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Service provision

I continue to be amazed at the great service I receive from Cracker. They remain aware as to what I want. There calls are always courteous informative and without pressure to purchase. When I have ordered the wine is delivered promptly and as per instructions. An easy process.

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Thanks very much for the 5 star review! As the name suggests you're an absolute Saint! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying our service on many levels. Take care and have a great week. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Good choice of wines and quick delivery

Online choice is good, and the Cracka rating can be useful in assessing new wines. Delivery was on the right day, despite the public holidays.

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Thanks for your positive feedback Sheri. It really is most appreciated. Take care and hope to see you back on the website soon. Cheers Dean

Stop Calling!!!

They might be ok on delivery etc, but their post deliver marketing calls, text messages, emails are beyond annoying!! My advice, don't contact them at all. Too annoying. I have at least 5 numbers on my blocked list ALL related to this company! Never again!

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Hi. I'm very sorry to hear that you've been contacted more frequently than you'd like to be. However it's easily fixed. All you needed to do is let our customer service or sales staff know and they would add you to the do not call list. If you let me know what your customer ID is I'll make sure that this is done for you if it hasn't been already. This will prevent you from having to worry about blocking calls etc. Once again, my apologies. Dean Taylor CEO

Fails to deliver

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on my recent experiences with your company, and thanks also for the offered $50 voucher for my next purchase which I think has now or almost expired. I have been travelling in outback Australia and only just returned, hence the delay in responding.

In terms of feedback I have to say that my experience with Cracka has been quite negative. I often buy wine from wineries and from companies like yours and, unfortunately, Cracka is the only one with which I have experienced any problems. Specifically, failure to be able to deliver my orders on the last two occasions requiring refunds to be given. On both of these occasions I was assured that the items were in stock but, after weeks of waiting for delivery, I lost patience and asked for a refund instead of an alternative wine. No other company has failed to deliver orders to my door within a reasonable period.

In the light of this experience I do not see any good reason to continue to place orders with Cracka even considering the kind offer of the gift voucher which I must decline.


Steve Slater

Thanks for your feedback Steve. I am sorry to here about your experience with some of the wines you have purchased being out of stock. As you are probably aware, Cracka has one of the largest ranges of wine in the country with over 5,000 labels to select from, sourced from over 1,000 different wineries. Given these change vintage every year, keeping this information up to date is a massive task. To do this we rely heavily upon our suppliers to keep us abreast of vintage rolls and when wines are sold out. Sadly we often get let down or are misinformed. I expect this is why your orders have been effected. It's a problem that we are aware of and are working on. Over the last week or so, close to 50 of the worst offenders have had their products delisted from our website. I realise that this is probably a bit late to help you, but i do hope that you provide us another chance to show you what the Cracka experience can be like. In that regard, while it probably has expired, I'd be more than happy to honour your voucher. If this is of interest please let me know. Cheers Dean Taylor CEOThanks for that however your reps should not accept payment unless they are sure that the wine is in stock.Fair point. I'll look into how we can manage this too. Currently we mostly only find out it's not available after we place the order.

5 cracker wines have always been excellent

I talked to the lovely Jackie today when I ordered my addition 2 cases of wonderful mystery Barossa Shiraz. I know that when Cracka says it's a 5 Cracka wine that it absolutely is exceptional quality. Mixed with the exceptional price and my birthday gift voucher I am very satisfied.

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Thanks for taking the time to pass on your feedback Bruce. Especially for the 5 star review. I'm also glad to hear that you're enjoying our personal wine advisor service. I'll be sure to pass on the kids works to Jackie and the rest of the team here. Thanks again. Cheers Dean Taylor Founder and CEO

Great selection - Efficient service - Very user-friendly access

The title says it all. Just add to it the extremely competitive prices and you have the picture of a competent enterprise. Keep up the good work!!!

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Thanks for the kind words Antonio! They really are most appreciated, especially together with the 5 star rating. Both I and team here absolutely love those! We appreciate your support. Take care and have a great week. Cheers Dean Taylor Founder and CEO

Value, speedy service and great prices

It was a truly great value dozen of high quality wines and all with the convenience of online shopping, it was delivered to my door really quickly.

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Thanks Le Pelican! It's great to hear that you've been enjoying the Cracka experience to date. I really appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback and in particular the 5 star review. Take care and have a great week. Dean Taylor CEO

Crack a bottle and enjoy.

I spend many hours browsing the variety and choices Cracka have on offer. My only problem is that I have now run out of storage. As delicious as the wines are, I can't drink enough to keep up with the bargains! I love the falling price auctions and hope they continue. I often recommend Cracka to my friends and family. I have a big party coming up next weekend, so maybe there will be some room made available in my wine racks soon after all... :))

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Haha Deb. What a great problem to have. Maybe give the lads at Wine Ark a call - it's a business I started 16 years ago that offers climate controlled wine storage. I'm no longer involved, but they've got sites in most major cities now and still doing a fine job. Otherwise, I'm glad to hear that you've been telling your friends about us. Take care and thanks again. Enjoy your party! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great selection, easy to use, good prices -- what's not to like??

I've bought a lot of wine from Cracka, and I've always been happy with the results. The website is easy to use, the deliveries are prompt, and the prices are fair.

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Thanks for the great feedback Michael! I'm so glad to hear that we've managed to cater for many of your purchases. In a market absolutely dominated by two gorillas (Woolies and Coles) it's great to know independents like us are taking back some ground. Thanks again for your review. Especially the 5 star rating! Take care and have a great week. Cheers Dean Taylor Founder and CEO

Cracka - Great Service, Great Wine

Cracka realise we're all busy so when they ring me, they give me a quick review of the wine they think I might like and are super quick to put the transaction through for me. It takes no time at all and the wine turns up on my doorstep without me having to lift a finger. Great service, great wine!

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Hi Em. Glad to hear that you've been having a great experience to date, particularly that wine recommendations are hitting the mark. All of our wine advisors are really very passionate and love nothing more than knowing that they service is being appreciated so I'll be sure to pass your feedback on. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience and 5 star review! Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great wines, service & price

I find Cracka to be a great way to buy great wines at good prices. The quality is reliable, and for what I consider to be a 'high-end' wine prices are very competitive. Thoroughly recommend!

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Thanks very much for taking the time to provide us feedback Alex. I'm glad to hear that we're exceeding your expectations at many levels - under promising and over delivering. Once again, thanks for your support. We really appreciate the 5 star review. Have a great week. Cheers Dean Taylor Founder and CEO

Fantastic convenience and value

As a long term customer of Cracka, I highly recommend them to my friends and family. The value is always excellent and, as I live outside the metropolitan area, the home delivery element is priceless. You should get amongst it!

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Thanks very much for your feedback Jason! Also for sharing Cracka with your friends. Word of mouth is always the best form of marketing so I'm so grateful that you're prepared to recommend us to your family and friends. Thanks again and have great week. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Appreciate service!

As a VIP member of Cracka I really appreciate the caliber of wine that I can purchase at very competitive prices. I have also found them to provide me with accurate advice regarding my questions.

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Hi Gary. Thank you very much for your feedback and the 5 star rating. It's also great to hear that the wine advisors have been looking after you. They are all very passionate and love sharing the great wines that our buyers fossick out so it's good to hear that their service is appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to post a review. Have a great week. Dean Taylor CEO

Good reliable service from Cracka

I occasionally buy my wine online from Cracka Wines and always get good, prompt service and deliver, all at reasonable prices.

Occasionally, I get a phone call offering a special which are usually fantastically priced so therefore always attractive. I particularly like the GMH Founders Choice Red Blend / Shiraz which they occasionally offer over the phone and my only disappointment is that I cannot order more of it directly online. The wine is excellent and at a very good price. I need to buy more so I eagerly await a call from Cracka again so that I can order more!

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Hi Harry. Thanks very much for making the time to pass on your feedback. I'm also very glad to hear that you're enjoying our wine advisor service. We've got some very talented staff in the team with great palate’s and years of knowledge. I'll be sure to tell them to give you a call! Take care and have a great week. Dean Taylor Founder & CEO

consistently very good

There are lotsa wine offers around with various sites offering unheard off wines at supposed huge discounts. I prefer to use Crack as you know you're getting a good deal..might not be the cheapest in town, but you get what you pay for in the end.

Keep up the good work

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Hi Robe. Thanks very much for passing on your feedback - and also for the 5 star rating. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying our offers. The buying team go to great lengths to find some amazing deals. Take care and have a great week! Dean Taylor CEO

Very good service

I've bought about 6 cases of wine from Cracka and enjoy the reviews they provide and the speed/ ease of delivery. They have great variety, the prices are good and we'll keep using them.

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Thanks Andrew! Appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback, especially the 5 star review. I'm also glad to hear that you enjoy our reviews and recommendations. Have a great week & thanks again! Dean Taylor CEO

Good, but could be better

Since I've been with Cracka Wines, they haven't really missed a beat and have enjoyed the wine they sent through over a few years now. If there was one small area of feed back I could provide, it would be not to have your telemarketers ring so often. I know what I like, and I just don't need the hard sell. We are on the "Do not Call" register because we got feed up with the 6:00pm telemarketing calls. Apart from that I would rate Cracka five stars.

Hi Deano. Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear that you've generally been having a great experience. I'll have chat to the head of our wine advisor team about your comments. Generally you should only be contacted every 4 weeks, so if it's more frequent than that they need to check the settings. Thanks again for taking the time to pass on your thoughts. Cheers Dean CEO ;)Thanks Dean, I also appreciate the gift voucher you sent through. I'm having a quite browse through the selection at present.Haha. From one Dean to another. Enjoy!

Great service and very helpful

I didn't know about Cracka Wines until I was given a vaucher from Harvey Norman. Since than I have been using Cracka Wines and I think they are amazing.

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Hi George. Thanks for the kind words! They really are most appreciated, together with the 5 star rating - we absolutely love those! Have a great week. We hope to see you back at the website soon. Cheers Dean Taylor Founder and CEO

Wrong wine

I ordered a wine and the wrong wine was delivered. When contacted the staff were fantastic sent the correct wine immediately and offered the wrong wine that was delivered at an awesome price fantastic serice

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Hi Daryl. Thanks for your 5 star review. Particularly given there was an issue. As you can imagine moving hundreds thousands of cases of wine around the country is not without its challenges. Your understanding in this regards is really is most appreciated. Take care and hope to see you back on the website soon. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

Great product and service

Great service and some really good deals, wines you would not normally go for or could not afford, the auction is really worth looking at and also the mystery wines can be a great deal have purchased a few and all have been great some exceptional.

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Hi Jeff. Big thanks for the 5 star review. It all helps to inspire the team here who work very hard. Good luck with your future auction bids. Sounds like you've cracked the system. Have a great week. Cheers Dean Taylor CEO

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Questions & Answers

whats your phone number - the specials you text me wont go to check out and I want to buy by tonight!!
No answers

Have cracka wines been writing their own reviews?
3 answers
I don't believe so, at all. The review I wrote had nothing to do with anyone else but me. It was a true reflection of the way I felt about the Company, the People and the ProductsAbsolutely not. As you can see, many of the reviews are for purchases that the team at Product Review have Verified.However the CEO sent an email to purchasers asking people to push out favourable reviews. I was one and wrote an honest 3 star review. Good wines to be had but watch out for the sales 'tricks' so you cannot be sure all wines were tasted or that there was no arrangement with the winery on the RR. Double check before purchase is my advice.

Hi all. I got a Cracker wines gift voucher as a promo. From Harvey Norman three months ago and I have still not received a thing. Is anyone in the same boat? as I am battling with Cracka and Harvey Norman over this, and I am getting no where. Regards, john
6 answers
You are certainly not the only one Johnny, I have sent dozens of emails and even called Cracka, still nothing. Only to be told that our wine will be sent out in the next week or so. I suppose we were fortunate enough to get an incorrect delivery but it was of red wine that we don't drink. Shocking customer service but now I've read the forums online about Cracka looks like we're not the only very unhappy customers. Good luck ;-)Yes, me too. I've been waiting for >100 days and still nothing. When they can be bothered replying to my emails they promise that they will dispatch the wine in a few days. Then... Nothing. I had Harvey Norman contact them on my behalf and Cracka lied to then too. They informed Harvey Norman that the wines had been dispatched. When contacted the following day by Harvey Norman to get the consignment number they said they hadn't dispatched it and couldn't say when they would. I strongly encourage you to register a complaint with consumer affairs. I am .My promo order went in on July 5th they sent red instead of white and promised to correct this.It is nearly 4mths since my first order and despite regularly ringing and e-mailing no luck.Would never deal with them again.

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