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Cougar CAT 500L 4X4

Cougar CAT 500L 4X4

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Absolute rubbish

The only thing Australian about Cougar is the importers.
Apart from all the breakdowns and not being able to put a hose near them the under tray collects so much seed and fodder
I'm scared it's going to catch fire. Any good reports are dribble!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Great Bikes

We have 3 of these bikes purchased new in 2012. All 3 work every day on farm performing general farm duties as well as mustering and we have never had a problems. Our full time on farm mechanic says they are easy to maintain and get parts for. We have recommended these to many people who have purchased them as well based on our experience, will buy more if these ever stop.

Cougar Cat 500L 4x4

We have a lot of different machines on our farm. The Mountain Lion 4 x 4.It was total crap. Cat 500L 4x4 also crap. Everytime we got in it to use it there was a different problem. Our local mechanic just gave up on it. They are hard to sell too!

Solid workhorse since 2013

Bought my CAT500LD in early 2013. Im Averaging 5000+km per year on my quads my main requirment is strong and reliable. I work this bike hard and it does all the jobs on the farm with ease.

I maintain and service the bike fairly regularly and i find all service parts easy to get at local auto parts stores and anything else i can just get freighted in quickly from Cougar directly.

To date i have only had 1 warranty claim and that was the thermo fan switch sensor. Cougar had me back on the road in 2 days and I am a little remote and cant get freight overnight.

I see some other reviews on here are fairly negative. I dont know what you guys are doing but i ride in the rain mud and through creeks and have never had a problem. Also being on a dairy farm i have to wash the bike down every week to get the cow poo and mud build up off and never causing any issues.

The only things i dont really like about the bike is i wish it had a little more ground clearance and when i bought mine there were no brush bar options which i believe are now standard on my bike.

Anyway thats my opinion and i would definitely buy 1 again.

Absolute crap!

Do not buy these useless machines, absolute rubbish! Water ingress into a 4x4 quad by going through puddles! Bucket of crap!
Sits in the shed and when it does want to run you may as well bloody walk, lack of power, have had nothing but problems with the electrical system and the single pot seems to now be charred! Puss

They're crap

My Cougar quad has done more kilometres for repair than on my property. After being returned to Cougar for work (they accused me of driving it in the rain, never have). $500.00 later. I went to Cougar to collect it. They claimed the Quad was repaired then I had to wait for the warranty repairs to be carried out. Now 10 months on the battery is always flat. Tonight trying to feed a poddy calf the hazard lights came on the quad stopped, wouldn't start and I had to walk 2 kilometres back leaving it in the paddock. I can't wait for the next excuse and how much they will charge for a new battery and what ever else is wrong. That's after, this time, I make them find someone local to do the repairs instead of believing returning it to them for repairs at $110.00 per hour plus parts.

Buyer Beware dont get it wet.

It is a capable quad and a lot cheaper than the completion. However after sales support and warranty leaves a lot to be desired. When I made a claim they said not covered as the quad had been ridden through a creek. It had not but isn't it a 4x4 quad? I would say mud and water would be part of that.

Hi Dave, Thank you for taking the time to offer feedback about our products and services. Cougar Machinery Australia takes our customer service very seriously and always strives for the best outcome for each and every customer. With regard to your review about our product the CAT500L Deluxe this is not a model that you actually own, you purchased a different model to this bike. The claims made about our warranty policy and procedures are false, our warranty claims team never makes any references to how a customer may have inadvertently damaged a vehicle. In your specific case you contacted our service department when your bike stopped running. Our team rapidly arranged a local service agent to inspect and repair your bike for you. However, you had chosen to take it to your own mechanic. When your mechanic contacted our warranty team he expressed that he did not want to do the work for you. You then decided to deliver the bike to our Sydney based factory without any prior notice, placing demands on when you will be back to pick up the bike. Upon closer inspection of your bike by our service team it was noted that the pull start handle (which has a water proof cover at its base to prevent water ingress to the pull start housing) was broken. This section of the engine houses the electrical charging system and starter motor, vital components that must remain dry, wouldn’t you agree? Our service team videoed the water coming out of your pull start housing as our technician removed the side cover from the engine. Clearly this was the cause of your bike trouble. (CMA would be more than happy to load the video to this website should you wish?). Water damage as I am sure you are aware is not covered under any manufacturers warranties in most circumstances and especially not covered when the cause of the water damage is due to negligence on the part of the end user. Warranty in general is there to guard the consumer against manufacturing faults or assembly errors, it is not free rein for repairs brought about through consumer disregard. If you wish to discuss this further or are unclear about any of the details please don’t hesitate to contact our warranty team any time, we are always here to help. Have a great day Cougar Customer Service You claimed it was ridden through water and it was not, that is a fact, if you don't like honouring your warranty then that's fine, as your staff were advised there is no creek on our property but no one wanted to listen. I cant say anymore now as the matter is in the hands of the Department of Fair Trading and we will wait for their determination. Sorry if this review has been placed on the wrong vehicle if you would like to have it removed that's fine I will review the correct Cougar quad, this was the one that came up on the search engine.

Strong, Simple, Reliable, Australian Owned, Locally supported.

I found the CAT500 a little firmer in ride compared to Polaris and Yamaha quads I have owned previously but it makes up for it with what this bike is capable of in the towing department, and under load in general. boggy terrain and towing is a breeze, you don't have to rev it hard to make it move unlike the other two. Love the brand would recommend to all ATV users, they really are strong bikes!
built for tough farm work! excels in all areas!
slightly firmer suspension but this increases towing and load capacities

Cougar CAT500L - Amazing ability

I have used many other brands in my years of hunting and travelling the country this bike is hands down the toughest, and has had the least problems. Warranty items fixed immediately! Rate It Highly!! A heap of smooth power and haven't had it stop through any terrain! And I've been through some rough tracks.
Tough bike from top to bottom, for a fully optioned bike best buy on the market today. comes standard with everything u need no hidden extras need to be purchased
Not much, had a warranty claim on a drive shaft when I was in Bathurst on a hunting trip bike was back on the road in 2 days awesome company in terms of dealing with warranty issues... never had that before!! Polaris!!

Cougar CAT 500L 4X4

Great little Quad, realiable and responsive, the service and warranty performance by the seller was excellent, great value for money compared to other more recognised and expensive brands, i use it out on the farm and it runs great, so far so good, and i am content with the purchase.
Easy to run, Great Value for money compared to other more recognised and expensive brands

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Where can you get parts for 500 L in Australia
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Heaps of rubbish. All Cougar products. I think they have gone broke. Management were pigs

hi need a manual for wiring harness can anyone help
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How do you fill sub tank?
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