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Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

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So far, soo good.


Still have a set of 4 - 225/45x18 fitted to a new Mazda3, they have just done 40,000km and hardly look used? ( I'd post a pic if it would let me) I reckon I'll get another 40+k out of them, seriously. Great for me. Good wet and dry.
Thanks Matt @ Bob Jane in Gladstone for talking me into them.
If it helps? I run 40psi and have them rotated every 10k.

Car2016 Mazda 3 hatchback.

Great all rounder tyre


215/45/17 MC5 tyres lasted 60,000km+ on highways/motorways. Date code on tyres is xx13, lasted until late 2016). Grips good in the dry and wet. Tyre placard states 33/32psi front and rear but kept them pumped at least 36/35. No idea why people say these wear out quick. It's a good al rouder tyre. Got them for about $150 each back then.

Car2001 Subaru Liberty B4


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Very soft side walls

CarVw transporter t5


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Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

Car1993 Mazda MX6 front wheel drive, four wheel steering.



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Quiet, Grippy and wallet friendly!


Put 4 of these 225/45/17 on my 2008 Honda Accord Euro on the weekend.

Will watch how they wear but I'm happy to trade wear for grip to be honest.

Compared to the no name cheapies that came on the vehicle these are a huge improvement!

Quieter, very Grippy and ride comfort is excellent. Even if 30k is the going mileage from these, considering the performance and comfort in both wet and dry I rate them as excellent.

CarHonda Accord Euro

I am very satisfied


Like most people commenting here, I found the wear could be better. However the plus side is that these things GRIP! The obvious trade off the Continental has sacrificed is the durability of the tyre opting for the softer compound for grip. Perhaps more suited to European roads but for the price, these are really god value when compared to tyres with similar stickiness like yokohama's. Would I buy them again? If I could get them for a similar price then yes. $600 for 4. It's still a great price even if you're getting a maximum of 30k out of them. I am running them on a vs commodore ute and I would expect as the other reviews show that the soft compound would not wear well on front wheel drive cars.

Car1997 VS Commodore Ute

4 for 3 there's a reason... Nothings Free


Not sure how everyone things they are great value? haven't lasted a year!! Thanks Bob Jane

Hey Mr Tyer Deal please give the fastest tyer that wear out, yes i would love to waste $1000.

How about offering real server that the customer needs rather than sprooking for the Manufacturer.

Very Disappointed

CarVW Passat

Only lasted 1 year and less than 18,000 kms


Jax put four of these on my Camry and the two front tyres only lasted 1 year and did less than 18,000kms. The Michelins that came new lasted four years and 50,000 kms. Jax even checked the Conti's four months later at 5000 kms. I would not recommend and will never buy Continental tyres again.

Car2010 Camry

Two blow outs in two months


Bought these tyres as a buy three get one free deal at Jax Tyres. The tyres are very weak in the side wall. I am now looking at replacing all four tyres with Bridgestones. There is no way I would ever recommend these tyres to anyone as I believe they do not suit Australian conditions.

Car2009 Mazda 6

mastoiCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

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Best Value for money


I purchased this set of tyres through the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" deal from Bob Jane T-Mart. While their customer service was one of the worst I've had, the Tyres I couldn't speak highly enough of. Excellent handling in cold, hot, wet or dry weather, super quiet and my fuel consumption has reduced as well.

Great Value for money

Car2007 Subaru Liberty Station Wagon

Great tyres for price

Car2004 Ford Fairmont Ghia BA

Alex Ng

Alex Ng

  • 3 reviews

Thumps Up Continental ContiMaxContact MC5


Comfortable tires for dry and wet day. It feels like a 50 series touring tire running at 38 PSI. Very good cornering and very litter bumps on uneven roads. Low noise on rough road, but quiet on highway. A very good value for money product. I will recommend them to all my friends.



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Naff tyres

CarCamry Conquest V6

Good run so far


Had continental MC5 for 20000km so far very happy much better than good year exellence it replacd, better than continental contact 3 which became very noicy but ran to 60000 km. MC5 great tyres very good in cornering and quiet on most road surfaces.you find will give Bridgestone Turenza a good run too!
It very quiet tyre and helped cornering on my ZTECH Ford mondeo

Poor performing tyres and terrible customer service


I brought 4 brand new Continental 225/45ZR17 91W C-Max-Cont MC5 from Jax tyres in Nov 2013. Within 2 months 1 tyre was shredded because it deflated and thats what happens to continental tyres. Then the Continental tyres representative for the western sydney area claim that it wasn't a manufacture problem but you would expect brand new tyres would last more then 2 months. In my opinion, Continental reps provide poor customer service and they rather argue/debate over $171 then satisfy their customers. Would not recommend using Continental tyres on the basis of the hassles in dealing with their reps honouring their guarantees.

Poor performing and terrible customer service


Of course its gonna shred if you don't check the tyres often, like you said it was deflated and it shredded.

Would buy again!



SteveLake Munmorah

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Suzanne34Southwest, VIC

  • 9 reviews

Continental tyres


Side wall blowout contimax mc5


Got these tyres Saturday and had a blowout on Monday; I think they were on sale for a reason! I have never had a blow out ever in my driving life until Continental and the trye shop obviously claimed it wasn't the tyre, it must have been something else so I paid for 5 tyres and got four...? By continetal with the knowledge there is is no customer support!
I haven't had them long enough to evaluate performance however based on my first two days experience never again
Weak side wall, he same quality as before, no customer support



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best tyres i have ever had


I have done around 10.000 with the continental contimax contact mc5 and I have no complaints at all.
They are by far the best tyres I have ever had on my car in dry and in wet conditions.
I was able to get each tyre for $168 and great value for money,
very quiet and smoth tyres

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Are these tyres run flats ?

1 answer

No, not run flats. :)




Comparing Continental ContiMax contact MC5, 245 45 ZR18. 340 tread wear to standard Bridgestone 245 45 R18 MY02 Sporty Style. Caprice secondhand with both sets fitted. Which one is better, ride, noise, performance and wear?

2 answers
Alex Ng
Alex Ng

I do not experience in the Bridgestone MY02 tire but Bridgestone GR90 tire on 225/45R18. I have to say the Continental MC5 being better in the reduction in road noise. Confident of every cornering and it's feeling litter bump on uneven road. I am happy with them.

The Jackal
The Jackal

You can't really compare the two, MC5 is far superior tyre to MY02. From the Bridgestone range the RE003 would be a closer comparison but cost a lot more. I've had MC5 fitted for a year & very happy with the value for money. Previously had Goodyear Eagle F1 Asy2 & RE001 on my car for comparison.

shane searle

shane searleasked

what sort of mileage do you normally get from theses tyres with regular rotation and balancing ?

1 answer

First time for me with these tyres. So far over 5000kms an they look very good. Comfortable, quiet and good grip. No complaints. When I researched there were some suggestions about lower the average distance for wear - so time will tell on that.

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