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Country Life Bakery Gluten Free Low GI White

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free Low GI White

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Love this multigrain

I love the new c life multigrain,bigger slices,stayed fresher,a makes a great sandwich it doesn’t fall apart like others, thank you .


:( Coeliac and Diabetic so I was buying Low GI Bread was awesome now what?
First Bulla deleted their Light Ice Cream now this whats next ......................

What am i going to eat for lunch now?

I agree - I cant believe the Low GI bread line has been discontinued - I just called up Country Life and the woman was apologetic but didn't offer a solution. Appears they are not providing an alternative. Has anyone found a similar bread to the Low GI option that they enjoy and don't react to???

Product delete

Can't believe this bread has been deleted from your range as this one was the best seller,---you had to be early in the supermarket to be able to get it.
The others in the range were always available but my wife cannot eat them and it seams others in our locality were the same.
My wife suffers from fructose malabsorption and they are making it harder for to survive.

Coeliacs suffer again.

Poor size loaves with big holes, crusts burn when toasted, dry & crumbly when "fresh", can't reseal packet & expensive.

Love it :-)

I discovered Country Life GF and low GI bread a few weeks ago. I'm on a GF low carb diet and this bread is marvellous, it's tastes great with good texture, toasts well. It's something I can have when I'm fed up with salad or meat and veg. I just keep it in the freezer as I don't eat it every day.
My only complaint is that I can't always find it in the supermarkets I shop in.


Not at all happy with the increase in salt in the new bread. I consider that this overrides any health benefit achieved by the Low Gi aspect.

From delight to disappointment

As a coeliac I have been purchasing this bread (basically from Coles but occasionally from Woolworths WA), since it came on the market and truly loving it. In the past fortnight, I have purchased this bread each week and placed it in the freezer immediately as I always wanted it on hand. However, both loaves were mouldy and could not be eaten. The loaves were purchased prior to due date... the date expired yesterday, but it appears that the loaves expired well before. I shall look more carefully and shop more carefully in future,

Can no longer eat your bread.

Since you altered your ingridedients over a year ago I have not bee able to eat your braeds. you need to produce a bread that is gluten free and preservative free even if this means keeping it in the fridge. I have a reaction with preservatives 260 262 and it gives me a servere asthma attack. As a sufferer of coeliac it would be wonderful for a company to produce a gluten free bread preservative free.
And I am not the only one who has stopped buying your breads.

Gives me asthma

The Best Gluten-Free Bread I've Tried!

I've tried quite a number of gluten-free breads, and this was by far the nicest! Every other gluten-free variety that's come my way has been dry and almost crumbly, but these slices were soft, moist and elastic (perfect for a fresh sandwich!). They also remained soft and moist for longer than the other brands which would usually end up being impossible to butter two or so days after buying due crumbling from drying out.

The last time I purchased this was in January of this year (I am no longer gluten-free and, therefore, do not need to buy this product anymore). I'm reading other people's reviews that complain of a change in the recipe (?) -- my review is based on the company's bread from January and earlier, so I cannot say whether the supposed "new" version is any good or not!
Soft, moist, substantial, pleasant taste.
Expensive, slices stick together at crust (not cut properly, perhaps?), surface area of bread slices could be bigger.

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free low gi white bread

At first for a 580gram loaf thought it was a bit heavy. Larger slices would be nice, but my experience in baking G/F bread larger slices would not bake through. After a struggle to open the packaging found the slices trying to stick together. Taste is pleasant, tends to be on the dry side. As I do with all our bread for the freezer, wrap each slice individually in clingwrap. This bread toasts up nicely too. A little expensive.
Having said the above, this bread is above average compared with many others tried internationally
Taste is pleasant. toasts up nicely. freezes well
Packaging extremely difficult to open with arthritis. slices too small. expensive

i'm buying gluten product now, the bread really needs a new packaging is not good after is opened, there is no re-seal. I agree it is very expensive and yes, the slices are too small..you would all be moaning though if you didn't have the bread

Loving the new recipe!

I love the new texture and taste. The bread holds together, it lasts up to a week in my pantry, makes great toast and sandwhiches. I usually make my own bread which is even more like wheat bread, but when I'm travelling or stuck for time I now buy your bread. I love it!
Moist texture and doesn't crumble. Stays fresh out of the fridge.
Price. I make my own for $2.70 per loaf.

Not a fan

We are now looking at other brands. Tried the bread on and off for a couple of months hoping it was a one off but it was not to be. The whole product is not what it was. Have now found alternate products which are meeting our needs. These products we are recommending to all our other coeliac friends and family. You must be flourishing for you not to take notice of your customers. Surely I cannot be in the minority.

Bring back the old recipe!!

Where do i start and what possessed CL to change a perfectly good GF bread to this supposedly new and improved bread???

The addition of soy has turned me off straight away, this bread is also way tooo sweet and the packaging is a no brainer. I'm sorry for being a bit aggressive here but why on earth would CL go and change something our family used to enjoy.

Why is it that all manufacturers need to go and throw in a ton of sugar to get people hooked on there products, pure greed at the publics expence. So much for a healthy alternative.

I am now purchasing my own bread mix which is gluten & Soy free with far less sugar.

The addition of soy has turned me off straight away, this bread is also way tooo sweet and the packaging is a no brainer. Bring back the old recipe and packaging!

HUGE disappointment

When after years of searching for a half decent gluten & dairy free bread I found the low GI bread of Country Life I was delighted. Especially when eventually I could even get it in WA where I travel a lot. I finally enjoyed bread again and bought it exclusively for years.

Then what a HUGE disappointment when a few months ago it was gone! Replaced by a product that;
1. has packaging that needs a tool to open and repacking to keep it fresh.
2. has lost its 'wholemeal' taste and softness. Instead it tastes dry and bitter and even more so when toasted.
3. has gone up in price by 20% in one jump! something that would be considered outrageous and unacceptable if it had been the standard 'family' variety of bread.

None of the proudly proclaimed 'improvements' appear for the consumers' benefit, but rather the company's.
I have not met anyone in the bread aisle yet who does not share my disappointment. Needless to say I am now buying elsewhere.

packaging, taste & texture, price

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Just brought loaf, big holes in it and what I believe to be an insect in the bread. Rang the hotline who offered to give me a voucher for a replacement loaf, and I have to send the faulty back to them. How generous of them!

who was behind this packaging?

So I spend $6+ on a loaf. i need a chainsaw to get into the packaging; take a slice or two out as needed, only to then find that i cant seal the bread back to remain fresh. So I put the bread in another container or plastic bag. this alone is putting me off the bread itself. which is good. shame big shame!
packaging! disaster

Major disappointment!!!

A BIG THUMBS DOWN CLB. For me complete and utter dismay. The addition of soy to this nice bread has put it out of reach for me. You have lost a loyal customer and hurt my local IGA too because I won't be getting my bread order there anymore.

Addition of "kryptonite"....soy!!!

I am a coeliac, but can eat soy, so it is wonderful for me. Sorry you don't like it.Thanks Maggie. Unfortunately allergy amongst Celiacs and gluten intolerant people is all too common. Soy really is "Kryptonite" for us and makes us very ill. I'm glad you're still able to eat CLB but it's no longer an option for us. : • (Hi, I having been using your bread for many years now and was really happy when you change to your new packaging and ingreidents but started to get bad stomach pains and then some one told me that you have put in the preservative 282 and I googled it and it said that it is put in by big companies that dont clean there equipment properly. sorry but not happy as I have to find another bread that i can eat and nearly of all of our client base too. should go back to the old ingreidents.

Great new recipe

I have been gluten free for 7 years and have always wanted to eat a sandwhich that does not taste like cake and crumble into dry pieces. Now I can, thanks for making bread that is almost like normal bread. The bread is also a normal size like a real loaf of bread. Thanks, thanks and thanks.
Does not have to be toasted but can be eaten fresh
The packaging means it has to be repackaged to freeze and to keep it fresh for a few days while it is consumed

Love it

This bread is amazing. Since going gluten free 6 months ago never thought I would be able to find a nice bread close to the usual white bread. This bread is absolutely beautiful. I can have it as a sandwich instead of toasting and tastes like real white bread. Thank you country life bakery.
Tastes like real white bread
The price

Disappointed - sadly - pls bring back Low Gi recipe.

The new recipe has more of the bad stuff & less of the good - double the sugar, 30% more salt and 40% less soluble fibre. It is also a higher GI than the previous, much loved recipe. CLB please don't competely 'sell out' to the 'usual sugary white bread brigade'. We choose to eat your bread to be healthier, new recipes miss this target. The new versions may be sold out because we're trying to find a good one. I perservered with the multi grain for 2 weeks, and felt very unwell on it. Huge increase in flatulance which caused stomache cramps, stools became more like toothpaste, than properly formed floaters that are a healthy sign.
Texture of the low GI is far superiour to the 'gagging response' I had with the 'fairy bread' multi grain.
Higher GI, lacks flavour and substance, unpleasant texture, unable to use frozen in current packaging.

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Highly agree, nothing worse than trying to eat a sandwhich which tastes as sweet as cake!

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Yeah...$6.50 plus for a loaf. Packaging is a joke. Slices sticking together another joke. After attempting to separate the slices, half the loaf is destroyed. Why should we have to freeze the loaf, and struggle to separate the slices when it is a SLICED LOAF already? Unfortunately this is the only bread my Wife can eat so I suppose we will have to continue paying top dollar for 6 damn slices...
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It's a pain alright. Well and Good make nice bread mixes. Perhaps your wife could tolerate those? Also "Living Well" make nice crumpets and soft rolls both of which toast nicely. Hope this helps.

Why is it that I have to spend $6.50 to get a loaf of this bread only to find that the bread sticks together in places and I end up with 4 or 5 slices that are broken into pieces? Also I find it so difficult to get Multigrain bread. It doesn't matter whether I go to Coles, WW or IGA, by the time I get there there are heaps of loaves of white or low GI (I hate them both) and absolutely no Multigrain except on the odd occasion. What's going on??
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Hi Deb. If you are still able to eat this bread try freezing it first before you attempt to separate the slices. I can't have it anymore because CLB have added soy. I have heard lots of complaints about the so called "improved" loaves...soy : ( crumbling and difficult to unpack. I don't think it's because we are a mob of wingers. There are genuine issues with the "improved" loaves. Hope my suggestion helps.Thanks Avigayil. The thing is this new improved loaf was quite good at first- for the first time ever I was able to take a sandwich with me for my lunch- but only the multigrain one, which i can rarely get!!! I am sorry to hear you can no longer eat it..goodness knows, there is very few things you can eat when you have allergies, and then when another thing is taken away, there doesn't seem much left does it???

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