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Happy as a CLAM

I think it's hilarious that people are so angry at Credit Simple here, you'll see them reviews in the 2nd page or at the bottom of the first. I see there's a real lack of understanding about credit scores and how your credit history works, especially LOL at the people who want to have their credit history deleted - dude, you ticked the box! I've known about credit scores for a long time so I think it's a bit silly. Putting my two cents worth in because I think Credit Simple does a great job, and obviously has to deal with a lot of people who just don't have a clue. Educate yourself first before writing a review, at least you'll correct yourself before putting any of these credit bereau agencies down. It's a simple 101 truth.

Excellent service, one of the best

As part of a uni research project I've been looking at the credit reporting arena, so I tested Credit Simple along with other credit score companies, and got my credit file from each of the credit reporting bureaus. I would have to say Credit Simple is one of the best, if not the best, in particular due to the transparency on their website and their responsiveness on social media when asking questions. Thanks. Highly recommended!

Good spend tracker

I found Credit Simple after searching for online spend trackers and I found their one called Money Simple. It's free like many spend trackers and it's pretty useful. I also checked my credit score and it's a 'decent effort' so I will be looking for ways to get it up as I am soon to be applying for a mortgage and this will be my first. I am happy with Credit Simple and will keep using the spend tracker, along with several other budgeting tools that I have found online.

My default my Bad

I found out I had a default because I hadn't paid my credit card bill, didn't think it mattered but a mate said it ends up on your credit history. Well i didn't believe it so, but had google it and found out about credit scores so checked mine as well through this site. Free though, so I can't argue really. My default was listed on there and it was stupid of me to let that happen, yep that's the power of neglect,so In I've paid it up and now I pit my payments on auto for the minimum so this won't happen again. I appreciate this service and have crossed one thing off my list. Thanks

Information was accurate

Been a skeptic when it comes to credit reporting in general because I've heard stories about mistakes on people's files. Checked my score with Credit simple and looked through my credit file and everything was accurate. Was surprised to see something on my credit file that was four years old, queried this and they said things drop off after about five years. Understandable. Also used the spend tracker in the site, needs to be an app for mobile but given its free its good for what it is. Will come back to site soon. A well structured platform I must add. Thanks!

Lots of fun LOL

I got a great credit score with Credit Simple (800+) and thought it was super easy and really fun to use. I like seeing the comparisons - like age, male/female, astrology. I suppose their trying to make credit scores fun rather than being boring, ha ha ha. I read some stuff on their blog and it's pretty good to. I'm feeling motivated in the new year to fix up my finances and get rid of debt, I've been a bit lazy about my money and I needed a kick up the bum. Good that its a free service too because people shouldn't have to pay to see information that belongs to them in the first place.

I never knew this existed

My sister told me about credit scores and I thought it was fake until I looked up the companies. I got my score from each of the companies and they are all pretty similar, I am writing a review for credit simple because I thought it was the best. After you get your score you see offers, and I got a good deal with credit card. It was easy I must say and I had been thinking about one for a while. The site is easy to navigate and understand, and everything about your score is well explained.

They start to manipulate the scores once you create an account with them

I have had accounts with equifax and credit savvy for a while now, was curious about credit simple and created an account last month. The scores were about the same on all 3 sites, but credit simple was spamming me with offers n crap.
couple of days ago i got a notification from credit simple, only to see score was dropped by 150 while equifax and credit savvy has the same scores. For no reason? did i make a mistake of creating an account with them? are they trying to scare you and cash in on it?

"Credit Complex"

Poor systems full of "internal errors" and slow service to correct

In short:
1. Two false loan contract account enquiries with a lender I've never been associated with
2. System says the enquiries have been investigated and found to be valid, but I'm told by Credit Simple that is not the case and that one investigation is still in progress
3. Errors take ~6 months to investigate
4. If you contact them, you get the run around e.g. call Illion, call the lender and when you call all of them, they say to call Credit Simple
5. My score has still not been fully restored to where it was despite one enquiry being found to be incorrect and being removed from my account
6. No real sense of urgency to investigate despite the fact that (a) this is my credit score and is important for my financial wellbeing and (b) if it is not an error it could potentially indicate fraud, in which case, I would need to take legal action ASAP.

Long story:
I've had a false loan contract account enquiry on my Credit Simple report that resulted in my score dropping dramatically. I disputed it around 6 months ago. Concerned, I called the lender directly and asked if they had any record of me on file, they didn't. I then contacted Credit Simple but they said it was still under investigation and that it needs to go through the process.
Since then, a second, more recent, account enquiry for the same lender has appeared. I have clicked the "investigate" button to launch another investigation on this enquiry.
Fed up with waiting and not being prepared to wait 6 months, I called Illion and told them the issue with the two loan enquiries. They said I should call the lender and Credit Simple. I said I've already done both and am still waiting on the first issue to be resolved. They then spoke with Credit Simple and said it should be resolved soon. Soon after, I received an email saying it was an error and has been removed. My score has now gone back up slightly. I asked about the second one because when I look at the record, it says it has been investigated and found to be valid. They said this is an internal error and it's actually still under investigation. I don't understand why it takes 6 months to investigate whether a record is valid or not. I literally got an answer from the lender within minutes of calling them. My score is still not where it was originally and yet I've done nothing wrong. Poor systems full of errors and poor, slow service.

In theory, if they sorted their systems and service out, it would be a useful service. I guess you get what you pay for; you pay nothing, you get nothing.

What a load of rubbish

Bombarded by emails from Credit Simple trying to flog me offers and have queried items on file such as a loan application that wasn't even made with no response from this company. The data is very questionable and simply an excuse to email constant loan offers.

Surprisingly easy to follow

Saw the tv ad and looked up the website to get my credit score. Very straightforward process. Easy to understand. The blogs and FAQs on the website are helpful, I read a couple and now have a better grip on why my score is that number.

Fixed my file, score went up

Got my score and had a mistake on my file but lodged a query and got it fixed straight away. Turns out my old bank hadn't updated a payment. Saw my credit score go up and I'm relieved to have found this out and also fixed it so quickly.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Was a bit a worried at firstabout checking my score because i thought it would lower your credit score each time you check it but that's simoly not true! As some people here think on the some of the comments I read. Any ways I can check it as many times as I want and it doesn't affect my credit....... Obviously I've been checking my score tha last few months.... Happy with credit simple, top work. Definitely would recommend them.

Brand name

Are they all original as Adidas material on some items feels so different . Overall this is a great site to order from.

Credit Simple Excellent way to watch your credit score

Good clean easy to use website, check your credit score monthly, credit reports and get credit report notifications,
And get available offers for you based on your credit score.

Credit simply go away

Since i looked at my ratings I've been bombarded with these bottom feeders,
They just use any excuse to get your email address, if they are so desperate every week another email, go away please.

Maybe scomio the p.m and co use these companies as the "shop around"clasic response to a debt problem. Just like shop around for a better power deal.Nearly without exeption every 5 star reveiwer has no reveiw record??funny that

Just plain Wrong

Only way to "close account" once signing up is to "write them an email" ? My credit keeps dropping but have done nothing wrong is nonsense.

Scam company

Don't make contact with them in any form. It will only be to your detriment. They will bombard you with useless emails to make money for themselves. I've requested they stop this on numerous occasions and their reply is that they cannot as they can't find my email address in their system even though it is the address they are sending emails too. Clearly the positive reviews here are written by their staff and affiliates.

Helpful and do what they say they do. Happy with this service

I saw an ad for credit simple to get your credit score so I signed up and did the process. My credit score was 756 out of 1000 and I was angry because I pay all my bills on time every time and I think I’m good with credit. I emailed Credit Simple and it turns out 756 is actually a great score. They sent me some blogs explaining scores and what makes them go up or down, so there’s heaps of stuff to read and get info from. Also it’s good that they are transparent about how they make money and always encouraging people to be better with money and budgeting rather than just taking out more credit, like I think it’s quite socially responsible from that aspect. Thanks.

No Star

Absolutely horrendous, will not remove me from their data base, even after numerous requests to do so. Would never recommend even making an enquiry with them. You will continue receiving email after email after email.

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Questions & Answers

When a account comes up under the enquires what does that mean? How do you know what the loan amount is for and wherw it came from?
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Why do you send me unwanted emails. I have no interest in your service
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Hi there as I’m confused about my credit simple account, there’s 88 offers showing on my account but when I applied for personal loan it got diclined my score is 774 can u please explain it to me?
1 answer
Hi Mehdi, unfortunately we can't answer questions about your personal information in a public place for privacy reasons, but you can email support-au@creditsimple.com.au for help with this. Credit providers can decline a credit application for many reasons and we don't necessarily have visibility of that or why they declined it. Hope this helps!

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