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Cuisinart KS-80A

Cuisinart KS-80A

5.0 from 2 reviews

Highly recommended - does a great job

Have owned it about 4 years, always gives a clean, sharp edge with only a couple of minutes effort. Surprisingly it does a great job sharpening serrated bread knives too. I sharpen knives for friends, relatives, even some of the guys at work. Great product, highly recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Easy to use and gives a perfect razor sharp finish

I tried a few cheaper sharpeners and all failed to give a decent edge. This Cuisinart KS-80A is very easy to use and gives a perfect razor sharp edge that stays sharp for extended use. We even have the kids bringing their knives around to be sharpened. A quality sharpener that is a pleasure to use.
Very simple to use - reliable and fool proof giving a razor sharp edge every time.

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Almost 2 years since purchasing this Cuisinart KS-80A sharpener and still producing an excellent razor sharp edge on all kitchen knives and especially Fish filleting knives. It has had substantial use, way more than the average kitchen and extremely happy with this Knife sharpener.

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Price (RRP)$239
Release dateMar 2011

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