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Cruiser Mixed Berry Sugar Free

Cruiser Mixed Berry Sugar Free

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Love this drink especially without the sugar nice on a hot day love it nice drink and i can have it especially as im a dietabitic


I buy cruiser sugar free ones only. They are not as sweet and not as naughty. I have been on a diet for months now and find they are much more sensible that the normal cruisers. They are sometimes hard to find which is a pain, i find some bottlo's do not have them. Unfortunately they are a little expensive also. The flavour selections are great, i think i have tried all of them so fa. Mr favourite cruiser flavour is passion lychee!
Fantastic product. Was really happy when these come on the shelf
Price could be a bit better!


Vodka cruiser Mixed Berry Sugar Free is a great, refreshing alcoholic drink without ruining your diet and not consuming excessive amounts of sugar. They can be found at your local bottle shop or in the pub or club. They are often on special and are great to take to a party or BBQ without the extra effort and time to mix your own drink. The berry taste is very refreshing for warm summer nights.
A great berry taste, no sugar, you can have a drink without worrying about ruining your diet
Still sweet in taste but you can taste the artificial sweetener


These cruisers have a great berry taste, being sugar free is great, but they are still quite sweet, so you can't drink many of them. They are still refreshing, and great in summer. they are available in most bottle shops and are usually on special.
Berry Sugar Free Cruisers are really nice and refreshing. Love that they are sugar free. Great to take to BBQs or parties, or to drink at home. they are often on special and are available nearly everywhere.
Despite being sugar free they are still very sweet, but not as much as the normal ones.

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