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Convair Magicool
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Highly ineffective

I bought this cooler early 2016 for the summer. I did not find it to be very effective unless I'm standing right in front of it, it is also very noisy ... the noise makes it difficult to sleep therefore outweighing the limited cooling benefits. I tried to use it again this summer with the same results as last year so the unit has been relegated to the spare room and I am using a fan which I find just as effective and less noisy.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Great little unit, if it is not excessively humid.

The controls are really basic, a dial for the fan speed and another for water or fan only cooling. No remote, timer or swing feature but the unit is effective for what you want it to do, keep you cool when it's hot. Relatively quiet and easy to move around. A bargain at $50 on Gumtree.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Love this product

I work from a small office at home that faces West and this summer in Brisbane has been incredibly hot and humid. I had tried pedestal fans, tower fans, floor fans and most were too noisy to have in the room. I found this unit on Catch of the Day after reading many reviews and I am so happy with it. Brilliant for the office by day and then I move it into the bedroom at night. Love it!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great for the bedroom! Keeps the room cooler considerable.

Bought this second hand for $50 off gumtree. Well worth the money considering how its 250 for a new one. Keeps my room considerable cool and saves a lot of electricity. Highly Recommended for melbourne's crazy weather at the moment. I think it keeps my room cooler than my actual portable air conditioner.

Cost effective cooling

$199 and $2 delivery from Good Guys, takes the room temp (12 square metres) down by 9-11 degrees. On the highest setting it uses about 10 litres of water every 4 hours and on the slowest 8 hours. No separate pump motor to burn out and easy to refill with a rectangular bucket or ice-cream container
Cheap to run, quieter than most
Could have been a little larger cooling fan and evaporator pad to suit a larger room size.

Small but mighty

Well, after experiencing such excellent performance from my 1st ever Convair cooler, a Millenia which is now 13 years old. I bought the Magicool and the Mastercool (Millenia with automatic louvers) during a summer to reduce my electricity bills using refrigerated airconditioning. I use this in the study, and it fits in quite well given the limited size of the room. The airconditioner does cool very well, which was unexpected as it was much smaller than the Millenia. A special thing about this cooler is that it comes with the ChillCell which replaces the normal aspen pad used in coolers. Just keep a window opposite the cooler open when it is running and a door open behind the cooler, and you will experience a natural but cool sensation on a hot sweltering summers day. I even used it to precool the study, I fill it up to full, plug it in, then turn it on, open windows and doors as nessesary. Then I close (not-fully) the door, leaving a gap of ~20cm for the stale air to push through. DON'T bother buying those non-convair coolers which are made in china and are only expensive fans in boxes and don't cool at all.
Reliable, effective, cheap to run, quiet, compact size
Height is a little short, no adjustable louvers.

Update: The unit started to sqeuak. I contacted Convair. In response Convair sent me replacement belts even though the unit was out of voluntary warranty. *Squeak.

Questions & Answers

How can I get rid of the smell?
2 answers
The smell is probably stale still water. Empty the unit, remove the back pad, rinse it with fresh water and then refill the unit and add some pine o clean disinfectant. It is important to drain the water if the unit is not going to be used for any length of time.I have never had a smell, I always empty the water if I'm not using it for a while. May I suggest cleaning with vinegar

My convair split system won't heat over 18, any idea why?
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HOW big is this. Is it small medium please
1 answer
Dimensions Height 760mm Width 550mm Depth 420mm Weight 10kg without water


Magicool SilverMagicoolCompact Magicool
Price (RRP) $279

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