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Crane Sports (Aldi) XR200 Mountain

Crane Sports (Aldi) XR200 Mountain

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Cran Bike

I bought one a Cran bike 5 years ago and the first time I used it the peddle fell off the 2nd time it was the crank and the breaks failed going down a hill.
I only researched this page because someone had a 2nd hand one for sale with helmet ridden once for $99 and I asked what brand it was and didn't recognise the name. Definitely won't be buying it or any other Aldi bike even though they have lots of quality products and I shop there all the time as the first one i bought had safety issues.

Purchased in March 2014 for $99.00.

This thing will kill me

Brakes are horrible, either too loose or catch on the tyre. Handlebar easily slides out of alignment. The front wheel bashes your foot whenever you turn. I CANNOT tune gears to get onto the highest, the chain jams up before it can shift. I needed a cheap option to get to work and because I live on a hill I will probably be found dead by the side of the road.

Purchased in March 2019 at ALDI for $89.99.

fairly good

I bought a Crane bike from ALDI in March 2019 for a good promotion price. It was semi-assembled and packed in a box. It took me ~half an hour to assemble it, and then rode it home. Only then did I pay some attention to the relevant reviews on line. I found the comments were more negative than positive. The following is mine after using it for a month, for the common issues raised.
Seat: yes, it is a narrow and hard one. But most other bikes including the much more expensive one I bought from Rebel had similarly hard seats. With a weak front fork suspension, it can be a problem on bumpy roads. But it is not a big deal. If you like, you may change one, as I did, or put a cushion or gel seat on the top. You could also make the front tube less full, so that it feels less bumpy.
Handel bar loosening: yes, I found it does not grip very well initially. But after tightening the screw hard, the problem is gone for good.
The above two are the “problems” I found. But for a brand new bike with such a low price and yet one year warranty, I still rate it a good bike---for such a price, you can hardly get a reliable second-hand bike. Furthermore, this new bike has an excellent 21-gears Shimano derailleur. Of course, you perhaps need to adjust it a bit to make it perfect, as I did. Also for the breaks. But they are easy to do if you know how. For tyres/tubes, no problem for my bike at all, no leaking whatsoever.
Overall, I am happy for such a bike, with such a good price and performance so far. Honestly, I do not think it is fair to expect an immaculate bike for such an economic price, or compare it with a high brand bike which easily costs you several thousand dollars---a kind of comparing orange with apple.

Purchased in March 2019 for $90.00.

Spent more on repairs

I bought the duel suspension cape for $125 for street crusing for a 50 year old woman. First thing to go were the gear shifters. Replaced with new set of leaver shifters $40. + $10 for new grips. Seat was too hard bought new gel seat $30. Replaced rear suspension spring with an air shock $120. Replaced rusting Handel bars with aluminium. Rear derailier jammed and snapped going down a steep hill. Replaced with a better quality one from a spare bike. Spokes rust quickly but the wheels are quick to stop rolling and need replacing. The mechanical disk brakes are too slow to stop the bike to avoid danger. Yep replaced with hydronic brakes $80. Front forks seem to be wearing through the tubes and will need to be replaced too soon. The frame is ok but the suspension arm lacks a bearing

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Needs a lot of work to make it roadworthy

Handlebars misalign easily. Added a nut to the end of the thread which fixed this issue, as the thread on the bolt wears out quickly. Brakes needed some work. Chain tends to come off mid gear change. Will need to look at tightening it. Make sure you also tighten the pedals!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

If you pay too little, then what you get may not be capable of the job

At Aldi, we bought two Crane mountain bikes in March 2015. One month after the expiry of the 12 month warranty (April 2016) they are both off to the recycling centre.
On unpacking we found the factory assembly so poor that we had both reassembled by a professional cycle workshop, at additional cost. Twice more over 12 months, both have been back to the workshop.
Spend a little more, and what you get will be more capable of the job.

You get what you pay for = so far we think they're value for money

We only bought our bikes this week. Everything that was supposed to be in the box was there, it all worked and nothing way broken, both bikes assembled quickly and with no problems. The bikes look okay and performed just fine. We've taken them out for two reasonably long rides (12-15km ea). Yes they creak and rattle a little bit and I have some issues which my gear cranks which my husband says he can adjust and fix easily. The only real issue was the tyres. We pumped them full yesterday and they were both going down today so we may need to replace those but what do you expect for $125 bike. I can't get reasonable multi speed mountain bikes anywhere else for that price and if I have to buy a couple of tyres then so be it! They both have a 12 month warranty so if something goes terribly wrong I'll take them back for a refund. I'll update if needed once we've had them and ridden them for a while.

Not safe

In October I purchased a "Premium Mountain Bike" from Aldi. I didn't have much of a chance to use it, but a couple of test rides seemed fair, although the front wheel disc brake was a poorly aligned with the wheel, and the handle-bar brake mechanism has a tendency to come lose, as does the head stem, both of which are incredibly dangerous.

The first serious (i.e., >5km) ride in mid-November however was a disaster. The rear tire went flat early in the journey and, due to the location where I live, I had to push the burden for some two hours to work. This was not a normal flat tire; the entire valve mechanism had failed and it simply doesn't hold air.

To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed with the entire product. It's cumbersome, it creaks, rattles, and is generally of unexpected poor quality.

I am used to Aldi providing good products at a low cots. I am somewhat of a loyalist in this regard, whether its groceries or electrical goods, or their more unexpected products (plasma ball?! Sure, Aldi, just what I need!).

This one however is a complete dud.

Really dangerous

Bought a Crane hybrid bike today and right out of the box half of the features weren't working. The front brake was completely broken, the kick stand wouldn't go up, and the handle bars would not tighten and connect to the bike. Most of these problems i overlooked, however, the handle bars were incredibly dangerous. Every time i turned the bike or stopped the handle bars would come completely separate from the main body. I seriously doubt that this bike has met any safe standards in Australia at all .
Please do not buy
Save your money and buy a safer bike.

Junk bike

crane xr200.cost $129 from aldi.well the worst ever bike in bike history.the tires are cheap rubber,and the cassette are old stone age technology and are tacky Chinese junk,the seat is like a rock,the suspension is junk and only for show,the frame is bad,the whole bike was a disaster from day 1.first tires,then the cassette,then the seat came loose,the spokes were junk,the wheel was uneven,the gears were out of shape and clunky,do not ever buy this bike,the price speaks for its self,you pay peanuts you get monkeys,avoid this bike at all cost.

Wanted to get fitter

I bought a "Crane" push bike a while ago and have had to replace the right peddle as the thread on the peddle stripped. Yesterday the same right side peddle fell off as the new peddle also stripped... Not happy.
I had to walk pushing the bike 4ks.

Waste of money

This bike is the biggest piece of rubbish! It weighs about the same as a small tank. The dual suspension is also terrible..better off with no suspension!

The size of the bike is also bad.. If you're taller than 10 year old this bike is too small for you.

I should have known when I saw the warning message on the bike "not built for off road use"... What else do I use a dual suspension bike for?

Poor quality

Very poor, after only a few weeks the front forks feel like they are going to collapse, rock hard seat, paper thin tyre's over 10 punctures in one week, wheel bearings & crank bearings had to be greased as they had no grease as the bike would could not roll freely. no where to put a drink holder
Price was only good thing about bike $129
Poor quality, badly put together, cheep materials, very over rated item from items

Terrible build quality

Bought this bike two days ago, assembled it correctly and tightened all bolts (including pre assembled pieces) as much as possible. On the road the next day and left crank arm fell off completely - could have been a disaster if the traffic was heavy. Handlebar also came loose on first test ride... Shoulda followed my gut feeling on this one and gone with something trusted. Save yourself the time, don't buy this bike. The build quality is not only bad but it's also dangerous.

Terrible Build Qulity

nice looking, but cheap parts and poor build

Got it from Aldi Nov 2013 - very pleased about that as they were going fast. Put it together (front wheel, handlebars, pedals) all OK. Went to pedal it and the rear cassette just spun around. Turns out the sprocket on the back was broken before it left the factory. It's one of those old fashioned Freewheel cassettes requiring a special wrench to remove it (why couldn't they have attached something a little more up to date?). Once the Freewheel has broken it's a no-go as its a sealed unit.
Phoned the freefone number and they have promised an entire replacement rear wheel.
Might come back here to comment further, but so far have been unable to ride the bike!
Dual suspension, gear shifters, generally OK to look at
Poor quality parts, unrideable (initially), nowhere to mount drink bottle or pump


Great bike loads of fun dont know what the fuss is about it really does the job well. Aldi has done a good job. Only had it for 6 months but as mentioned does the job well. Good for off roading holds up well no problems so far so good guys... Would recommend it

Waste of money

The bike pedal fell off and the thread is bear. Aldi will not take responsibilty and the bike is still under warrenty. I ve been told by both the store and their head office to contact the manufacturer which is againist the Australian Comsumer Law. I have a very unhappy child that has not been able to used his xmas present. would not give it the store or bike ant stars.

Very happy Crane Sports Bike from Aldi

Dont know what everyone is goingo on about. Ive had my Crane Mtn Bike form Adi for over 5 years and very happy. For the price its a good bike if you look after it. I'd still be very happy with it for another few years but some low-life stole it out of our carport.
good for the price. gears on the grips excellent idea.
seat a bit uncomfortable

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I have had my Aldi Crane bike now for nearly a year and I have found it to be perfectly suitable for riding around town and I regularly ride it up some very steep hills. I really like it, if you are looking for a bike just to kick around on its great. If you are looking for a perfomance bike to ride on really long road trips go and spend $$$

big problems

First the bike does not have a quick release on the rear wheel (lies) and it has been assembled wrong on the rear hub, so that the rear brake will jam and cause an accident! Typical chinese rubbish! you will have to reassemble the rear hub correctly by moving the spacer on the left side from the inside of the frame to the outside next to the nut.
haven found anything yet

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It's amazing what get's through. Nothing to do with this bike, but i got my son a licenced Thomas the tank Engine bike which has the thread on both pedals back to front, so the pedals unscrewed and fell off as he was riding.


Pretty good, the option was to spend much more on dodgy second hand eBay bike, so generally happy with purchase. Not going to find a new full suspension MTB anywhere else at this price!
Very well priced entry level dual suspension bike ($200). I have replaced seat with a good Selle Italia, better aluminium pedals, and a much better quality headstem (original headstem totally inadequate). Shifters and low end quality deraillier all OK. Light frame, dual disc brakes work OK, needed to tighten brake cables after 3 hours use. Just hose down after a muddy ride and do it all again tomorrow!
Poor quality cranks, inadequate seat, rubbish headstem. Front shocks leaking oil after 3 hours of use. Frame squeaks, frame welds very messy.

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone know the office address for Crane Sports as I need one wheel for a netball ring and Aldo have only suggested to try online - Good Luck with that! Anyway if anyone can give me either the contact address or phone number I would appreciate it. Thanks. Phillip.
1 answer
Sorry Phillip - no idea! Good luck.

Is this from Aldi?
1 answer
Yes it was

Is the bjke frame made of alloy steel or aluminium? What is the weight of the bike?
3 answers
Dear Jim, l would guess without having a scale to put the bike on that it's about 10kg and the frame is alloy not steel.I can tell you now that this bike would be well over 10kgs. A full carbon mountain bike with mid-spec components will put you around the 10kg mark. This bike would nearly easily be double that figure. just my 2c but if you are going to buy a cheap no name bike like this I would stay away from a dual suspension as the parts will be very cheap and nasty.Thanks. In the end I opted for a Mongoose 350 (extra large) because I am 189 cm tall. I am thankful that I did. It is a pleasure to ride . Jim

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