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When a account comes up under the enquires what does that mean? How do you know what the loan amount is for and wherw it came from?
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Why do you send me unwanted emails. I have no interest in your service
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Hi there as I’m confused about my credit simple account, there’s 88 offers showing on my account but when I applied for personal loan it got diclined my score is 774 can u please explain it to me?
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Hi Mehdi, unfortunately we can't answer questions about your personal information in a public place for privacy reasons, but you can email support-au@creditsimple.com.au for help with this. Credit providers can decline a credit application for many reasons and we don't necessarily have visibility of that or why they declined it. Hope this helps!

Hi, If someone were to apply for an offer on your site based on your credit score for example a personal loan and it got declined would it affect the credit rating?
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Yup it's gonna decrease your score whether the loan is approved or notHi Jeff, Ankur is not quite right here - if you get approved that won't decrease your score. If you make a lot of applications within a short period of time, it can affect your score. If you get declined, your score will probably go down. Hope that helps.

I got a loan in March 2018, today, July 2018 I got an email advising that there was a new enquiry on my file. When I click the link it only shows inquiries from 4+ years ago. I'm concerned someone is trying to obtain credit in my. Name. Is it possible the loan I got in March is only just being notified to credit simple now?
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Hi there, we can't answer questions about your personal information in a public forum, but you can email support-au@creditsimple.com.au for help with your specific case. In general, it's probably simply that the information is new to Credit Simple and has just been loaded to your credit information with us. If the enquiry stacks up with your memory of your credit history, it should be fine. If it seems suspicious or wrong, it probably is. If you suspect it's fraudulent, you can get your credit file frozen to prevent further activity (if this is the case just email us). Hope this helps!

Hi. My D&B credit score deteriorated to the mid 500’s last year after several Credit Enquiries. With the inclusion of positive repayment data when would I start to see an improvement to my score? Thanks John
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Hi John, as soon as any data gets loaded on to your file or changed on your file, that would change it immediately (same day the data is loaded). At the moment only NAB is contributing positive repayment data (and only three months' worth of consumer credit not including mortgages) but we're hoping this will encourage other banks to follow suit. Hope this helps! (Also mid 500s is average - not bad!) If you'd like any help with your personal info just email support-au@creditsimple.com.au.

I don't recall putting any information in, don't actually remember signing up to you, but I got a credit rating of 880 while everything on the list had an 0 and no information. How could you possibly have worked out what my credit rating is?
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Hi Isabella, congrats on your score! 880 is fantastic. We can't give out information on your personal info publicly for security and privacy reasons but feel free to email support-au@creditsimple.com.au with your query.

So since all of us here had the same experience with taking our identity and no credit score do we get a written guarantee that the information won't be sold or go any further ? . I would be very surprised to have a response or one that satisfies me. I only did it as I also seen it on the today show and thought it would be safe .
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Hi there, sorry you've had a bad experience. You can read our responses above to the concerns. In particular, we recommend reading: The FAQs on our site: https://www.creditsimple.com.au/content/learn The page about registering manually: https://www.creditsimple.com.au/content/register-manually/ Your rights and privacy with credit reporting: https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/privacy-fact-sheets/credit-reporting/ And our blog also answers a lot of FAQs: https://www.creditsimple.com.au/content/blog/ Anyone with further questions or specific enquiries about their own personal information can get help via support-au@creditsimple.com.au. Hope this helps! The team at Credit Simple

how does someone else information get on my credit report?
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Hi Widge, this isn't common but sometimes it can happen. It's a simple case of either human error or computer error. Whenever we find something like this, we like to make sure it gets corrected. You can query the item within your Credit Simple dashboard, or email us via support-au@creditsimple.com.au and we'll help get it sorted. Hope this helps!

I don't have a drivers licence. Can I get a credit score without it?
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Hi Rory, You sure can. I used my passport as I don't have a drivers licence.Hi Rory, yes you can! There's more info on our site here: https://www.creditsimple.com.au/content/learn And if you still get stuck you can verify manually, more info here: https://www.creditsimple.com.au/content/register-manually/ Or email us via support-au@creditsimple.com.au. Hope this helps!

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