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Misleadingly advertised product on their website, no refund, now they blame the manufacturer!

It seemed alright to order with Craft Online, price, promised items, brands...
It turns out they overcharged for cheap products made in China, trick you into ordering for $50+ dollars so you save on the $10 shipping fee (it cost me only $3 to send the crap back, including new packaging).
The so called Lead Lines i ordered were made of plastic not lead. Not happy but still wanted to finish my project, spend 2 hours on it, a day later they came off. I explained my situation to their support but they are just trying to make things complicated, so in the end I paid AUD for chinese crap, lost a few hours with the project and communicating with them, I even had to pay for sending the item back, now they decided ...yeah nah, its not our fault, it is their manufacturars misleading description or and for an extra $10 they would post the item back to me, IT IS NOT EVEN WORTH THE $10. Stay away and go to Spotlight or any proper company that's all I can suggest.

Let customers know whats going on dont leave them in the dark wondering

Firstly before you order midweek id advise you to wait until the saturday savers. I ordered midweek during one of their flash sales this week only to find out that on saturday savers the die i paid $20 and on saturday savers it was $10 its happened before and i complained to no avail and no acknoweledgement they dont care. But when my sizzix big shot plus stopped working shortly after i bought it they replied and i was able to send it back but didnt let me know what was going on and then i got mypost saying i had a delivery from craftonline course i didnt know whether it was fixed or still broken but luckily it was fixed or a new machine. Craftonline let people know whats going on dont leave them in the dark thats not good customer service

What's happened to the wonderful service at Craftonline!

I have been a loyal customer of this company for many years and over this time have spent many hundreds of dollars with them, both personally calling in and by mail. However I received my order a few days ago and it did not represent the picture on the advertisement and was not what I thought it would look like. I kept the packaging intact and would have liked an exchange but was told that because I had opened and tried the product it could not be replaced as "faulty". I said in an email to them that how can anyone check if a product works if they don't try it out!!! They couldn't have cared less.. They said that I was at fault for not reading the advertisement properly even though the product was, and looked, far and apart from the way it was advertised on their site. This I pointed out to them, with no reply from them. I do believe that the law in matters of this kind says that if a product is not properly represented when advertised and dissatisfaction on behalf of the customer ensues, then the customer should be entitled to a replacement, exchange, or their money back. None of these options have been offered to me. I have written to their manager saying I think he should look into the way I have been treated, and also to make sure that when they advertise their products they should be received by the customer exactly as they look on their internet site. This one did not. It showed "holes" in the pattern in the advertisement, which is just what attracted me to the edge punch, instead of which they called it "embossing" which hardly showed when tried out on a piece of paper. I will wait and see what the Manager is going to do about my complaint before I put it to the Fair Trading Commission in Queensland. Meanwhile, I can guarantee that Craftonline have now lost a truly valued customer from this time onwards and it is such a shame that their wonderful past service has now become so compromised. From many other reviews on this site it looks as if I am not alone in expressing this kind of complaint, especially as they make the customer pay the return postage which can sometimes be more than the product itself. Management should take a hard and fast look at the way they deal with their customers as this kind of treatment is truly not acceptable.

Terrible customer service

I wish I had read the reviews before ordering... I ordered a Silhouette Cameo along with a cover and accessories. I didn't know that there were different sizes in the cover for the Cameo, and unfortunately I found the image of the item misleading and inadvertently bought one which doesn't fit. I would have hoped that the person who put my order together could have picked this up? I contacted Craft Online, seeking an exchange, and was told that since I have opened the cover, it can't be resold and they won't take it back. I asked them to reconsider, given the package is still in perfect condition. They then asked me to send photos, which I did. I had to contact them for a reply and was advised I'd have to pay a 20% reshelving fee, along with the cost of the free shipping being deducted from the 'return'. I also needed to pay postage to send the product back to them, which would result in it costing me money to make a simple exchange, and I was made to feel like they're doing me a favour. I've been very disappointed with the unflinching attitude of Craft Online, and their 'Customer Policy' is clearly stacked against customers. This has been a terrible customer experience and I will happily take my money to a hard working business which values their customers and treats them with accordingly

Disappointing customer service

I had been a happy customer (over many years) until this order. I was sent the wrong die, only to be told they would send me the product I had ordered when the wrong product was returned. The order had taken 9 days from order to delivery (Perth) and now I face another 10 + days?

Very Impressed with item

Recieved my Sizzix Big Shot today and could not be happier,so easy to use, very clear instruction. The service from the start was exceptional not to mention the fast postage & always kept me up to date with the progress of shipping. I will be definately be buying from Craft On Line in the near future, there customer service is A1. Perfection all the way with Craft On Line.Thank you so much.

One Very Happy Customer

I can't believe how quickly my order arrived! I ordered on Sunday and received it on the Wednesday!...and I live in NZ! My Alcohol Inks arrived in perfect condition and exactly what I ordered. Highly recommend :)

No complaints.

I have purchased several times from Craftonline and I can't believe all the negative comments.
I have found the service to be efficient and any queries I had were dealt with promptly and politely... and I have always been very satisfied with the goods.

Very poor customer service

Very poor communication from the support staff, and it's the customer who has to chase up the order. Service has definitely gone down hill in the past year. They say a customer that has a bad experience tells six people, I've got three more reviews to write. Save your time and sanity and buy elsewhere.

Fast Postage and Processing

Processing time was fast, customer services response time was fast when I made an enquiry about upgrading my postage and the product quality was great order was well packed. Store variety is good too.

No care for long term customers

I have been a loyal customer since may 2017, I know that may not sound like long term, but dealing with this company, I think longer than a month should be considered long term lol

First order they stuffed up, I needed 5x white vinyl sheets, I recieved 5x transparent vinyl sheets, these have no use for me, so they gave me a refund when what I wanted was my original order, so now I have to pay $20 postage to get my $10 worth of vinyl, or I need to buy $50 worth to get the free postage, so I'm still out of pocket for their mistake.

After this one, every time I ordered, they called me because my items were out of stock. Why is it in stock on the website?

So last week was the last straw. I needed my vinyl urgently for a client and they called me THREE days after postage to tell me my order wasn't in stock, and all they could offer me to replace it was some more expensive vinyl where I recieve less of it as well. Double the price for half the order, I said I have to take it but I'll have to order less quantity, since I still need the other brand, can they just post it to me when it comes in stock? No they can't because I need to order 50 dollars worth of 20 dollars postage, for their mistake again. Can't even look after me just once after stuffing up my orders constantly. I've had two negative feedbacks in my time of business and they were both because craft online kept f*cking me over.

End rant.

Lack of customer service

I ordered from craft online on 11 December, I use copic ink and they’re pricing was the best if found in AU so far plus their website said next day postage unless and item was out of stock you’d be notified.

- order placed 11 December
I followed them up on the 13 December as my order was still showing as unfullfilled, the response I got back was that if had been fulfilled as one of the colours I had was out of stock. They asked if I wasn’t to wait for the delivery the following week or if I wanted that colour refunded and the rest sent. I responded that same day with please refund and send the rest
- order sent 18 December
It wasn’t until late Monday afternoon on 18 December that I got an email back from customer service saying they would refund the colour that was out and orgNisd the rest to be sent. My order was with Australia post on the 19 December which I’m still waiting to be delivered - they estimate the delivery on 29 December.

There is no where on their website to provide feedback, I certainly understand that items can be out of stock which isn’t an issue, however when you indicte on your website that if an item is out of stock you’ll advise and you don’t i see that as poor customer service. Not only that it took me contacting them about my order to get clarification and after I provided clarification then another 3 working days had passed before they did anything with my order. Theybonly thing Craft online do fast is debut your money. While their prices are good their lack of customer service and communication is what let’s this online business down. I can honestly say that in future I’ll be more inclined to go instore and pay $14.50 per copic ink refill than order through Craft online for $10.90.


I ordered a variety of items from Craft online. My order was promptly delivered in 3 days, using tracking and delivery from Australia Post. All items were exactly as expected and well packed to avoid damage. I highly recommend craft online and will order from them again.

Rude & arrogant after sales service.

On receiving my order from Craftonline, there was one item out of stock. The invoice stated I would be given a refund for that one "Out of stock" item. After some time checking my Paypal account, I noticed the refund had not gone through. I contacted Craftonline through Paypal and asked politely if they could refund the money back from the "Out of stock" item.
The first response from Craftonline was very abrupt saying I should have gone through them directly & not Paypal. They then went on saying that I was trying to get all the money back from the order. They continued on with their response saying everyone makes mistakes and then commented on that I should have contacted them direct and not Paypal. They said that they could not give the refund while the Paypal case was still opened and I had to close the case to get my refund back. "Once a case is closed, it can never be re-opened".
I responded back to Craftonline to please refund the money back to my Paypal account. I then received another rude response with Craftonline carrying on about the same issues as the previous response.
I then contacted Paypal by phone and they handled the situation promptly and I received the refund within the hour. Craftonline sent a message through to Paypal stating that I was rude. I have purchased several orders from Craftonline but I will never deal with them again. Thank you Paypal for your support on this bad experience.

We R Laser memory.

Bought We R Memory laser, Dint even lasted a month Spending $115.

Costumer service taking months to be tested whats happening with it.

Very bad experience.
I would not recommend anybody to buy from craftonline.

Prompt efficient service

I order a few times a year from these guys and have never had any issues - prompt, efficient service. I have phoned a couple of times to ask questions and staff have been very friendly and professional. Always get the correct items, and quite quickly too. I love the free postage if you spend over $50 - a real bonus as I live in a regional area and have to mail order most of my craft supplies.

Silhouette Portrait Machine

Recently bought a Silhouette Portrait machine from CraftOnline with absolutely no issues at all. Initially I was worried due to previous reviews, however my item was delivered quickly and was in perfect condition.
Will buy from this store again.

Wrong item sent, never received the correct one

We were sent the wrong item, twice. The first time I returned the item, and they set another incorrect item. The second time I returned the item they claimed they never received it and I never ended up receiving what I ordered.

Appalling customer service

Wanted an extra item added to my order, sent an email before opening of business next morning requesting it be added. They didnt check emails, posted the order and would not make any concession on postage for second item and said that I had to pay $9.95 shipping for a $6 mini stamp which would fit in an envelope with a $1 stamp. Told me they don't bother checking emails.Even worse E---- in customer service hung up on the phone call. I have been stamping for 30 years and never had such appalling and rude treatment.

Dont expect any return for customer loyalty

I recently purchased goods from this firm - and was a regular customer. After a week of continuing to see that i supposedly had not paid for the goods (i always paid the same day), i was told i would need to provide a receipt - which i did. I then received a message they had received payment and would now send goods. Really? Surely some small token of apology is not too much to ask, given my past purchases. Will not be buying from any more!! And ps shop around - they are far from being the cheapest.

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Hello I received my scrapbook folder on the 22/02/2019 which was damaged when I carefully peeled off the sticker label. I have contacted Craft Online the next day and now have sent six different emails with pics of the damaged product to the two email addresses as instructed and have not received a reply , the last email reply was one requesting that I send in some pics of the damage which I have done repeatedly. Is there someone checking the emails or is this the normal time frame for complaints to be addressed and how do I get my replacement or refund? I live in Sydney and cannot drive to your show room. Thanks
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