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Continental ContiSportContact 5

Continental ContiSportContact 5

4.2 from 39 reviews


Bought a set in 225 45 19 for Mazda 6 diesel wagon. Two tyres destroyed by woody weeds and only lasted for 20000km ( six tyres) at $370 a tyre terrible valve.

Purchased in February 2018 for $370.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Best to date that i have had on this car

Excellent tyre , great grip wet or dry , certainly enhance the AWD grip when pushing hard through corners .
Rotated at 5000km but no noticable wear .
Value around $220 each but worth it for comfort and low noise.
Over all well recommended if you have a highervtech car

CarAudt tt awd

They wear out super quick, but otherwise a great tyre

Great traction and super quiet, a great tyre from driver’s perspective. Unfortunately, they are expensive and wear fast. I managed only 16,000 Ks on a new Mercedes C200 before they were bald. This was totally unexpected as I usually manage to get around 25,000 Ks on most other sports style tyre.

Edit: Managed to get a great price on a new set direct from Continental dealership (35% cheaper than from Mercedes Adelaide). Decided, better the devil you know and purchased again. Hopefully, with the wheel alignment and regular rotation will get better Ks. As mentioned, they're fantastic on the road, particularly if you like to drive. With the better price from Continental, I have revised up my rating from three-star to four.

CarMercedes 2015 C200

Hate them

They wear out. I had a wheel alignment when I purchased then 10,000 in and they had already started wearing out. I am up to 22,000 I think I will need new ones very soon. I looked online and I should have read the reviews before I bought them. I will never buy them again. The tread is fine just patchy. The grip is ok except when wet has a tenancy to slip around corners and I don't speed. I will not buy them again.


Excellent when looked after

I’ve found them as good as other good quality tyres, and purchased them buy 4, get one free, so it seemed a great deal. A few weeks later, the conti super sport 5 came out! Standards points to make, you must be sure they carry the correct air guidelines for your vehicle otherwise they will definitely reflect poor wear, and in the wet, they can have a tendency to spin unless you’re in sports mode. They are very quiet on the road which is a great plus, and after 35ks, I’ll probably look at a new set if I comfortably reach the 45k+ mark

Car2010 Audi convertible

Great tyres but they wear quickly

Bought these as they were Motor magazine top tyre of the year (2016 or 2017?). They have been fantastic - great grip especially in the wet. Only issue is I am noticing they are wearing quickly on the rears of the Commodore compared to a harder, less grippy tyre. Trick would be to rotate them early (before 10,000 klms) so you can wear them easily.

CarHolden Commodore VE SS

All rounder

Great wear , handling and performance.
We have these on our Mitsibishi 380 sports model , although a little more expensive it is worth the money , quiet ride .
We will definitely get these fitted on our other car shen due for more tyres. Highly recommended to everyone to use.

CarMitsubishi 380

Good Performing Tyres

These are good performing tyres. Offered good grip in the dry and in the wet. Gave a confident driving experience. Low road noise.

The only con would be slightly higher wear rate and higher priced tyres.

These were purchased online so pricing was too good to refuse and gave them a try.

CarLexus IS200

Put a price on handling?

These feel really sticky on the road, especially with a very light medium power car, they get smoked on my higher power cars but hold nicely at the front, and noticeable improvement in the wet compared to others I’ve tried. But they are pretty pricey considering what else is out there...

Car1992 MX5

Absolutely fabulous

Love these tyres. Road hugging, corner turning. Feel really safe with these tyres on my car. Found it difficult to get replaced. I persevered as the dealer / service centre I purchased my car from didn't didn't sell tyres. Great wear, I good cling to road in wet weather. Happy me

CarEos tdi 2010

Value for money and good quality

What can one really say about a tyre? I have had these tyres since the car was made in 2014. I recently got a flat which was not repairable. I was more than happy to replace my previous tyre with the same brand although it was a little difficult finding a stockist.

CarFord Fiesta

Great safety !!

These tyres are excellent ..I feel extremely safe driving under all conditions ...
The brand I normally purchase were going to be a few days wait ..and as I was travelling the next day I decided to go with what was in stock ..
Whilst they're not the most expensive I've ever purchased I feel they are a very good quality .
Whether I'm driving on wet roads or the occasional country gravel road I'm confident in the performance ...
I have no hestitation in purchasing them again ..


Good tyres, low noise with good traction

Tyres are very durable. Conti CSC5 last a lot longer than any other set I have owned (Pirelli and Bridgestone).

Cornering is good and re-enforced sidewalls on 40 profile have protected my wheels from many small potholes.

This is my third set of Contis, might try the CSC6 next time.

CarVolkswagen Passat

Good allrounder

Tyres have been on the car for around 25000km's and show minimal wear. Fairly quiet tyre as well compared to previous Goodyear Eagle tyres although I got around 80000km's out of them. Having not owned a set of Continetal tyres before on any vehicle I wasnt sure what to expect but these tyres have been great so far. Recommended!.

Car2006 (BFII) Ford Falcon XT

Great tyres, worth the money!

After having some tyres that did not last 12 months, with the low kilometres I do, I was quite surprised. I spoke to JAX Tyres and the representative recommended Continental ContiSports for my car. Whilst they are slightly more expensive, you can't put a price on safety, and durability. I am so glad I made the change. I have since changed the Bridgestone's on my partners car to Continental tyres too. They have minimal road-noise, they have lasted a lot better than my previous tyres, and are good in the wet. I can't recommend them enough.

Car2015 VW Golf R

Excellent tyres! I’m on my second set!

These tyres came on our 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI... and after the first set wore out I replaced them with the same again. Although they wore a little quickly (first set I got 40,000kms from the fronts) they provide very good grip in the dry and wet and let go in a controlled manner when you push them hard. They’re quiet enough although next time I need tyres I think I’ll try something else just to see if a less blocky style pattern might run even a bit quieter. But they wore evenly across the whole tread pattern and the new set have been a little better maybe (maybe the oem tyres were a slightly different compound). And they were good value for money!! Got them online from a local tyre place for low $200’s per tyre from memory (in 17’s).

Car2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Great road tyre

Excellent all round performance road tyre. Quiet, and grippy. You will however notice you’ll need to turn your steering wheel further to initiate a turn due to the flexible sidewalls. Give good predictable feedback and traction during spirited driving. Don’t use these tyres on a track day however, as they will delaminate and you’ll destroy them in only 30 laps if your a quick driver.

CarAU Falcon 4.0 Auto sedan

Quiet Tyres

Yes very durable tyres, they are so quiet you do not hear them at all, plus we went to bob jane t mart & had nitrogen put in them in april last year, and although we go back every 3 months for a tyre pressure check.. Wow they have not needed to be topped up, I am so impressed, they are super quiet, I am tickled pink with these tyres & I would strongly recommend buying these tyres. Lexie xxx

CarNissian Juke 2016

Good grip

Had a flat tyre a couple months back and went to have it repaired. Was informed that my tyres were a little bold and was recommended to change the rears. Had several quotes and decided to go with Continentals as it gave good performance while being a good all rounder. Great tyre and reasonable price too.

CarMercedes C250

great tyres

great tyres but they wear out a bit too soon, love the handling as they snug the road and handle very well in the wet. The tyres give a great smooth ride as they are a quality tyre, my only cons is that they wear out quicker than I expected. If they improve on the wear they would be the best tyre for sure.

Car2010 Volkswagen Eos

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Questions & Answers

What is the visual signs a continental contact sports5 is a MOE tyre and is this a run flat tyre?
3 answers
Sorry but not a run flat .Check out their website, it’ll give you this information, also Moe stands for Mercedes original equipment.On the side wall, just under where it says "ContiSportContact 5 SSR" you'll find the letters MOE. Golfmother is correct, they are not a true run-flat tyre, but offer similar characteristics (see the speel below). My understanding is that if you drive the entire 80 Km at 80 Km/h, the tyre is toast. You might be able to salvage it if you limit your driving distance to 30Km. "The ContiSportContact 5 SSR is Continental's Max Performance Summer tire designed to provide temporary extended mobility in case of complete air loss due to a puncture. The ContiSportContact 5 SSR's reinforced sidewall enables the car to continue on its way at a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) for up to 50 miles (80 km), depending on road conditions and vehicle weight. Though they cannot be labeled as run-flat tires, tires branded with MOExtended or MOE on their sidewalls offer run-flat-like characteristics by delivering limited temporary extended mobility after a puncture results in complete loss of air pressure".

has anybody traveled a decent mileage on these tyres as if i only get 55thousand klms i will call them rubbish? i have always thought continental was a top brand i have bought audi q7 with these fitted and i was happy but not sure now i had gmc yukon suv and nexon was fitted new cost $800 for all 4 73000 klms and still had tried left towing 3ton van north so bought a new set but sold suv
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My name is Peter Brown, and I read a tyre comparison between a number of other performance tyres and the Continental Contisport Contact 5. The Continental Contisport Contact 5 was rated as the best. The size of the tyre in the comparison was 235/35 r19. The vehicle they tested tyres on was also different in that they used a Ford Focus rs. My vehicle is a 2010 g6 Ford Falcon auto and my tyre size is 245/40 r18 93y. I asked at my local tyre place and they did not seem to know much at all about Continental tyres. Please advise me on the suitability of these tyres for my vehicle? Also where I can purchase these tyres and the cost? If necessary I would be willing to consider also purchasing larger wheel size 19inch if that would be more suitable for my vehicle. According to the tyre comparison test the Continental Contisport Contact 5 tyres should cost $380 each. This also differed from the cost of tyres quoted at my local tyre place.
2 answers
Thanks Peter. My review related to the Continental Tyres described for my BMW 328i. The world of tyres is very difficult. Many vehicles - for expense saving reasons, under tyre their cars - others do the run flat, no doubt to save the cost and space of a spare wheel. If your car is under tyred as I am told mine is, then the consequence is low kms's. I have had two sets of Continentals in 55,000kms which is shocking. I am now trying Perelli but mine have to be run flat (no spare) so limited choice. They will cost about $350 each. I can only suggest you ask a BIG tyre shop - Bob Jane - ask for the owner - have access to all brands? what they know about your car and be guided by them. Continental tyres come in a lot of upmarket continental vehicles from new but all that suggests is they won the bidding for supply and nothing for expected performance. Are they cheaper for a reason? Methinks in my case - yes - under tyred. You will find a sticker on your vehicle - door pillar, which designates the tyre sizes you should/can/advised by the manufacturer to fit and varying from this could have insurance implications ie modifications. Sorry I can't be more specific.Hi Peter, If your tyre shop doesn't know much about Continental tyres, I'd look for another tyre shop. Continental have been around for years and are one of the premium brands. It would be like saying they don't know much about Pirelli or Michelin tyres. Conti's are a good tyre, however can I suggest buying the tyre that was fitted when the vehicle was originally sold. My car came with Conti's as OEM (Contisportcontcat 2) and I am only looking to replace them now after 48,000 km's. That's a great run for a heavy SUV. My mechanic recommended replacing with the same as the tyres were made for this specific car and he said I would only get half the life out of another tyre. There are plenty who write on sites saying they are replacing tyres after 25,000 km's. Whilst you pay a little more for Cont's they handle, ride and last longer. I'm about to buy 4 more at $435 a corner. If they last 4 yrs and 50,000 km's again I think that's a good deal. You've read the reviews, now it's over to you.

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