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Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

4.7 from 29 reviews

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Great First Impression

I have had these installed on my Subaru Forester XT and have driven about 5000 km. This has included driving on the beach and along riverbed type 4x4 tracks with plenty of sharp rocks.

The tyres have performed well with no damage evident from the rough tracks while still outperforming the cheap road tyres that were previously on the car during on road performance. Including high speed on wet roads.

Overall I am happy so far and will consider these a good value buy even if I only get another 30,000 km which they should far exceed.

Purchased in July 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 5,000 km
Car ModelSubaru Forester XT SG9
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good change to start

Just replaced Toyo A24 with Cooper's today. It rained all day today and I can clearly feel the comfort in wet condition on day 1 comparing with the first day of buying the car. The old ones started deteriorating at 60K and we're done and dusted by 74K. These come with 80K warranty. Let's hope they keep the same way going forward

Purchased in June 2019 at Tyrepower for $255.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 150 km
Car ModelMitsubishi Outlander
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling

Very quiet, have only noticed wear is almost non-existence

My own vehicle is a Toyota Prado, GXL fitted four years ago with Cooper's AT3s H/D. Excellent purchase and wear, so when my wife's RAV4 needed new tyres we looked around for Cooper's. They are more expensive, but as the car is only 5 years old and already had its original and a further set from Bob Jane's, we decided Coopers would most likely work out cheaper in the long-run. We found they were readily available within 24 hours. Purchased from Beaurepairs, Port Adelaide, with the only hiccup being, the sales person ordered four instead of five, although we paid and later collected the fifth. The wear is almost negligible, and they are as quiet as any other tyre, after around five months use at something like 4,000 km. I am very pleased, my wife wouldn't know, as she would only say, if they were bad and needed replacing and as she hasn't said anything except that she loves her RAV4, I assume the tyres are a great investment. Her service is due in the next two weeks, so I'll get her to have the wheels rotated.

Purchased in August 2018 at Beaurepaires for $1,090.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 4,000 km
Car ModelToyota RAV4 XA30
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling


I purchased these tyres 3 months ago and have done around 5000kms in this time. The tyres are wearing very well and a great in wet weather conditions and gravel roads. The car is also much better on fuel and has a much smoother ride. I highly recommend these tyres for a safer drive.

CarSuzuki vitara

Excellent Tyres

What can I say, Cooper are a very good tyre manufacture.
They are more expensive but worth it.
These are my 3rd set of Coopers on this car and I can't recommend them highly enough.
They are over a year old and have few thousand of kms on them but still look like new.
Still very quiet, smooth and we feel reassured driving on them.
I bought them from Tyrepower at Geebung, Qld. Chris is excellent to deal with.

Car2004 Toyota Kluger Grande

Done at 25k on the front but the rear still like new

These Cooper CS5 tyres are good but on our particular SUV really needed to rotate them front to back at 10000 or 15000. Without rotation around the vehicle our front tyres were both equally done after 25000 kms and the rear tyres still have plenty of tread left. They are quiet on the highway and never missed a beat across a fairly wet season in SE Qld.

CarLexus RX 400h

Great tyres

I purchased these tyres about a year ago and so far they are wearing very well. They are not noisy. They are great in wet weather and fuel economy has improved since I had these tyres fitted on my car. I have always been a Michelin girl but I may be convinced these are as good or better.

CarHonda CRV 2005 Sports


The tyres in my previous evaluation settled down after about a month and my feel for the road normalised.
I have just changed them after 100,000 klms. Quite impressive wear and tear.
Yes, I did replace them with the same tyres and there has been no repeat of the original problem.

Car2013 Subaru Outback.

Looking forward to seeing how they perform

Have just had these tyres fitted after the factory fitted yokos needed replacing after 33,000kms. I drive on a mix of sealed and unsealed roads (rather than heavy duty off roading etc). I bought these because I was outraged at having to replace the current tyres after such low mileage. I was attracted by the 80,000km warranty and importantly, that these tyres seem well-suited for much of the driving I do (a mix of city, highway and country).

I don't particularly think about and am not very observant of how cars perform or handle, so was interested to find that in the short drive I have had after having these fitted I could feel a noticeable difference. There is more tyre noise ( but not really bad or enough to concern me) and after the very soft yokos, could really feel the difference in having a much harder tyre fitted. It makes my CX5 feel very different, less of a smooth Euro feeling city drive (which is lovely) to something that is more rugged and go anywhere in all weather conditions. The handling is good and the tread very deep. I had read reviews that said all of these things, but not being someone who really focuses on how my car goes, I did not think I would notice the difference (and after 50 or 100km I am sure I will not), but found the reviews to be accurate.

That said, I am pleased with this purchase and look forward to seeing how they perform.

CarMazda CX5 2016

Don't buy these purely for low noise.

Just fitted 2 of these, CS5 215/65/16 to the front of my 2006 Tucson and they are a little noisier than the old mostly worn out kumhos that were on it . Steering is similar, maybe holding a straight line better, but no improvement in cornering on this car with generally lethargic under steer.
Comfort and minor bump absorption feels a little better. From a strictly noise perspective I would try something different next time.

Car2006 Tucson V6 AWD

Great tyres.

Got a set of these 2 yrs ago to replace the original Goodyears which were on my 2013 deisel Xtrail. The Goodyears only gave me 30,000 ks and were finished. These Cooper CS5's have done 37,000 ks and have only worn down the first tread wear indicator. There are 4 wear indicators. They grip better, corner better and ride over rough surfaces smoother than the originals. I do a fair bit of driving on bush tracks to go fishing and bushwalking and have no issues with these tyres whatsoever. They can at times show some small radial overlap which can appear as slight, only if you bother to look closely, small bumps on the sidewalls which are seen mainly in hot weather. This is not an actual problem though and many tyre brands can show this at times. They can appear also as a small dimple as well. Its completely ok. So if you ever notice it dont freak out. It's quite normal. They really are a great wearing tyre that lives up to the claims.

CarNissan Deisel XTrail

Excellent tyre

I recently changed my car tyres from Hankook to the CS5 Grand Touring from Cooper Tyres.
Excellent tyre in the wet and dry, deep treads that prevented me from having and almost certain smash whilst towing a caravan in a recent trip to the top end. I was looking for a well priced tyre that could deliver good mileage and not get punctures ie, has a very strong tread construction including thicker steel belts to withstand punctures.

These tyres are quite and the car now feels planted to the road giving me the confidence whilst cornering that I never felt with the Hankooks. All round the best value for money in a car tyre. I will definitely buy Coopers again.

CarCG2 Captiva


Had them on since June. They're quieter and handle much better than my old tyres on the bitumen (Even when I had the old tyres on passengers said they were really good in the handling department). Even on dirt roads they're so much better than my old tyres it's like driving on bitumen. They're great in the wet too. I just don't have enough praise for these tyres.

CarSubaru Forester

Quite and improved handling

NB. Several months and 30,000km later these tyres are still awesome very little wear unlike other tyres I've had. They still handle well in all conditions. I'll be buying these again when the time comes.
Bought these after wearing out Bridgestone ecopia on my 09 Subaru Forester and am very happy so far. I’ve done about 2000km so far. They hold the road well and are a lot quieter than the Bridgestones. If I get anything close to 80,000km out of them I’ll be wrapped.

Car08 Subaru Forester

Fantastic General road tyre

I recently purchased a set of CS5 grand touring tyres for my Jeep Cherokee Longitude. At this time I cannot vouch for durability but compared to my old tyres these are 100% quieter on the road. As i travel on unsealed roads I have found the handling to be great,

Car2014 Jeep Cherokee Longitude

Cooper cs5 grand touring for my Honda crv

These tyres are great and long lasting,it also comes with written 80,000 kms warranty. Have had other sets of tyres for my Honda CR-V,but would be buying cooper from now on. It drives great in the wet and dry but yet to use it off road. These tyres are also good in braking distance as well. Would recommend it.

CarHonda CR-V

Long wearing great ride

2nd set I've fitted to my car, got around 65,000 out of first set only fitted second set because I spiked the sidewall on one tyre,
I've have over 40,000 on the second set and they are only about 1/4 worn, hope to get well over 80,000 kilometres that they are guaranteed for,

Car2006 Ford Territory AWD

awesome tyres!

Just got these on my camry and they are very smooth and quiet. ive been told you get twice the kms compare to other brands too. I feel like im driving on really quality tyres which is piece of mind with a 4 year in the back as i do alot of country driving.

CarToyota Camry 2006

Cooper CS5 on my Aussie Subaru...

I have these on my Subaru XV and drive a mix of sealed, unsealed and snow conditions in Australia. They work really well and wear really well too. I think these are a great upgrade on the originals that come stock with the car, and if you do more than drive sealed rides, a must!!

As always, drive to the conditions in unsealed and snow conditions.

CarSubaru XV

Cooper on Volvo XC90 is the best choice

After wearing out two sets of Yokahama's in less than 35,000kms each set, I looked for a tyre that would give better mileage. But, first let's remember, only a few years ago SUV tyres cost in most instances over $300 each. This is what motivated me.

Advice I got from the Cooper dealer in Goulburn NSW was to fit CS4 because they were giving better mileage on Subaru all wheel drives, which had the same tendency as XC90 to be hard on tyres, especially European brands.

55,000kms ago, I fitted CX4 and they will be replaced with a set of CX5's in March. FYI... I'm happy with this mileage. To expect more would be unrealistic because there is a trade off with long mileage tyres and traction.

If you want good grip, don't buy a long mileage tyre. It's that simple. Also, keep an eye on wear to ensure you have the right pressure, because under pressure the shoulders will wear while over pressure - the centres will wear. And, you should rotate every 8 - 10,000kms front to back then cris-cross the next time. I've had wheel alignment checked annually.

A point to understand about XC90. It is an all wheel drive vehicle that weighs 2,3 tonnes. in case you don't know that is heavy compared to most cars today, so the tyre you pick needs to deal with the stresses placed on them by a heavy all wheel drive. Another point. Volvo never promotes the XC90 to be a high performance car so if you drive hard like a boy racer while looking out for police cars and expect good handling etc, I suggest you buy another more suitable car. If you drive an XC90 hard, high fuel consumption and tyre wear will be the
price paid.

It is April 5 2017 and I've discovered since my last comment praising Cooper Tyres that other manufacturers have caught up in terms of durability and price.

Last week, I had Michelin Primacy SUV fitted for two reasons. 1) Price was much cheaper vs. Cooper and (2) after consulting with Michelin Australia, I was assured that Primacy SUV is capable of 50 - 60,000 kms when managed properly. That means: maintain correct pressures, annual alignment checks and rotations every 10,000kms.

This news might surprise you... The best service and pricing I found at Costco. Also, when you buy a full set of new tyres from them, you get free rotations and puncture repairs for the life of those tyres.

I hope this update is of assistance to readers.

CarVolvo XC90 D5. 2007 model.

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Questions & Answers

Are CS5's directional tyres?
1 answer
Suggest you direct this question to a tire expert- I am just an end user - no idea.

Is there only one supplier of Cooper's Tyres in Townsville, North Queensland?
1 answer
Do you mean supplier or retailer? You can get them in most big Queensland towns and cities from the main retailers.

I currently have Bridgestone Dueler H/T687 215/65R 16 98H on my 2012 Forester. If I change 4 tyres to the Cooper CS5 can I still use my unused Bridgestone spare as a spare or will I have to buy 5 CS5's?
3 answers
Hi Chris, I am not an expert on tyres. I am just a person who uses them. I suggest that you contact either a tyre retailer or your local motoring organisation. They could give you the technical realities of using mixed brand tyres. Ps I have a Geolander as my spare but have not needed to use it so far. I would only use my spare to get me out of trouble before replacing it with another Cooper CS5.Quite a few years ago, I was in a Nissan Patrol, in the Outback, when it started raining, turning some areas into skating rinks. After hitting a hidden hole (covered in watery mud) the Patrol, skidded to the side hit the edge of the road and turned over. The car belonged to my employer and when rescued several hours later, one of the rescuers was a car mechanic. He said one of the contributory factors was a mix of tyres, across axles, probably caused by swapping out after a puncture. On my own vehicles, I have always had five same tyres fitted and rotated as necessary.I would use the Bridgestone as it is only a temporary fix until you either repair or replace the damaged CS5.

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