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Unit now on eternal loop - a few seconds after it starts up and says Recording has started, it says "recording not functioning properly" and restarts all over, and does the same.... Is it repairable, or dead?
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Note that it worked (almost) perfectly for 2-3 years before this happened

Hi, my dash camera is saying “unable to read memory card” I tried to format it but after I re-inserted the card the error message “not recording properly” appeared.. or something like that and then it reverts back to “cannot read memory card”. How can I fix this?
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I bought a car with Cowon AW1 already installed. I finally got around to looking at the manual & downloaded the app etc I connected to wifi but really not sure how it all works. My issue it stopped recording in loop 3 days after I bought the car which was 4 months ago... I didn’t change or stop or start anything. It announces that recording cap is on... checked the SD card reader on my laptop shows nothing. I’m technically challenged but willing to learn.
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Purple light just stays on not recording
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HI Andrew, my wife's used to get this a lot in Queensland from heat. Try removing the slide cover and taking out the memory card for a minute while the camera cools down. Also if you've got a cheaper memory card it might not be cooperating with the Camera, the most reliable for us have been the Samsung EVO Plus. Lastly, we used to have to format the memory card quite regularly before we got the Samsung card, that might help out.

Why auto capsule app cant connect to camera. Presed button twice. Light stays red
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Hello the unit has stopped working, looks like no power, when we press on the side button nothing is happening, removed plugs (2) then reconnected - still no power any suggestions
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Does anyone know why my aw1 won't connect to WiFi or record in anyway? It just flash's purple every now and again. I have tried replacing the SD card and get the same thing.
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It may be a firmware issue. If you cannot connect via wifi you could try loading latest firmware on to sd card via pc, then reinstalling and rebooting.I have tried that but no change

I have the dual AW2, all working well until both the front and rear units' colour was staying on the solid purple. There doesn't seem to be any information on what solid purple means. I unplugged the front unit and plugged it back in and now there does not seem to have any power at all (with no lights). Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I have the AW2 auto capsule. Having a power issue with the rear camera. Front one is fine. Just updated the firmware as suggested by Cowon but still no power at all to the rear unit. Any ideas please??
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I am also wondering what went wrong after the update the rear camera stopped working and again when you unplug it and plug it back in the power light goes on and then goes offAnything to add on this one, Guys? My system had been working brilliantly, but now rear unit is completely dead. I will look to try resetting unit to an earlier version of firmware this weekend, but don't hold out high hopes. Frustrating.

Anyone else had a problem with the unit draining battery? My 2016 outlander was fitted in may, and I've been stranded 3 times since mid-September, needing nrma to jumpstart me. Dealers in Liverpool not interested, contacted installer and I believe it may be a voltage set issue but will find out this week.
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Had camera rewired to cig lighter Drain on battery was my primary worrys car has push button start and I stop function When purchasing I asked if camera had backup battery was told it had. When reading book found out backup is car battery Lost main feature of camera full time. Recording when rewired but now no chance of flat battery Still excellent camera good vide and stills Had accident very good footageThanks jack, I've not had any more problems since the dvr company came out and replaced unit/correctly set voltage. My battery however is compromised with one cell showing lower capacity.. asked Mitsubishi dealers in Liverpool to replace battery.. no response at all. Don't trust what dealers say when they upsell accessories!

I would also like to know the answer to this as I was not told by the car yard that sold it to me that you could get front & rear?
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I have the AW2 and it has front and rear that work together, both cameras capture images and sound at the same time. I can use the app on the phone to view either front and or rear to check.Simple answer is YES! There are a choice of 2 apps, one for AW1 & another for AW2 camera systems, Also note just because someone has a AW1 system doesn't mean they cant change it to a AW2, all that is required to do this is contact (Auto Xtreame) www.autoxtreame.com.au to purchase the rear camera and the lead to attach / link the second camera as both cameras run off 1 power supply linked by the supplied extra cable also letting you run the GSP plug & play to the rear camera making the forward view less bulky. Auto Xtreame ph. 1800 818 288 have been by far the best to deal with as even now my system is 18months old and I have just had an issue with errors, They were out to me at my house within 2 days carrying a set of replacement camera set (Complete) and found an issue with the linking cable, New cable (extended due to my longer then average vehicle PX Ford Ranger with canopy ) is being made up and will be fitted next week. Auto Xtreame stand by the products they sell and I couldn't have been more happy they were chosen by the company that I purchased my new car from to supply the system. PLEASE NOTE: I STAND CORRECTED ON THIS POST, I HAVE SINCE FOUND A AW1 CAN NOT HAVE THE AW2 (2nd CAMERA ADDED) SORRY FOR MISSLEADING ANYONE.

Can I buy and fit the rear camera and connect too AW-1 front camera?
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I don't think so..... the AW2 front camera has a USB connection that is used to connect the rear camera, the AW1 doesn't appear to have a USB connection on it.Ok thanks for that BrianNot a hope sorry, the front & rear cameras are different in terms of the amount of plug connections from what I have been told, I have AW2's and the front camera has 2 sockets, 1 is for power and the other goes to the 2nd camera that links both. Then the 2nd (rear) gets its power from the 1st and the 2nd port on the rear camera supports as an extra a GPS sender (I wouldn't be without) Hope my experience helps in some way.

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