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Core 24 Health Club

Core 24 Health Club

2.3 from 21 reviews

need prices

i have gold membership 48$ month student price.
salt therapy room $10 members $15 non members
massage chairs $1 a minute
490 for 10 sessions plus 5 free for thermo vac machines
anyone know how much for infra red sauna? and any other prices for anything i have not listed???
ps fantastic gym

Value for Money

what us with the rude staff

love the facilities but not a fan of getting bullied overtime i walk in. not sure why they hate their customers...

Great gym...awesome people

Love Core24 it caters for everything you need with great facilities, great staff and trainers and happy customers a place to train and enjoy your time at

Most amazing & relaxing experience

I booked in with Kimberley to have a salt scrub detox and massage and the whole experience was just amazing, so relaxing and so good for the soul! I would recommend this treatment to anybody wanting to take time out of this busy life... Thank you Kimberley for all the care and pampering, I left feeling like a million dollars!

Best gym ever...has more than any gym. Has great equipment and facilities

Has amazing facilities and classes, they don't have those horrible air fresheners which is great.
Love the massage chairs, salt room, infra sauna etc

Worst customer service ever experienced

Overall a very disappointing experience. I signed up for PT which was, at beat average. I was keen to keep my membership but opted for an external PT. I cancelled my PT via text to trainer. Trainer did not mention I needed to sign off, to end contract. I would have happily come in to do so if requested. 3 months later after checking my account, they had still been charging me for personal training sessions that I never even had. After me calling a number of times, their response was that nothing could be done because I hadn’t signed to finish the PT. It took me approximately 10-15 calls to try and achieve an amicable result. They wouldn’t give me an area managers number, the area manager never called back, never responded to emails. This is virtually theft. Taking money from individuals when not even providing a service is not a great way to build a local business. Zero effort to find a resolution. Ohhhhh and the equipment was frequently out of order and they didn’t open till after 8 on the weekends. Worst experience. Worst gym. Terrible management. Please don’t go near giving them your account details!

Poorly trained staff

I signed up to a 12 month contract with Core 24 on April 4th 2017. I had to move areas to the other side of the city in October 2017 and asked a staff member at Core 24 Carrum Downs whether or not I would be able to transfer my Gym membership to another person. The answer was a clear "no" which is strange as most gyms offer this option at a fee. I called back numerous times only to get nowhere and have finally called through today - March 7th 2018 - to ask if I can terminate my contract early. I was then informed that I could've transferred my gym membership in the first case which was noted down on their system that I had had this conversation with someone. I asked the woman on the phone why this was not rectified sooner and the only response I received was "Sorry, she was new". I asked to have my membership cancelled early as I am less than a month out and i've paid over $300 in membership fees which I could've avoided this whole time if their staff were trained properly. Incredibly disappointed and would not recommend to anyone.

Poor service, high fees

Very disorganised, unfriendly staff members, broken equipment all the time and not getting fixed for weeks, very noisy and disturbing!

Customer Service is deplorable

Nobody on the floor to help you, they are always to busy. Was not shown how to use anything when I joined, now they want me to pay them if I want to know how to use the equipment. I would rather go back to Parc in Frankston, Customer Service there was fantastic. My hubby was told off for using the pool, swimming lessons were on at the time, but one lane open for anyone to use, he was told no. I am stuck paying $25 a week for another 6 months, not happy. Also unbearable in the summer, no aircon

very very dirty. spa is filthy. gym equipment is smothered in gunk. Customer service is not acceptab

This is an article from The AGE newspaper regarding Core Frankston.

I was a member at core Frankston ( Nepean Highway) and was disgusted at the level of hygiene in both the gym, sauna/spa & swimming areas.

It wasn't until I had I come across this article that I felt the need to leave my feedback.

I have recently joined another Health and Fitness club in the area and couldn't be happier. The comparison is undeniable.

disgraceful service when wanting to stop swimming lessons. no stars

after one swimming lesson, in which i had to rescue my child as she couldnt get out of the pool on her own, and the teacher wouldnt help i sent an email indicating we wouldnt be returning. i have not signed any contract. the swim school is now demanding that i pay for the term of swimming.

Great gym!!!

Being new to the area I'm grateful I came across Core24.
Great facility with so much to offer, great classes all day long, great mineral water pool, salt room and much more...
You get so much for your money.
I feel very comfortable training there and have met some lovely people!

Tricky contracta

Facility offering is very good. Administration/ accounts however are not so good. Be weary of funds being debited from account after cancellation with no possibility of being returned

Good gym, bad membership subscription

I would give them 5 stars if they didn't use greedy contracts. It is seriously very good. They should differentiate themselves by making it easy for customers to pay for and cancel memberships. There is no need for them! They are just to make easy, unearned money. You can't even see the membership prices and options on the website and the staff can't tell you how much an upgrade to platinum would be without getting out all their contracts and all your information and sitting down for a long sales pitch. It should be easy to tell me membership prices!

I attended Core24 Frankston. Very nice clean big gym. It is very good and I would recommend them if it wasn't for their contracts.
I first tried a free 10 day period, which they make you sign a contract for. I gave the notice required to say that I wasn't continuing. They charged me for over a month after.
A few months later I joined again as it was a very good gym. However I needed to cancel. My contract period was up and I only needed to give 28 days notice, which I knew when I signed so I guess that's ok, although I don't see why this is necessary, it is nothing but greed. After this period, make sure you cancel your card!. I learnt this the first time so I cancelled my card so they couldn't keep charging me, although I am still getting hassled over missed payments!

They have such a good gym, and if they didn't have such horrible contracts they would probably have a lot more members as a lot of people would be put off at the lack of information on fees and options unless you go in to talk to a sales rep, and such long contracts. There are so many other ways you can charge people, you should make it as easy as possible for customers to pay, not make it so stressful.

Don't ever give them your account number!

Submitted my cancellation two months before membership contract ended. When I rang to confirm cancellation they told me I still had to make six more payments. I repeatedly checked my bank statements and it shows I've made 24 payments. When i spoke to their "customer care manager" and showed her my statement, she kept saying that based on their computer system I only started to pay them in April last year, which was nonsense as I signed up in Feb and they straightaway charged me from that month. I do not trust their computer, only the bank statements tell the truth. Not sure how their computer system works but it seems dodgy. Do not give your account to them. Take everything under your control otherwise it's really hard to get out of this. They are not as pleasant as when you join the gym. When you want to quit the gym, they will give you all the hard time on earth!

Don't trust them with your account information

I cancelled my membership after 3+ years with them as they doubled my fees and started taking money out of my account almost weekly. Rude responses from the front desk staff when questioned about it, were not appreciated.

After cancellation I found that they had taken so much from my account that I was 2 months in advance, as I only have to give 30 day notice I asked if I could have the money for the extra month returned and was flat out refused, so I had to attend the gym for 60 days, today, even after a text from the manager saying I wouldn't be charged, I see a charge for a dishonor fee!!! They're just taking what ever they feel like now.

It's more than a gym ,it's total wellbeing!

I feel so lucky that I found core at Frankston!
As a platinum member, I can do all types of yoga, reformer Pilates, salt room, infrared sauna, fantastic massage chairs & so much more. I think it is amazing value!
Today, for the first time I had a treatment in the"salt spa" & I was pleasantly surprised. The ambiance & service was fantastic, & being a member the price was great!!

Great Mineral Water Pool

I enjoyed my couple of years of membership at Core Frankston that ended when I moved a few years ago.

I really miss the water they use for pool and spa. All round a great gym.

The only issue I had there was the rubber matting downstairs which smelt and left me smelling like rubber after I got used to it and got home...

Horrible & Manipulating staff

When i walked in to just check the gym out they wouldn't let me past the entrance until i signed for a membership, the manipulate your words and make you feel like you have to join this gym or your a disgusting horrible person and will never reach your goals - even though everyone is more than capable of reaching their goals even without a gym membership.

Terrible customer service, if you wish to cancel your membership, they will make you feel bad and try to convince you stay by offering other options and will not give you the cancellation paperwork. Once you finally get the form, the staff can get lazy and not process the cancellation correctly causing money to still be debit money out of your account.

Please save yourself the trouble and if you want to go to a gym, please avoid CORE 24 and perhaps chose a no lock in contract gym.


Continued to charge my account after canceling, didnt even get reimbursed the correct amount of money and when I did had to go through a whole of stuffing around calling trying to get my money back off them. 'Automatically upgraded' me to their premium membership and started charging me extra without my consent. Absolute joke of a business.

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