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Country Life Bakery Gluten Free White

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free White

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Like fairy floss

I’ve been buying country life gluten free bread for years until they changed the recipe. It’s now too much like fairy floss. As soon as you bite into it, it dissolves. When I butter it, it goes soggy. There’s no substance to it anymore. I much preferred the old “meaty” recipe. In addition they are double plastic bagging it! Why? No need. We have enough plastic problems in the world and now they’re adding to it. I’ll continue to search for a better product

Best Gluten Free Bread Ever

I have been coeliac for 23 years and tried many different breads. While the previous white bread was delicious the new recipe is fantastic. Closest thing to real white bread, light, fluffy and less cake like that other brands resemble. Also, more like bread as not high in fat and calories. Spot on. Thankyou

Best I have found

I really enjoy this white bread. I find it lighter and more enjoyable than denser spongier other brands (and I have tried many across seeded etc too). It has a new recipe so glad to see they are looking to improve. Supermarkets tend to freeze these. I buy two loaves a week and only once had trouble with mould on the inner pieces of one due perhaps to online shopping humidity in the van. My only regret is the cost and the smaller loaves than non-gluten brands but I don't have the uncomfortable stomach issue any more. Keep it up Country Life.


Country life rye 900g was the only bread i was able to use for my allergic/intolerance child... now i find that it has been deleted due to poor customer demand... not surprising as it was difficult to find and had been for a long time. Very disappointing country life.

I love your new bread.

Have been coeliac for over 20 years. Always used your bread as found it was better than any other GF brands. However you have really excelled with your new white bread, I have no problem eating it, toasting it, or rewrapping it.It is light and tasty. Keep up the good work. I like the way you keep trying to improve your product.

Sandwich free no more! :) :) :)

I have only just found this product and I love it. I have gone years with not having a sandwich because I am a ceoliac and all the breads were only small and only good enough to toast with. So I basically went off bread. So thanks for Large slice Country Life Gluten Free White Bread.
More tasty choices for GF coeliac lifers. (Not by choice but healthier for it)

Worse bread on Earth!

What did you change to this recipe!?
I can't even pull one piece of bread off without it smashing apart and sticking to the other - and I only bought it this morning from Cole because Coles had ran out of their branded one.
This is going straight to the bin!!!! Never again!

Bad Reaction

I had the strangest reaction after eating this. It was odd. Not sure as to why but I woke up 12 hours later, so fatigue set in veru quickly after eating.

Purchased in January 2017.

Too much sugar

I have to agree with the other comments .... many people buying gluten free, yeast free products are on candida diets and require low-sugar foods ... this bread had a great texture and lovely consistency and would be perfect were it not for all the sugar. Also, the sugar makes it taste way too sweet and interferes with savoury toppings!
Great texture for yeast free, gluten free
Too much sugar ... can you do a sugar free, yeast free, gluten free loaf? I bet lots of people would buy it!

It needs improvement

I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have tried every gluten free bread available to me and your bread closely resembles "normal" bread in texture.But why is there so much sugar in it? Bread is not supposed to taste like sugar. It is far too sweet. The sugar taste overrides any savoury topping or filling and it is distasteful to me. It is akin to eating potato chips with icecream. Not a good taste. If you took the sugar out it would be so much better.
Too much sugar

Love the taste

Loved the bread but then read the additives etc on the back of the pack and discovered preservative (282) had been used in the baking of this bread! Very disappointed as l thought l was on to a good healthy product. Is there any chance you could use a different preservative?

New recipe is a massive disappointment

The new recipe is disappointing, not so much for the taste, but for the way in which it is packaged. For some reason, Country Life felt the need to move to inferior packaging that is almost impossible to reseal once opened.

Also, whether you freeze the bread or not, I have found that the slices are a nightmare to separate from each other. Far too many times I have found that I have had to use a knife to separate the slices, which has resulted in the bread falling apart as shown here: http://imgur.com/a/rHOZL This is ridiculous - how can anyone make a decent sandwich when the bread falls apart so easily? I never had this problem with the old recipe. This is so frustrating that it has prompted me to look elsewhere for bread.
Taste, makes better toast than the old recipe
Poor quality packaging that can't be resealed and slices too hard to separate

Yuk and glugy ain't the word for it

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 40 years ago and tried many breads including making my own and it has been a delight to be able to buy bread off the shelf. This new formula has to take the cake for the gluggiest stuff on the market. Back to making my own.

Gluggy, expensive, cannot reseal the packet, cannot make breadcrumbs out of, sticks together when frozen and is horrible as toast.

It was my favourite bread- no more!!

I have eaten Country Life gluten free bread for a long long time. But no longer. The new and improved recipe is awful!! Please go back to original - it had much more flavour and was a good consistency. This new one is more like a sweet scone like bread - quite unsuitable for salad sandwiches etc. Even new packaging is a pain - to keep in the fridge have to put it in old plastic bags!
Good for some people that preservatives removed.

new bread really bad avoid

Now has preservative 282 which is very bad for everyone . The new bread packaging is awful and can not be resealed. The bread is moist as in wet. yuk Why change a bread which was good to this and very disappointing product. It used to be my favourite and have now had to change breads.

preservative 282, and packaging

Love this Bread! Best I have tried so far.

Thankyou for removing preservative 220 (Sulphites) from this bread. When I saw it had new packaging I took a look and to my amazement, I could try it now! Best Gluten free bread I have had yet. :) Still waiting to find the fruit bread in stock at one of the supermarkets though.
Almost the same as regular gluten bread

No good no more

Why did you have to add the soy! I cannot have it anymore.
This was the only bread I could eat on the market.
No one seems to buy it. The shelves are always stacked whereas before you had to be quick to get your hands on it! Please take out the soy.

Soy in it

If it aint broke dont fix it !

Have been buying your bread for ages best of the gf breads we think but you have 'improved' it . WHY once you open it it doesnt reseal and when it toasts it becomes very hard not crunchy i mean rock hard it used to come out of the toaster golden brown and crunchy .
Eveything else
Packaging and rock hard after toasting

I have just finished my toast this morning and it certainly wan't hard. Mine was beautifully golden and crunchy. Maybe it's your toaster.My husband is the ceoliac and he hard to please lol

You killed the bread.

My daughter has not just got coeliac disease but also multiple food allergies and intolerances. It was great (while it lasted) to be able to purchase premade bread. My daughter also suffers with failure of growth, (malabsorption/malnutrician). HOWEVER....the last 12months (whilst on your bread) we have seen her grow...(best growth ever) BUT....NOW YOU'VE KILLED IT. The new packaging/recipe she says is just not nice (her words..."it's yuck mum". I even tried tricking her with some of your old bread (we had frozen) by making french toast with old and new (she wasn't watching me) and she knew the difference. Anybody want 6 loaves of the "NEW IMPROVED" bread? even the animals won't eat it :(


I agree. The new recipe is gummy and gluggy. I have stopped buying it. The previous bread was really nice toasted. Decent gluten free bread is hard enough to find so why have you ruined a good product.I have to contradict all the comments here. I absolutely love this new recipe. It has to be the nicest I've tasted in years. Gluten free bread for me up to now has been a poor substitute for the 'real' bread I grew up with. This bread is so so nice. It's flavour and texture compares so well to normal bread and it is just gorgeous toasted. I couldn't live without this bread now. I don't feel different to everyone else and I now sit down to enjoy this lovely bread. Thank you so much I feel like a real person again. p.s. I love the packaging. It stores so well in my fridge.Agree with the comments here. It is now gluggy. I didnt realise that the bread had change when I bought it at the supermarket. I soon notice the taste and gluggy texture when I came to eat it. I reacted to it straight away. I thought maybe there had been a production problem. But when I called they told me that soy had been added. No more Country life Bread for me!!!!!!!_


As our son is on a gluten free dieat we worried that we would struggle with catering to his diet, yet have found it is not as hard as we imagined. Bread was my biggest dilemma, but once we found country life breads we haven't looked back. They have a great customer service team too!
My son loves this. I have tried other brands but keep coming back to country life. Great customer service too! Available at most supermarkets.
they are quite expensive and the loaf is only small

the best gluten free bread I ever tasted congratulate keep it upWhat has Countrylife done? They have completely ruined a great recipe. I tried the new variety that they've just introduced which is gluten and dairy free and I don't like it at all. Compared with the original recipe I find it a bit rubbery, it sticks to my teeth and the slices stick together in the packet. Please, please, please bring back the old recipe. The loaves may be small but were the nearest taste and texture to normal bread, or could you make some loaves gluten free without being dairy free as well otherwise I won't be buying anymore of it. It's also now more expensive. Why change something that is perfect?have you try to toast it It is great I love it I can eat a whole loave [ Bill ]

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Can you go back to old package with ties on them?
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Agree, It seems to get all frozen together and they breaks when trying to separate it.


Gluten Free White
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