas appear then to give another tab. Needless to say one dose lasted 5 months.
My dog is always chasing squirrels and jumping in the open waters. She Was completely infested until I gave her this magic dose of amazingness.
I was scared at first after reading reviews and kept one eye open all night to watch her reaction to it. I’m pleased with this



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Stay away


Heathy 58kg male dog. Bloody Diarrhoea and lethargy for a week after taking comfortis plus. Had no problem with it before it was rebranded (previously panoramas). I’m glad I only gave him the one tablet and didn’t top up to his full weight after reading these reviews. Have thrown the rest out and spoken to vet about the side effects, vet suggested I change to something else. I’ve also been warned against Bravecto

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My dog died within 4 days of ingesting this poison


Two healthy dogs, 47kg female and 54kg male, gave tablet Wednesday and female throwing up within a couple of hours, vomiting and lethargic for two days and rushed her to vet on third day too weak to stay upright. Diagnosed with acute Liver failure, on drip for day and a half and had a seizure, liver, pancreas, failed, glucose levels extremely low, internal bleeding, bloody vomiting and diarrhoea, PTS four days after ingesting this supposedly safe poison. Thank God the male was only a bit lethargic for a couple of days and seems ok.

No good


Treated 3 dogs, each after a meal. Within 1 hr, all 3 were puking all over the house. Now, I'm worried about other effects, plus seeing $66.00 spewed all over the floor.


tntlcNewport Beach

Works wonderful



Healthy 16 month old cat died after giving comfortis


I have used comfortis for about 3 years now on my GSD and 3 cats. After giving them a dose the usual vomiting would occur but they were always fine.
2 nights ago I gave all the animals a comfortis, I always follow directions and am super careful!! They had the comfortis at 7:30pm and in the army hours of the following morning my healthy, strong fit as a fiddle 18 month old cat was dead. He looked as though he had curled up and gone to sleep but he didn't wake up. This product is so dangerous and NOT worth the risk. Please be cautious and think twice about using this product.


TanzaSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Made both my cats very sick and damaged their livers


Gave both my cats this product once,to be sure I bought the lowest dose. My smallest cat vomited started shaking became really withdrawn had diarrhoea. My other cat vomited and howled in pain took both to the vet as they didn’t settle and remained unwell,both had many tests and the verdict was that these pills caused liver damage.my small cat had diarrhoea daily for months. The cats were well before. Now both are on special diets because of the damage. Stay away from this.



First time using this with both my cats excellent results


No side effects from my two cats just before not happy cats. It now happy happy cats will definitely recommend this !!!!

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Great product


Comfortis.....give in 2 doses...


I'm a cat rescuer and have seen some cats vomit after given comfortis. I started breaking up the treatment into 2 doses......one half one day and 2nd half one or two days later. I find less per dose makes it easier to digest. Cats have temperamental stomachs in order to eliminate furballs from all their grooming.
If your pet is drooling, shaking, hotf like dff like like with a fever, chattering teeth, blinking quicky, convulsing, get it to a bet7

Comfortis nearly killed my dog


This pill sent my dog into actue liver failure. It’s a miracle she survived. Not recommended. This is poisonous stuff.



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Made one cat very ill, had to take to vet.



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How did they get it so wrong.


My dog has always had a problem with being itchy, however Panoramis was brilliant and controlled this very, very well. Then it had a name change, while bizarrely supposedly bring the same formula, but my dog isn't getting anywhere near the same relief. Really unhappy, this stuff is controlling fleas , but absolutely not controlling the general itching she has had since she was s puppy. Far as I'm concerned they've changed the formula to save money and given us an inferior product. On eBay original Panoramis is selling for $300 plus, proof that people are seeking out the original product.



My little Maltese was well, I would never recommend this product it made my dog really ill, vomiting constantly, I had to take him to the vet and he is still ill today, Do not give this product to your pet, should come with a warning, I purchased the product from the vet as well, thinking I was giving him the best care, I then had to pay the vets bill today, Disgusting, would never ever recommend this product. Look for a more pet friendly product..

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Killed my dog within 24hrs she was fit as a fiddle strong as a bull i have videos of this to prove it stay away from this stuff its truly evil google it under its other names also known as Panoramis or trifexis

Best tablet ever


Don’t know how this gets such bad reviews .

This tablet is awesome . Works so friggin fast and my cat Lionel is flea free so bloody quickly .
When he had fleas he’s constantly wet with all the washing , after his treatment he’s back me dry and can actually sleep.

Don’t foot around with the tablet. Cut into 3 and shove down their throat



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Made both our cats very sick


Administered to our two cats, both young and healthy. Both began vomiting a few hours later, which continued intermittently for the next 24 hours. One was lethargic, sick, and refused to eat for over a week afterwards. Would not use again.



Avoid this product...made my dog sick


We treated our 8 year old mini schnauzer with this product with his evening meal. The next morning he had blood in his stools. The Vet suggested to observe him as he was still active and eating. He had blood in his stools for 2 days then thankfully back to normal. I won’t risk using this again it was very worrying to see that blood.

Dave H

Dave HSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Not yet sure if this is a good product-Who the heck makes these Tablets this size


Who the heck makes these Tablets? size of tablet vs size of cats mouth, had to break it in to four bit and feed it to my cat, tablets don't have break lines.

It doesn't appear to have worked in 30 minutes like they said but my old wise cat did disappear 10 minutes after eating it so I wonder if he threw it back up.

The cost for 3 tablets is outrageous and found that only vets sell them in pkts of 6.
After reading other reviews I have to wonder why my new vet recommended this brand?
Will go back to the other brand where it is placed on cats neck next time and given the other reviews will not re use

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Laura L.

Laura L.asked


I was given a litter of 6 to 7 week old kittens. The person said she crushed up the smallest size comforts for kittens (4.1lbs or 14 weeks) and have each kitten (5 of them) a small amount. Should I panic or will they be ok?

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Comfortis Orange (For Dogs 18.1 - 27kg, For Cats 2.8 - 5.4kg)

Ive been using the 18-27kg comfortis plus for my dog for years but i purchased 27-54kg one this time cause iit was cheaper. My dog is 27kg. Does it work if i cut it in half and just give half? I will ask my vet before i give it but would love to know if anyone else halves it

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Kathy B.

Kathy B.asked


They vet gave my 7 month old puppy Comfortis 2 weeks ago. We have sprayed our yard and previously tried Saresto collar and put k9advantix on before the vet said to try an oral meds. We still see some fleas. What else can I do?

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