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Compeed Total Care Invisible Cold Sore Patch

Compeed Total Care Invisible Cold Sore Patch

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I always use these

I very rarely get a cold sore. Maybe once every couple of years. But I find these patches get rid of the cold sore usually within 4 days and stop it from scabbing. The only annoying thing is they come off whenever you eat or drink... I need two packets for one cold sore. But definitely worth the effort of reapplying.

Purchased .

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

Great but not perfect

Sit back and make yourself a cup of tea, my review and advice (Lifelong sufferer)

When applying make up, I found it hard to conceal the patch and thus there was a visible line that was the patch. Its important to use lip concealer in your lip colour and not make up you find at the $2 store thats in a skin shade (unless its overlapping on your skin). Theres a big difference. However, If you have no lip colour then use whatever skin shade necessary (foundation or concealer may work). You'll find decent ones online for about $25

For those who struggled to keep it on,
a)) Make it as dry as possible by applying alcohol
b) Despite the instructions, (Eating and drinking) keep this to a minimum. Use a straw to drink and food pieces that fit in your mouth using utensils. Avoid acidic and watery foods, stick to dry foods as liquids tend to 'peel' the sides of the patch, thus, making it less stickier and falling off.
c) Life hacker tip: The patches are fairly large and if the entire patch is too big, BEFORE you split them apart, cut them down in the middle. That way you have double supply and it doesn't look 'weird' on the skin. It should attach to the width of your lip and the size of the sore. Do not let the sore 'breathe' the whole point of these patches are so that the viral cells are killed via the inability to 'breathe', thus, fast forwarding the process a few days.

For those in the Last stage:
This is where the 'crust' has formed or close to formed. The way i see it, you have two options
a) Using hot water and disposable towel or cloth, put the cloth under hot water and then place the hot wet towel on the sore to get rid of the crust. This will help in minimizing the appearance but will delay healing time. Use alcohol to dry out the area and tissues to soak up any fluid.
b) Apply the patch onto the crust. Note that it MUST stay on until it comes off by itself. You risk spreading it if you rip it off because the crust will rip of as well as a result, bleeding will occur. Use Alcohol, if you needed a reason to buy vodka, i just gave you one. Apply it for about 30 seconds or a few seconds after the burning has stopped. The area should now be dry or close to dry.

If you use the patch correctly, it will stay on for at least 6 hours. Through my techniques mentioned, I have managed to keep a patch on for around 14 - 19 hours, Significantly greater as per the instructions. One again, saving you money and time.
DO NOT USE LIP BALM IN ANY STAGE. Wait at least 5 days after it has visually gone

The reason why it loses one star is because its very difficult to place the patch on your sore, it tends to stick to the finger which then stretches it. It took me about 17 patches to effectively utilize my technique through scissors and patting down to make it 'flat' without any bubbles or cracks . They should make it a little bit more like abreva, with the 'handle' design.

I recommend you drink lots of water as the patches can look unusual with cracked lips

If your looking for it cheaper then the $20 at the chemist, There are some great sellers online who will post it under $10. Buy them in advance to prepare for whatever is to come.

Remember, that soon this will become a memory and once its healed go back to enjoying the life you deserve

Some skin seemed to come off a little when removed

I usually only get cold sores like twice a year maybe and when I do I usually just stick to my lypsine tablets and cream but this time around I got one worse than I usually do and wanted to try something different..
I found them really easy to put on and actually came off pretty easy but it just seemed to take some skin off with it, it didn’t hurt or anything but once it was time to come off my coldsore was bright red. Maybe if I try it just as soon as I notice symptoms next time but I think il just stick to my cold sore cream next time

Compeed application

Every time I try to apply compeed patches, they fail to go on properly, no matter how careful and methodical I am! I waste at least half the pack over a few days, poor design for application at consumers expense...and they are that! It's a shame because it can do the job otherwise!

Really helps

I find they really do cover up the cold sore so it’s barely visible and it also speeds up the healing process whilst skipping the painful steps!! The only thing I would ask them to change or improve, they’re quite painful to remove and I do wonder whether pulling it off the cold sore irritates it. But other than that, I would highly recommend!!

Work well however difficult to apply

The patches work well once you get them applied. However this is extremely difficult. Have suffered since a child with cold sores. Used Zovirax cream in the past and a friend told me about Compeed. Found they really work but you need to apply as soon as you feel a lump appearing. The severity is reduced and I don't get the painful Skin cracking. Unfortunately my cold sores always form on my bottom lip towards the inside of my mouth so the patches need to be replaced every time I eat and drink. They are so difficult to apply that I end up wasting a few or need to apply 2 to get correct coverage. This is really annoying as they are expensive. Would like Compeed to improve the way they need to be applied.

Will never use again.

Had a small cold sore on my bottom lip, have previously used Zoviraz which I was happy with but decided to try something else. Well I totally regret it. Followed the instructions on how to remove the patch and not only did the patch come away but so did several layers of my skin! Ended up with a very sore bright red patch under my lip and it took 8 months to disappear!! Just be careful if you have sensitive skin.

Really was hopeful

So, I’m a long time cold sore sufferer. I got a small bump on my lip when I woke up and immediately threw a patch on. I continued this routine through the week - the sore was almost gone in four days! Miracle!! But, then I notice a bump near the old sore and it was spreading. Once I took off my patch -WHAM!! A sore has appeared the exact same size and place where the patch was placed. Fair to say I’m currently icing and alcohol rubbing to try get it down. I’ve been using compeed patches for about a year now, I’ve had mixed results. This experience however has turned me off them entirely. I’ll take my chances with a small cold sore over a huge monster any day.

A confidence booster, social enabler and product of discretion

I don’t get cold sores constantly but the past 3 years I’ve had one between the months of May-June and it usually goes quite big, extremely visible, painful, and always scabs over, but this time I tried the Compeed coldsore patches. Wanting a quick fix and a cover up because as everyone knows, coldsores are real blows to your confidence level because they spark that desire to stay inside and lock yourself in your room, my mother suggested trying these and so I did. More than £6’s, I was praying this would be worth the pennies and oh boy was it. Not only are these patches virtually invisible but makeup can still be worn over if necessary, foods and drinks can still be consumed, the coldsore itself looks smaller, lighter and less aggressive, they feel like they aren’t there when they’re on, they last up to 12 hours, they’re easy to apply (I don’t know why people claim otherwise- it’s ridiculously easy to apply) and the pack comes with a handy little mirror and 15 patches which, arguably, covers one coldores lifespan. I’m only on the second day of using these but they’re life saving. People suffer badly with coldsores, I’m lucky I don’t, but if you’re wishing for something exceptional to restore your confidence and allow yourself the ability to continue with your day without embarrassment, then please buy this product. It’s so worth it, so easy to use and affordable for what you have. I couldn’t give a better review if I tried, I’m so happy with this product!

Best product ever!

I felt the tingle in the morning so ran to the supermarket that evening after work, I could see a small cluster of blisters just starting to form. Put a patch on and used for 6 days straight, you couldn't see it through the patch and the patch was surprisingly invisible. It was barely obvious I had one. I found for me they lasted between 10 to 20 hours, so didn't need changed frequently. Normally my coldsores hurt but with the patch I felt no discomfort. Finally on day 6, I can't even see signs of any coldsores.

I have found what I've been looking for!

As a long time sufferer of coldsores, I swore by Zovirax ointment, until a recent outbreak of 5 within 9 weeks...at my wits end, in tears, I went to the chemist and Compeed Invisible Coldesore patches were recommened. Having tried the Zovirax patches years ago and thinking they were useless, I was doubtful but willing to try anything...
My usual 2-3 wk healing process was reduced to 7 days!! The only way I'd be happier is if I didn't get them!!
100% will keep on hand and use again..
A bit fiddly to get used to but by the end of the week I was an expert.
The trick is to ensure lip is dry first and follow instructions.
Eating & Drinking does usually mean replacing them, especially in the corners..
Small inconvenience for a bigger result.
I felt that comfortable and confidant with them, that by the healed stage I didn't want to take them off I'm so used to them.
My lips feel a bit tender now I've taken them off for the last time,but I think it's as a result of the new skin and now not having anything covering them..
I am one extremely happy coldsore sufferer!!

Can almost forget the coldsore

I get a lot of coldsores. With compeed patches the itch and the pain are masked somehow and this allows you to forget for a while that you have a coldsore. YoU can converse with people without being constantly reminded of the grossness on your face.
I do not think healing time is reduced, but sometimes it can reduce the severity of the blister formation.
Being able to function socially however is worth it even without speedy healing.
I have had some issues with application over time, but mostly get the patch on as directed.
Time a patch stays on depends on mouth/face location (skin movement), cleanliness of skin (oil and grease) and severity of blister (weeping). I average 4-5hours during the day.

Until discovering compeed patches I would hide away. My sick leave would be always maxed out. You feel gross on the inside because of the gross on the outside. The itch and pain are constant reminders. Compeed has helped me immensely.

Excellent invention

Just saw this at the Chemist warehouse today. Currently having big cold sores at the upper corner of my lips. I love how it concealed the coldsores, makes me feel more confident to talk or stand near to people. On top of that, I like how it covered up the coldsores, makes it less painful when drinking or eating. I do not find trouble in putting them on. The descriptor mentions that one patch should stay on for 8 hours, however I find this is not the truth in my case, I have used 3 patches so far in the past 6 and half hours. Other than that, I am loving this patch, it is better than keep applying the coldsore cream to the affected areas. I just put the patch on, feeling less pain and do not have to keep reminding myself to regularly apply the coldsore cream.

Waste of money

Paid $20 for these patches and went through 5 of them trying to stick it to my lip, the peel off is just stupid, whoever come up with this has no idea, it could be as simple as a bandaid but no they try to reinvent the wheel. Don't waste your money and stick with the creams.

Totally useless

I bought this product to help with my upper lip cold sore. I used it as soon as i got a tingle but it did nothing to my cold sore and i used the entire supply as directed by makers. Im going back to my coldsore creams. I dont recommend this product. I was contacted by the company asking me for my receipt etc but i had already told them i had thrown everything in my trash bin. I had to get the packet out of the bin to take the photo in the comments article.

I'm only just discovering these now?

So I've had cold sores all my life. No real pattern to when I get them . I've tried everything possible, nothing helped or healed them fast. From that 1st tingling to them going away it's usually 2 weeks. I bought the compeed coldsore patch after 2 cold sores started to appear. Put on with no problems. Cold sores not as visable and able to apply makeup over them. The sores are flatter ( not sure that's the right words to use) and day 5 very close to healing. I will definitely make sure I have a supply for the future.

Will use again

I used these patches for a cold sore I had. I don't think it made it heal any quicker but it certainly made it more bareable. Sleeping at night and eating is so much easier with these patches. If I bumped it I didn't get the pain I normally would. I'll use them again.

not very good so far

I bought these yesterday after a friend recommended them. I'm afraid they don't peel off very easily and quite often the first peel curled back on itself before I had a chance to apply it. I was very careful especially when they sent cheap! I found when I did get them on they stayed on for abOut 2 hours and wanted to peel off. Felt like a bit of a waste of money actually and think I might try Zovirax patches

Only cold sore treatment.

I unfortunately suffer from cold sores & recently had the cold sore from hell appear overnight on my bottom lip (so large it almost covered half the lip!). In the past I have used Zovirax. But as this was large & I was so worried about the ugliness that was bound to come when the blisters break & the crusting appears I went out to the chemist to find anything to assist. There I discovered the Compeed Patches & boy am I glad I did!
They are fantastic! I cannot recommend this product enough. And in future they will be all I need to treat my cold sores. It did not reduce the time it took the sore to heal but it did assist with the healing in that the patch keeps the sore contained therein & moreover prevents that nasty unsightly crust that normally appears. I also did not suffer from the usual soreness, redness & itching. I did need to use 2 & sometimes 3 of the patches at once to cover it all.
You need to know however; that the patches are super difficult to remove from the backing sheet & apply to the sore even if you follow the instructions. So, I wasted untold patches trying to apply them but it was worth it. My suggestion is to apply half the patch (or the exposed part) & hold it down with your finger while you LIFT the backing paper up to release the remaining patch over the sore.
I would recommend to the supplies of this product that they consider making various sizes &/or shaped patches to fit different sized cold sores.

This might happen to you!!

I applied a patch on the small cold sore forming in the corner of my mouth. The next day the sore had became as large as the patch itself! I had a perfectly round cold sore with several blisters inside. It was huge and painful! I persisted with the patches for several more days but it became obvious they were not healing the cold sore and if anything were keeping it moist and not allowing it to dry out so a scab could form. Will never use these again.

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