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Confirm Early Pregnancy Test

Confirm Early Pregnancy Test

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Waste of money$$$ Please Do not buy!!!


I bought a pack of three. Tried first no result, tried second all clear, third attempt again down the hill. This product is terrible. Even though I followed all instructions clearly. Even tried to leave for 5 minutes in a hope it will work but didn't. Do not buy!!! Refund please..

Worked for me


I had bought this test at the supermarket before reading reviews, so I got down to the chemist and bought two clear blue tests instead. I did the clear blue test first and got a positive result. I thought I would still give the confirm a go to see if it was faulty and it worked perfectly fine. It took about 10-15 mins for the results and there was two distinct lines. Seems to have worked for me?

Wrong result and got my hopes up


I got a 2 lined second line was a little more faint then the other line but it was still 2 visual lines.. I've taken 4 other tests with deferent brands and they all came back negative. It got my hopes up I really thought I was pregnant. These are fake do not buy them.



Never ever buy this product. Absolute waste of money and time . It been 3 weeks after ovulation and nil periods but hasn't detected anything in it . Brought clear blue and result is positive . So what it's mean ..? Not for early pregnancy tests . Never suggest this product to anyone especially who are eagerly awaiting yo be a mom

It works.


I bought it from Cole's. I always use some different brand but I wanted to try this one. It worked a magic. . Now Reading all the reviews after using this test and getting the accurate result, I would say people have used this test in a wrong way. The absorbent strip needs to be pointing down with result window facing upwards.



Waste of money and time


I've bought two triple packs before, and 5/6 sticks showed up nothing. It's ridiculous how many times it can show up faulty. It's the cheapest one on the shelves I guess you have to pay for what you want. The one that did show a line was not even clear, it was like halfway showing. Don't bother ladies

Worked good this time around


I'd used this test before and had a solid positive line that wasn't a true positive.
However, this time around it was the first test to pick up my pregnancy (miscarriage) even before the more well known sensitive test. I done another of the confirms the next day and it was a darker line and then used the last in the pack just because why not?

Terrible! do not buy


brought a three pack, none of them showed anything in the control or test window. Such a waste of money! Brought from coles. I will buy Clearblue next time. I suggest buying a test that actually works and dont waste your money on this brand. please other reviews before buying.

Krystal alexander

Krystal alexanderDarling Downs, QLD

  • 2 reviews

I did even get a line up


I was a fake one it didn't even come up with any lines I'm sick of buying these ones and they do this to me It was my last lot of money and yet I got a stupid one that didn't even bring up a line i want my money back or another one :(

No result!!


I bought a test and followed instructions and i didn't get a result at all! Now I've got to do another trip to the shops! It's a complete waste of time and money and there wasn't a option at coles for another brand. I wouldn't waste my time with this brand again.



3 false positives


Received three false positives, absolutely heartbreaking for those trying for a baby. After reviewing my results and researching online the internet is full of people with the same issue.
Not worth wasting your money, hopes and emotions on.
Stick with the more well known brands, this is not the one.


Jazd23Moorebank NSW

No early detection- would not recommend


Used test after IVF transfer (5DPT). I did numerous tests in the morning and evening. Over 3 days it would barley show a result at all. It was barley even a shadow. You would need to try and hold it in different positions and light to make it out. Decided use another brand on 6DPT to compare and that was a strong positive reading.
Even tried to use 7DPT just to see if something would appear even though the other brand was positive and still nothing.
On the pack it states early detection but on the instructions it is to be used on the day of or 1 day late.
To the IVF mums that are eager for results use another brand.

Waste of money


Bought the confirmearly pregnancy
Use the first stick and it did not show anything it was blank and the second test thesame third one works fine. I also followed the discription promptly and waited 2min to see if anything in all test. So thats was a waste of money.I wouldnt buy it if i was you.

Haley b

Haley bCentral coast

Worst test ever!


I took 3 of these early pregnancy tests and all came back negative but I knew something in my body wasn't right, I thought I was gonna lose my other ovary. Then I used a clear blue and got an accurate reading straight away, saw the doctors and I'm 10-12 weeks!! Never rely on these tests. It's sad that they are allowed to even market themselves as a pregnancy test.

Kat TY

Kat TYGlenmore Park

  • 2 reviews

Waste of $$$$$$$$$


Test results not accurate and wouldn't waste my money using the test again. It's sad that companies like this are allowed to continue selling a faulty product. This type of fault is very upsetting and stressful for someone who has been trying to fall pregnant. It can be equally damaging for someone who wasn't planning a pregnancy and uses this product unaware the high rate of the result being false.

Worst test ever


I've received 3 strong positives testing over a period of days with another brand and I am nineteen days past ovulation. Testing with confirm tonight and you have to squint to see that it's actually positive. Will likely lead to people believing they are falsely negative. Complete waste of money.

Never buy!


Bought a 3 pack took the first 1 and there was a pink line in test window, second one nothing on the test window. I hope I'm going to be refunded, absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking for people trying for a baby. Won't be using the last test, it's going in the bin!



  • 7 reviews



Pregnancy tests were Faulty didnt work at all. Nothing came up it was blank. This also happend 1 year ago when I was pregnant came up blank seems it 1 year they havent changed or foxrd the tests i Wouldn't waste your money. Waste of time also . Go clearblue early detect

Faulty tests


I just did all 3 tests in a three test pack over the last three days and even followed the alternative instructions and all came up blank.. no positive no negative. . I am very unhappy with this product .. I will never buy or use this product again and i will be writing to coles



Despite having 2 confirmed blood tests and a positive home pregnancy test using another brand I had 3 negative tests using Confirm Early Pregnancy Test purchased from Coles in Sydney .
I will be writing to Coles suggesting they take these off the shelf - this is such a sensitive area and unacceptable for the product to fail.

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Questions & Answers

Taylar M.

Taylar M.asked

I took 5 of these tests.. 3 very faint positives taking 10 mins to show. 2 negs. I got bloods done and got neg results. I believe this is a faulty brand, but on the off chance has anyone had bloods and found out theyre actually pregnant?

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Cristal A.

Cristal A.asked

I took a test and in the control window there was a line but in the result window it's supposed to come out vertical and a very light horizontal window came out. What does that mean ? Does anyone know ?

No answers

megan s.

megan s.asked

I took a test today no line and was cleaning up an hour or so later!
and now there is an actual line of pink it looks way to thick and dark to be a evaporation line
could this be postive or a negative going to take another in a day or two

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