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CopRice Max’s Cat Litter

CopRice Max’s Cat Litter

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GuestSydney, NSW
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Best one yet


I switched over to this product after the clay litters then breeders choice failed to neutralise the odour of my recently sexually mature male cat's wee. I admit Max's litter has an odd smell but its great at neutralising the ammonia odour coming from the wee. My boy accepted the litter without fuss and I dont need to change the litter as often either as there is no horrible smells. Very easy to clean too! Hopefully this product doesn't change like most do.

Purchased in February 2019 at IGA for $15.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Eli Lin
Eli LinSydney



For many years I have purchased Max's Cat Litter and always felt it was a very good product. Lately, however, I notice that it is quite powdery. I preferred it when it was mostly pellets. I thought at first the product was more powdery because it had been shaken about before or at the point of sale, but continued use has demonstrated that that's just how it is these days: about 30% powder and 70% pellets.

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PennyFreemans Reach
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We have used Max's for over 20 years and used to love it BUT lately it is so dusty. I have complained twice in the past five years and after a rigmarole a new bag is given but it happens all the time now. We buy 20 bags a month and we get at least one bag in 20 really dusty and it sets like rock on to the bottom of the tray.

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Effective odour control but very dusty


Pretty good overall but I wish it were less dusty.
- The natural rice/organic smell is pleasant to me, though I'm sure this is subjective and some people may not find it so pleasant.
- Contains the cats waste odour quite well
- Extremely dusty. This is the major con for me. Sometimes kitty's white paws end up brown.
- Does track a little, and fairly lightweight so easy for cat to fling out of box when digging, can be messy.
- Clumps but you have to scoop carefully as the clumps tend to break up easily
Good odour control, reasonably priced
Very dusty

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Yes it absorbs urine well, but it stinks. It seems that when it mixes with my cat's urine the smell becomes worse. I'm a person who is used to using crystal cat litter, so maybe I'm biased. Even with a covered cat litter with an air filter and swing door, I can open the front door of my house and still smell that cat litter from the garage (which is where her litter box is located). With the crystals, sure she made more of a mess by trekking a few crystals around the house, but I prefer that than the smell of cat litter as soon as someone comes into my home.
Good absorption, didn't have as much of a dust cloud as crystal litter when you poured it into the tray and it's garden friendly (not that I used it in the garden)
The smell

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Second attempt at using it


Decided to try Max's again simply for the cost factor. I opened a couple of bags at once - one barely smelt at all but the second one had a fairly strong odour, so I guess it must depend on the batch. Not uneasant, just organic.

Convinced cat to use it, however it was so difficult trying to scoop out just the wet patch. The area broke up as I was gently trying to scoop it out, and soiled particles went everywhere, which I didn't like as I'd much rather get all the yucky bits out rather than leaving it mixed in.
Cost, natural, soft on little paws
Very difficult to scoop out only the soiled parts

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Max's cat litter is brilliant, smells sort of woody, even when it is fully soaked with urine it doesn't have any sort of overwhelming ammonia smell. Lasts for ages and my cat seems to like it. It is also natural and biodegradable, so you can put it on the garden and not worry about your cat licking his feet after using the cat litter, he won't be licking any chemicals at all.
Natural, made of rice husks, drastically reduces smell, easy 4kg bags
Price for something used to POO in, I mean, seriously...

Once I found a metal fragment in my litter, probably wouldn't have caused my cat any bother but I wasn't impressed

Questions & Answers

Diane B.
Diane B.asked

I have been using Max's Cat litter for a few years now, but now they've changed the product. It is now sticking to the bottom of their trays like glue. What has changed with this product??? Not easy to clean like it used to be. Please change it back to the original product!

No answers

Where can I buy this as I tried woolworths but none there

1 answer
Shell B.
Shell B.

Petcircle sell it. Online orders.


For the past 12 months in Hervey Bay we can not buy max s cat litter 4 kg at any supermarket WHY

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CategoryCat Litter
Litter TypeNon-Clumping
MaterialPlant Material
Odour ControlOdour Absorption
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