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Conveyancing Works Solicitors

Conveyancing Works Solicitors

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Terrible Service - Don't use them

I used the service recently to purchase a property in Melbourne. Could never get hold of the staff, not via email or the phone. I spent most of my time following them up and trying to find out if paper work had been signed, etc. Steer clear.

Perfect again

I added a review here recently for the sale of my house and I used them for the purchase of another house. Had no issues at all. Very happy and would certainly recommend using them.

the service they provide does not deserve the fee they charge

I used its service recently. The contract settlement period was 40 days. During the period, the paralegal assigned to my case took 4 weeks off from work. It's frustrating experience. I chose S&G rather than some other cheap service because I want full attention, and I think they are more professional. The settlement did occur but I don't think the service they provide deserve the fee they charge.

Worst service ever

They cant answer any of your questions
Even i ask if we should pay tax, they push us to accountants
I am not asking for how much tax to pay
They are just useless and very rude

They prove you only get what you pay for

One would think a professional's quality does not depend on price for due care and diligence would be at the top of their practice.

I did a home loan through them in 2010, then an investment property in 2012, then a couple deals that fell through, then an IP in 2014, and then sold my home in 2014 and used Conveyancing Works (CW) in all of these. All matters were reasonably ok except the latest one.

I can't believe on the morning of settlement, an incompetent bank employee advised my appointed solicitors - CW, to withhold more of the proceeds for the remaining cross-collaterised loan; and CW actually adhered to that request, without having the courtesy to check with me first, without rationalising that request, no thoughts, robotic! RAMS later acknowledged they did the wrong thing with their employee miscalculating LVR, but I would have thought CW would bloody give me a call to explain that I will be seeing some $40k less funds.

Have since bought a new PPOR and did not use CW. Don't think I will be going back until I get assurances that they discount their price, not their service and communication.

Great service and all completed on time

I used conveyancing works to sell my previous house and for purchasing a new one. I found their costs reasonable, and their service level was great, and even though my paralegal went on holidays during the settlement period another person took up the job and the transition went off without a hitch and all was settled on time.

Surprised by these other reviews, we were very happy.

We used this firm to sell, and then to buy a new house.. We had no problems at all, price was good, we were kept informed, everything went well, had no trouble communicating, everything went to schedule, both experiences were pleasant - we had the same conveyancer for both. Will be using them again when we buy our investment property. What's not to like?

Better off giving your money to charity

Dealing with this mob in Brisbane was more stressful than buying the house. Firstly you deal with a paralegal not a lawyer. Secondly the paralegal is incompetent. We gave them our signed contract a good 20 days before we heard anything from them despite us hassling - we got their 50 page introductory pack complete with several important documents for signing a few weeks later and only had a few days to do so. We heard nothing from them at all, no time lines, no searches, no acknowledgement for weeks. We had a quote for another property for the work which I kept asking if it would still be the same for the property we signed the contract for and I couldn't get an answer from the paralegal. Finally after more hassling I got confirmation over the phone after she had already started work. We never actually received a cost disclosure from them which I understand is in contravention of their professional obligations. Then when we settled the bill the charges were not the same as the quote - they were more. She did most of the searches the day before the building and pest inspection which, in my opinion, was too late in the process. We had to prompt and hassle for the bill and for copies of the searches. Just a nightmare - the worst part was that it was obvious we were not happy and still she didn't bother picking up her game or apologise. I wish I had seen the reviews on here before we used them. Slater and Gordon have purchased them but this hasn't made any difference. I'd be surprised if they haven't been pulled up by the law society for professional misconduct.

Dead set useless

We had so much trouble with communication. Almost impossible to get a return call. Made what should have been a great experience overly stressful and super hard work

Took money from my bank account without my authority.

In June this year, I used Conveyancing Works Caloundra to sell a home and everything went smoothly. I used them to purchase a property and they ripped me off. Firstly I signed no paperwork to proceed with Conveyancing Works, holding off until finance was approved (which it wasn't) . In this time I received 2 automated texts and 2 automated emails from them. When I called them to tell them I didn't get finance, the solicitor (female) 'allocated' to my file (whom had never called me to introduce herself as they said she did) asked me for my credit card details so my $1000 deposit (which I paid to the real estate agent) could be returned to me. On checking my internet banking a couple of days later, I was angry to see she had taken $226 from my account (without my authority ) for services rendered. What services? 2 text messages and 2 emails? What a joke. It gets better.... when I called questioning this theft they said that's why I gave them my bank details. I then asked where my deposit was and was told I have to contact the real estate agent for it. They lied to me and stole money from me. Of course their dispute officer called and tried to baffle me with bs but the fact remains. I will never use or recommend them to anyone. Look for a small business or a one man show for your conveyancing needs. I only rated them so I could post my review. I certainly wouldn't even give them the one star rating.

they lied and took money from my account without permission.

House purchased and not passed by council

Be very cautious My regular conveyancer was crook so went with Conveyancing Works they didn't even do a building title search and now we have purchased a property with no final inspection being done or passed by council Further to this the property had the electricity connected illegally and they even managed to stuff up settlement Were very expensive and now don't even care about the situation they have placed us in They are just trying to cover their own back, Never trust with any of you business even had them do a contract appraisal at extra cost and they picked nothing up that they should of.

Yes they are

A Discrace !

I sold my house and was told nothing but mis truths. They didn't settle with my home loan lender when agreed and cost me a few hundred more in interest due to there lack of proffesional integrity. They are croooks and lie to cover up there incompetience. Spend the extra $200 and get a real law firm as these jokers dont give a about you.

Do not use them!!!

Incompetent doesn't even begins to describe this mob. Failed at ever turn, wrong information when buying our home. They don't return calls and then 1.5 months after settlement they call me and say the wrong stamp duty was paid and admit to giving the wrong amount.. They leave us confused and with another bill - after I complain of all their failings they compensate us $30 hahahah thanks for the compensation guys... Hopeless!!!!

stuffed up my dispersement

I sold my house due to a separation. I gave a written instruction for the dispersement of funds. When settlement time came I got a phone call telling me that I was getting $7k less than I instructed. They admitted they only had a quick look at my email but unless I agreed the settlement wouldn't go ahead on the house I was buying (which was in 2 hours!). I had no choice. I tried later through a solicitor to get my money back, but to no avail.

Didn't follow written instructions

Was warned about them by other solicitors

I am very thankful that I actually haven't used this company but the seller we brought from did. They were useless! They wrote down the wrong sale amount on the contract (30k in our favor), screwed up dates and never returned any correspondence with our solicitor. Ours told us they were are known for being useless among Brisbane legal practitioners and due to them taking so long so respond to everything, our settlement date came and went leaving us in a terrible position as we had to leave our dwelling for new tenants. It's not just their customers that they are failing, it's those that have to deal with them too. Save yourself and others any stress and financial hardship, stay well clear.

Bad service, unless legal knowledge


After reading the previous reviews I was very wary of using Conveayncing Works when I purchased my first home. I was convinced to use them after speaking to the girl for a quote where she explained unfortuantely there are always going to be a few cases that go wrong/ out of their hands and seeing as how they have done I think it was over 170,000 conveyancing jobs their stats are actually good.

So glad I used them! I had [name removed] as my paralegal and she was fantastic! Even though I couldn't get through to her on the phone every call, she still called me back within 2 hours of me leaving a message. She kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and was very understanding of me being a first time buyer and having no clue about anything. Happy to say my settlement went through smoothly and I'm now in my beautiful new home :)

30 transactions with others, this was first and last with Con works

Incredibly unprofessional. 1. Went unconditional on contract before changing contract name. 2. Issued me with a cooling off waiver - in the wrong name! 3. No notice of days off, and none else to speak with during those days. 4. No mobile given out. 5. Nearly doubled price of deed that vendors solicitor did for us, but made it look as though the price came from the others. So bad to deal with that we left and went to another solicitor before settlement. Never Again!

Poor service, unprofessional, don't know what they are doing, no attention to detail.

Do not use them

Using them for a simple land settlement. Worst mistake I could have made. Gave them 5 weeks notice for settlement and have had to chase them for everything. They missed finance approval date and now look like missing settlement. When asked why there service was so poor they told me it was my banks fault and they were waiting on a cover note for insurance. I advised them that you cannot insure a vacant block of land....... There excuses are as poor as their service.

total incompetence

Cost me a fortune to correct their mistake. Take this as a WARNING

Stamp duty paid on property was incorrectly calculated. Was contacted by OSR three years later and paid a fortune in fees and interest for something that was not my fault. On contact with CW was told that they were not responsible as I signed the document. Not sure why you would use a company that can not advise you correctly isn't that what you paid for!. Have bought two properties since and have done the work myself with no problems and so much cheaper and less stressful.

Unprofessional, never return calls, most stressful experience ever.

Do it yourself or pay a little more for a proper solicitor

Got sucked in by the ads on radio. The service was absolutely hopeless. Once we engaged them for conveyancing on the property we had bought, any correspondence was a non-existant - you will the one chasing them for any info and updates on what's happening. We went 5 days without any correspondence from the first paralegal assigned the property (and about 10 calls/ email requests for her to contact us). Only on complaining were we assigned another paralegal. She was relatively better, as least returning phone calls within 24hrs. The whole conveyancing process was made needlessly stressful than it had to be. Next time around, I would pay the cost to deal with a proper coveyancing business.

No service, no correspondence, too much unnecessary stress.

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