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Contempo Induction Cooker

Contempo Induction Cooker

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The controls take time to learn. But induction cookers ARE the way to go. And this is actually quite good.

It's a kind of read the instructions, but learn to use by using it type of devices.

Because it's combining power settings, heat of contents of pot settings, and a keep warm setting, and a boost (quick heat setting) and a timer..... It's a bit of read the book and suck it and see....

I kind of wish that everything was a simple energy input setting and a timer.

But I can see the benefits of the other functions.

I think as long as it's reliable I will grow to intuitively use it....

After a few days of use - in terms of cooking - it's brilliant.

In terms of electrical cooking devices, induction is the way to go... for many things.


Aside from that issue which is very important - the unit actually works very well as in I put a 22cm cast iron pan on it and turned it all on and that sort of heated up to a fair sizzle in what seemed only a few seconds.

Seriously - 3 or 4 seconds to sizzling....

I have used this pan for 30 years on electric stoves - of all types, gas stoves, kerosene stoves, camp fires, hot coals etc., and this frying pan was almost instantly sizzling. I have never seen that happen before.

I turned around and looked at the old round slab electric element stove, and I looked at it, and I said, "Your now redundant".

And I didn't even look backwards and forwards even twice.

I am really looking forward to bacon and eggs on toast... as this should be nearly instant cooking - without the rubbery meat from the microwave effect.

Without extensive testing and issues with brands and manufacturers etc., I think the induction cookers ARE the best thing ever.

Purchased in March 2019.

Questions & Answers

I can get it to beep! Can anyone tell me the order to press the buttons to get it to work. Also what do the dome/cloche and the B symbol do? Grateful for any help
No answers

Hold the buttons down & nothing happens.
No answers

It worked once but doesn't work now?
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