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Cuisinart MSC-600XA

Cuisinart MSC-600XA

4.5 from 2 reviews

Great for busy people

This slow cooker has been a real help during our busy time of year. Intuitive features, and it cooks consistently. We've made stocks, soups and casseroles and we are very happy with the results. The removable cooking insert is easy to clean (Teflon-coated). Love that you can brown then cook without using a separate pan!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Simple, easy slow cooking to perfection

Just had our 2nd use of this unit today and the food is melt in your mouth delicious!
The system has 3 fully programmable cooking settings -
Brown/Sear, so you can brown meat before hand in the same pot!
Low - for 8 hours os slow cooking
High - for 4 hours fast cooking.
Auto function means you can set temp & time & after cooking is complete, it drtops to warm to keep it ready until dinner time.
Means I can throw things into the pot (casserole, sou, etc), it cokks & when I get home it is ready to eat. Too easy.
Do I like it? Absolutely so far. Would i recommend it? Yes.
There are cheaper versions available, but you get what you poay for. I want good quality & relaibility & I believe I have that with this unit.
Why not 5 stars? I'm always dubious as to the length of time a non stick teflon coating will last. This means I will update this review in 12 months time!
Cost - myer price matched the $220 I saw elsewhere, so I'm happy

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UPDATE - 2 months in. Well, it's had a reasonable amounnt of use so far; 2-3 times a week for stews and soups and it is still running very, very well. Love the way the food comes out. Texture, taste, all so good & yummy. My wife even lets me use it! Very happy with this purchase

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Price (RRP)$269

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