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Cottons Super

Cottons Super

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Shedding and breaking apart

Waste of money! Breaks apart and sheds leaving fibres behind. How is that safe??! Will never buy again and go back to using the regular brand of tampons!!!! Waste waste waste of money!

Very poor

Cant open the tampon its hard to find the opening... when you pull the string the end of tampon just falls away and absorbs half the amount of ordinary tampons...
Contacted company the response was very poor..

Not Super Absorbency

I try to do organic in terms of feminine protection because of the benefits that can come from it. However, the organics tampons are terrible. I put one in and it leaks an hour later. I am heavy, yes, but when I take the tampon out the thing isn't even mostly full.

Tried and never again.

I thought I would switch for an organic option. The others are right in terms of coming apart and leakage. The final nail was a day after my period finished and I hadn't had a tampon in, - A large piece of cotton soaked in blood came out. Never buying these again.

Environmentally friendly and non toxic

It's hard to avoid toxins these days so it's nice to have a product that cared for your body and the environment at the same time.
I only had one problem.. the cotton string seemed to siphon downward into my undies.. maybe a non absorbant string would be better.

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