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Costco ACT, Canberra

Costco ACT, Canberra

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Extremely disappointed! Do not recommend!

I shopped at the Canberra store today and bought the 2kg tub of Chobani yogurt, dated with an expiry date of 4/10/19
I was disappointed to find the yogurt was off.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCanberra Costco

Perfect store for big families

Wonderful product line, excellent customer service, always diverse range of products available. Very friendly staff members, always there to help, specials are great to buy when available, really value for money for the membership. Fuel is good quality.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCanberra Airport

really good customer service

I have experienced really good customer service at Costco. after paying my blueberry, I dropped on the floor. One of the staffs come alone and asked me if they could exchange another box of blueberry for me. I refused as this is my fault. However, they make me feel valuable

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Store Locationcanberra

Rude and unfriendly staff at Costvo Canberra

Very bad custom service staff at entrance and sample demonstration counters. No etiquette or politeness. My 12-year-old son got literally a shouting from a sample demonstration staff at Mozrealla cheese stick counter this afternoon at Costco Canberra. I had to literally rush to my son's rescue and said I am with him. The staff at the entrance also have no smiles or welcoming attitude but act as if they are the bosses. This had been happening for last three four months, earlier there was no problem. I am thinking of not renewing my membership as one can get better value for money with Coles specials and lot friendlier and courteous staff.

Costco meat

Roast chicken is greasy. Sausages full of gristle. Steak is tough. Everything else is fine but stay away from the meat.

Above average but not by much

Costco are not always the cheapest and it pays to do your research, in my case a Woolworths discount card [5%] and purchasing 5% a discount Woolworths ewish card [anyoneone can do this] makes Woolies Petrol cheaper.

My only gripe is that favoured items I have purchased and enjoyed get removed without notice ie Mission Pizza Base [1kg] unavailable elsewhere, as was Tartare Sauce [1 Ltr] again unavailable elsewhere, those are just a sample.

Having said that they have cheap bottled water, tender meat and generally meet my requirements.

Costco is great value for money

I have been a member of Costco since it opened in Canberra some years ago. I save around 25 cents per litre on petrol every week compared to buying it anywhere else in Canberra. This is a huge saving. I have had to return several items that failed after 6 months or so of use and there has been absolutely no problem in getting a refund. The meat is first class, particularly the Australian lamb and organic chicken. There are always new products to try and although we are only a small family, I buy and freeze the meat and don't have any problem with buying in bulk as the food is never wasted. I thoroughly recommend checking Costco prices for electrical good as they are usually cheaper. Even iTunes cards often sell for a 20% discount.

Customer service staff were arrogant and rude

Well, within 2 months of joining we have experience two times of staff being unprofessional and talk down on customer.
We just left Costco feeling very annoyed by the way one of the staff spoke to my husband. Check out clerk missed 1 of our item on the trolley so Husband had to go back to have the item scan and paid. Not to mention the line was ridiculously long but at the end the staff was beyond rude to my husband when there is no need for it. After my husband paid for the item the staff stare at him and said “it’s not you card, is it?” My Husband feel quite embarrassed and said “yes, it’s” no apology or smile of recognition by the staff. Well, we did not steal the item that their staff didn’t scan so why the rudeness. To be honest, we don’t need to shop at Costco in Canberra but we just like the snacks there for our kids so we joined, but will not re-new for sure.

Costco Canberra becoming too expensive - membership not worth it

Costco prices have increased so much across most goods and shops around Costco now match. Is the membership worth it?

Costco Forcing Australian Business Down and Out!

I have experienced a bad issue from Costco:
Costco have a Sneaky Bad American Policy on Australian business that aren't American.
100% unhappy, with this American Company that's bad for Local Supply Business!!!!
I had a talk with the GM of Costco AU last month.
He was very nice and gentle face to face but as soon as he turned his back the next week be attacked our business.
I got No Answer or any feedback as to why?... I still don't know?
A tip to anyone who has experience the Bad Side of American Costco: pls don't talk to the higher Manager.
Now I can understand why people don't trust Americans or American Businesses...


Costco Canberra best $value, service & supply of multi focal prescription spectacles...
Michael, Eda and the team supply great customer service...the Costco supplied lenses are identical/superior to many other local suppliers.
Dollar wise, there unbeatable.....50 years of wearing spectacles..Costco have proven to be my best Optical suppliers...
10 out of 10 !!....

NO point getting Membership for cheap fuel in Canberra

If you're only getting a Costco membership in Canberra to benefit from the cheap fuel think again. Woolworths petrol on Mustang Ave (next to McDonalds in the Majura shopping complex) sells fuel at practically the same price as Costco. You can also get 4 cents off a litre if you have a discount voucher from Woolworths supermarkets. Most my friends have cancelled their Costco memberships as not worth it anymore. Woolworths at Majura Park have a lot of specials on food prices now and with a brand new Aldi Costco membership is a joke. The foodcourt/restaurant across the road at IKEA has so much more going for it than the rubbish Costco serves up and is much better value.
$60 a year to shop is now a complete rip-off. Besides at least Aldi, Woolies, IKEA etc have a better customer service focus and treat you like a person than a criminal (ie their US military style exit checks!!! - what a complete waste of shopper time!).
SO before you fill-up at Costco look around the rest of Majura Park - you'll be getting a better bang for your buck all round!!!

Poor service and training of staff

Costco in general is a great place to shop, with some pretty good prices. However, this is let down by the very poor service and attitude of staff members, which is most likely due to poor training.

I recently called Costco in regards to one of my products breaking and asked them what I could do, the staff member on the phone simply told me to 'call the manufacturer' and hung up the phone before I could ask any more questions. I understand that calling the manufacturer was the best way to get a replacement part but I was highly considering returning the product, I couldn't even ask if I could return it as the lady on the phone hung up before I had the chance to ask.

Another poor experience was at the fuel station. My father was waiting in line to fill up his car but when he finally reached the fuel pump, it was out of order. At this point he looped the car back around to wait in another line. Shortly after, a staff member monitoring the station walked up to our car and started verballing abusing all of us. He told us we had turned the car around the wrong way and we weren't allowed to drive in the direction we did. Bear in mind, there was no signage showing the 'correct' direction to drive in. He then proceeded to say, whilst pointing at himself "you cannot do that again in MY fuel station! If you do, you will be banned from coming back". I couldn't get past the arrogance and attitude he held whilst he talked down to us. I told him we didn't mean do it and it wouldn't happen again whilst also mentioning that he didn't have to be so rude when it was clearly a mistake. After this, he finally managed to hold his tongue and walked off.

I think Costco has a lot of self-entitled staff members who believe they're untouchable and that their actions are okay.
Train the staff better and these things won't happen. I work retail and if I ever treated customers the way Costco staff do, I wouldn't have a job.

Hey [Name Removed] From Canberra

Your condescending smug approach to resolving issues with customers is unacceptable. I've spent more there in 4 years, then you will earn in your life time. But, carry on believing that you are a superior and reprimanding customers for returning BRAND NEW merchandise. Pointing to a policy change and enforcing it is one thing, being smug about it and adding your own agenda to reinforce how you believe it's the correct decision makes you just a .. i.e "oh geez you have returned a lot of stuff" .

I've had more than my fair share of faulty goods provided by Costco, but not once did I complain about it, nor make any big deal out of things I felt were handled improperly.

Unfortunately now the prices aren't really that far off full retail. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Have a good one "[Name Removed]"....

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His name was Cameron, avoid him like the plague

Costco Tyres Canberra

having gone to Costco 3 times previously for new tyres .
I fronted up to the tyre section and told the person at the counter I needed some new tyres on my car .
here is how the interaction went .

me: gyday I need some new tyres on my car
Costco: What size do you need
me: Oh , sorry i don't know
Costco: you don't know the size of the tyres on your car ?
me : No I don't , is that a problem ?
Costco : of course it is , its your car , you should know the size of the tyres
Me : look what's going on here I just want to get some new tyres on my car

just then another Costco worker walked past so I said " excuse me " and motioned her over

Me: excuse me ... I was just wondering if you know what size tyres you have on your car ?
Lady Costco ( looking confused ) errrrr no
Me :( turning to the tyre guy) see other people don't know what size tyres are on their car
turn back to the Lady Costco " thankyou I'm just having trouble buying tyres "
Me : ( turning back to the tyre guy ) Look is there someone else that can help me
Costco : no I'm the guy that's in charge you deal with me

any way this went on for another 5 minutes . he was an indian dude .
I stormed out and went to one of the other 6 tyre places I passed on the way driving to Costco
they couldn't have been more helpful ........ and they aligned my tyres as well , something which Costco don't do .

Don't waste your time with costco tyres , go to your local tyre shop

Customer Service

I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a manager, Troy, at the Canberra Costco. His condescending and unhelpful conduct showed no regard for customer service and ensured that I will not be one in the future.

It's good

Don't plan to go and do all your shopping there is all. It is good to buy certain things in bulk such as toilet papers, water bottles, cooking oils, juices and stock at home. Works well and i see considerable savings so far.

Just buying levis 501 is enough for the membership at $50 a pair.

I have been saving $5-$10 on petrol fortnightly also.

Half the staff are indian cant under stand them

Went castco canberra was trying to talk with employees to find products couldn't understand them Derek manger was very rude never shopping there again. Handed im my membership

Terrible Buffalo Wings!!

My wife and I often travel to the USA to visit family and we love the Buffalo Wings that the USA provide. In the past I have purchased Buffalo Wings from Costco that have been sourced from the USA (Texas Style or Mexican Style) and they have been so tasty that everyone wants to know where we got them from. Then last week I went in to Costco and the only Buffalo Wings that they had in their store were from an Australian firm. They were "Wing It" Buffalo Wings by Baiada Poultry, Pendle Hill NSW. After a fruitless search I asked a staff member whether COSTCO had the USA brand wings in and she checked the computer at the checkout and said that this was the only brand now supplied. I thought that I'd give them a go, being one to support Aussie companies. What a mistake!! They were fatty and tasteless, to the point that I had 6 and now intend to take the remainder of the 1.5kg bag back to my Canberra store for a refund. I will never buy Aussie Buffalo Wings again and find it absurd that COSTCO don't provide American Buffalo Wings - One of the most famous USA snacks in the States. Wake up Costco!!! You had a great product and have blown it!! We love COSTCO, but will NEVER buy any Buffalo Wings until you return to the USA product!!

Not everything is a bargain; use your common-sense !

At Costco, about twice a year I buy paper towels and toilet-paper in bulk; they turn out to be considerably cheaper than elsewhere. Other items too are considerably cheaper than in the supermarkets. Costco sells top-quality Illy ground coffee for $11-49 a tin (Coles stocks the same size tin for over $17-00). Prosciutto from Costco tastes much nicer and is cheaper than prosciutto from Coles. Admittedly, you have to buy the 300 gm pack. For me, this is not a problem, since I enjoy prosciutto regularly. Large packets of frozen foods (raspberries, calamari rings for example) are a bargain. Pigs ears for dogs cost less at Costco than they do at Coles.
I have bought fine-knit pure merino wool tee-shirts for less than half of what I would have to pay at Kathmandu. The quality is excellent. My daughter paid less than half-price for a good quality parka in a trendy colour. My husband has bought good quality shirts for less than half of what he would be paying at Myer.
Things at Costco that most probably ARE NOT a bargain are: personal care products (shampoo, tooth-paste, etc) and laundry products. You will pay less for them when they are on sale at Coles or Woolworths, or even your local pharmacy.
As a general rule, when buying food at Costco, do not buy vast quantities of something that you are not likely to consume fairly quickly. If you are hosting a BBQ with friends, it makes sense to buy the large containers of coleslaw (delicious, by the way) and potato salad (also delicious). Even with products that are less perishable, think before you get carried away. It is silly to buy a huge jar of salted mixed nuts when you might only need a few to go with pre-dinner drinks when having a party a couple of times a year !
I have found that the cost of membership can be re-couped several times over with judicious shopping.

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