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Covermore global sim is terrible

I obtained a covermore global sim via my travel insurance. I am half way through my trip and have had lots of issues. No connectivity in Russia (took over 24 hrs and 6 calls to fix), no internet and then in Belarus they said they do not provide a service network, yet when signing up for their services and paying the zones for all countries I am visiting, they never said they did not do belarus. So I was left as a solo traveller with no connectivity for calls or data which is very unsafe. Although they gave me a small goodwill credit, it isn't good enough and is a cope out...they need to fix their issues.. I should have researched their product...look at the trip adviser and other website reviews....they have a very bad ratings. This is not a consistent product to rely on...you will spend a lot of time on calls to their service office. Don't use this product, do research and go with a more reliable company.


I also used a covermore sim card. Its a poor quality product for 2 reasons
1. Its a 3G card. The world uses 4G so its slow
2 Its horribly expensive. I gave up on it in Spain, so I went to a local telephone shop in Madrid. I purchased an Orange sim card. Cost was AUD$16.00 for 1GB. The same 1GB cost with covermore is $200.00.
Always buy a local simcard.

Useless, it just does not work...

Even with the help of the chat line, I could not send an SMS to my son in order to re-activate my sim. They now have $26.83 of my money cos it never worked when I travelled to Canada. Better off using free wi-fi on my iPad and sending through Facebook messenger

Rip Off!

Bad news. We got it free with our travel insurance, loaded money on it and now they've taken our money.
We only used it for overseas so when you don't use it (and revert back to your home SIM card) you have to keep re activating the SIM every 3 months.
Initially Covermore sent me emails reminding me to do this. Recently I realised I hadn't heard from them for a while. Tried their SIM card. Contacted them when it didn't work.
Apparently they deactivated my SIM. No warning. No contact and they've taken my balance which was about $26.
I wonder how much money they've "made" by stealing people's money.

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An update. They finally (after much time and many emails) gave me another SIM card and eventually put my money back on it. A shame I'm not travelling for a while.

Worst service

I was recommended covermore which I have never used before always use travel direct the catch was a free global sim ! What a joke I was misled it isn't free you have to load it.
After being annoyed about the deception I arrived in Italy with my SIM card and it didn't work. I tried to email the help area and they were offline.
Finally got through and was told by a woman they have problems with Italy coverage. They could have told me from the beginning. Now 4 weeks later trying to get my refund and not once have they called me back after communicating my problem. Stay away from this product and get a sim in the country your going to. The poorest service and rude staff.

Covermore Global Sim

This box is too small to tell you how useless the global sim card is.Without a doubt the most useless, expensive waste of money. The cost of data is excessive, the usability is clumsy, the help desk work on aust time zone. I went to a local telco in italy and bought 10G of data for $19 euro for my iPad. half a gig with coverer was $50 i think.

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Does the Cover.more sim work in Russia? thanks Phillip
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I do not know personally as I have not been lucky enough to get to Russia as yet, but, I checked their website www.covermoreglobalsim.com and yes they do list Russian Federation as one of the countries. Once you are able to log in it will also give you the rates for each country. At the time of writing this it costs 0.20 AUD per minute to call from Russia to Australia. Same price for text and 0.25 AUD to receive calls. As with any sim some countries cost more than others but it is often changing so check before leaving. Even though this may cost more than other brands for me I prefer to know that something works, rather than getting there and having to find something on the spot. On my last trip to America on the tour I was with there were at least 6 people from Australia who got there and they couldn't get their phones to work. I hope that this is of some help to you.

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