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Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Student

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Student

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Had this card during my uni years

They waived the annual fee every year i was a student and when I was no longer a student this year they continued to waive the fees provided that i spend at least $1000.

Great Idea

The low fee student credit card is great for students like myself. It had limited barriers to obtain one (you only have to be working part-time/casual) and the no annual fee is great.
It's ideal for students that need to buy expensive items (e.g. new computer) and also as a safety net for when your savings account is low!
Reliable, excellent security features, no annual fees.
High interest rates - but if you pay it off within the 55 days interest free period/before the end of the month then you won't have to worry about this :)


I have had this card now for about three weeks. The approval process is made especially for students so that if you re not working the bank does not put this against you as much as they would normally (from what I read from the card description on the CBA website.)
No Annual Fee whilst you are a full time student
The interest rate is high if you do not pay the balance off by the end of the month


If you are looking for a cheap credit card, then I really recommend this credit card. You dont really have to go to gold credit card, or other more expensive credit cards, because if you dont have exceptional spending habit, this credit card should be enought to cover most of your need.
I like this credit card because it practically free. No annual fee if you spend > $1000, and no interest if you pay your bills within 55 days.
Last time I forgot to pay my credit card bill within 55 days, I therefore had to pay the interest, I called Commbank's customer service right away and told them that: I always pay my credit card on time, and this is the first time I ever miss my payment date; without muct explanation they then refunded the interest that I have paid :)
I also limit my credit card to $2k (just in case if someone hack it), and if I need to purchase something more than $2k (e.g. $2.5k), I only need to put additional $500 into my credit card.
I satisfied with Commbank's customer service, combination of both, makes this credit card unbeatable.
Make sure to pay your credit card on time (within 55 days), otherwise you will have to pay the interest, which is not cheap. No award point!


Fantastic card for students free, has interest free days, if you pay it off before the due date it is excellent to have if not the interest is high.
It is free =)
You can get it still free with award points so basically if you paid it off before the due date your getting free stuff for nothing =)
It has up to 52 days interest free =)
It is handy for booking hotels and airfares as you pay it all via the phone or net by credit card.
Sometimes they add a $59 annual fee to the account that you have to go into the bank with your student id to get the fee refunded.

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Low Fee Student
Release dateJun 2007
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