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Cottons Ultra-Thin Pads

Cottons Ultra-Thin Pads

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Fabulous quality and excellent product!

These are a god sent for me as I'm allergic to many other sanitary pads out there. It came highly recommended by a lot of my girlfriends and I'm glad I tried. Highly recommended.

Good product

I have sensitive areas and can only wear cotton. I like the panty liners, but, they need to be a tad longer, the adhesive side needs to be looked at as it doesn't stick well and lastly, trying to open the liner cover is a nightmare. There needs to be a coloured strip to show where the opening is. Other than that, being Cotton is great.

Terrible pads

These pads are one of the worst I've tried! I live in a hot climate and they don't stick properly, they move around and bunch up and generally make life hell. On top of that, i got a terrible reaction from them, in a place you don't want that to happen. Even though i would change every 2 hours, they would be all fluffy and practically disintegrating. This was from a light flow too.

Super soft and stay put

My newest find and my favourite so far. I bought the super with wings. I found them very good for night time (it's long enough) and the adhesive actually stays in place very well including the wings part. The material is super soft (the softest one I ever tried so far). I don't know what they are made of though. I only know that the oversheet is cotton but there isn't much information on anything else. If you have heavy flow like me then you will need to change more frequently than if you use the synthetic one but then I can't stand the feel of the synthetic fabric on me. The plus is that this brand really stick well on your underwear so there is less likelihood that you'll have accident. I would rather change more often than having to wash soiled underpants due to pads "moving".

Life changer

I love these pads because they've changed my life. Any other pad is so uncomfortable and awful and this actually doesn't stop me from sleep or cause leakage! I use the super one and it truely is amazing.

My saviour in hard times

The reason why i say its my saviour in the toughest times is because i had a very acute condition on eczema of my inner things and using a synthetic pad was extremely uncomfortable. Cottons is absolutely brilliant. Feels very natural and isn't synthetic at all. No issues of rashes. It might not last as long as the plasticky ones but at the end of the day i'd rather change frequently and feel comfortable and hygenic than use plasticky ones.Its not very expensive and lasts reasonably long when the flow isn't too heavy. Hardly makes its presence felt
comfortable, natural

I found them very gentle, but strong. I would like the panty liners to be longer thoughI agree, and i like the liners before they made them thinner.


These are fanatastic if you don't have a really heavy flow. I find them fine for overnight and one lasts me throughout the day, they are comfortable and have wings to hold them in place. I find that they feel drier than other brands.
Love that they are cotton on top, I don't like the feel of plasticy products. They are really slim and discreet and seem absorbent enough. I don't feel like I'm walking around with a nappy on.
They are not 100% cotton, I don't know what the absorbent material underneath the cotton top is.

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