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Cuisinart PerfecTemp Tea

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Tea

PTK-330GA, PTK-330BKA, PTK-330BA, etc...
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sahriCentral Queensland, QLD

  • 24 reviews

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and does the job wonderfully.


Purchased in May 2014 at Harvey Norman Appliances Physical Store for $100.00.

Rust bucket that loses its whistle.


Less than 18 months of use and its corroded around the rim and spout. The whistle fell out and I got fed up with putting it back in so I just left it out.
No bang for your buck on this product.

Purchased in March 2018 for $149.00.

Such a shame.....It rusts right through - short lifespan for a premium kettle


I bought this premium kettle thinking it would last a lifetime, or at least much longer than a plastic kettle. I was drawn to it's bold looks and fine details.
Sadly it is poorly designed/constructed around the top opening, that it rusts right through, leaving fragments and rust deposits inside the kettle. I have now noticed that wiping the inside with paper towel reveals a rust coating.

Date PurchasedJul 2013


  • 11 reviews

Good idea poorly executed, even unsafe.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Beth M

Beth MCanberra

  • 6 reviews

Issues in design and construction let this down


Wanted an induction top kettle. Loved the retro look and colours. Looks however do not make up for a few key flaws in construction. My kettle never reaches 100 degrees on the gauge, which makes it meaningless. At boiling point mine sits on around 90 degrees. The other issue is the whistle mechanisms drops out (once causing a minor splash burn). The whistler can be put back in, but that is not a lot of fun. For the price and brand, I was overall disappointed.

Date PurchasedMar 2013



  • 7 reviews
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Very Hard to Keep Shiny


I liked the temp guage and it started out looking so nice, but obviously sitting on the stove it got oil splats from cooking but it wouldn't wipe down and look nice, not matter what I polished it with. I liked that we could remove the whistle and the water always tasted nice from it.

Looked great out of the box


The temp reader is quite useful but unfortunately this kettle leaks at the pourer leaving water on the bench and it rusted very quickly around the lid. The lid cracked also. This is not what I expected for the price and not what I expected from this company. Very disappointed.



  • 3 reviews

It rusts


I loved this kettle when I first bought it. It is so pretty. But after a few weeks rust started appearing around the rim and I had to wipe it dry after every use. Unfortunately not everyone remembers to do this and so the rust comes back. The inside is also very prone to getting grimy and it is very hard to keep clean. I would not recommend this kettle to anyone, Very disappointing.



  • 4 reviews

Cute as a Mini Minor but functions like a russian tank

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Grace L

Grace LPerth

  • 2 reviews



I was attracted to this pot by it's look. After just a few uses rust appear on the rim. Small black particles appear on the water. It appears that the enamel inside the pot has broken down and rust appear between the joint of the spout even though I've been very careful not to overheat my pot.
It looks good.
Can't stop the rust from the rim and inside the pot on the joint area of the spout.



  • 2 reviews

Expected More


I was taken in by this kettle by both the bright colour and the look. Have found the thermometer quite handy - the temperature of the water does make a difference to the quality of the tea. The frustrations with the kettle is the stainless steel handle that gets quite hot and the fact that there is no indication to the amount of water in the kettle. You therefore tend to overfill which then takes a long time to boil.
Colour and Look
Handle - gets quite hot, no water indicator, expensive


Kelsta23Port Lincoln



Nice looking kettle but from the first day the thermometre didn't work (it must have been bent a little so never went past 80 degrees) & could only be replaced by sending the whole kettle back & now after only 2 months the lid has rusted. Water also dribbles when pouring, leaving water over the bench. Very dissapointed especially with the amount I spent on it. Will be sending it back and not getting another one.
The look and colour of it
The thermometer didn't work properly, lid rusted and it dribbles over the bench when pouring.


sofijaVICTORIA, 3011

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A good cup of tea starts here.


The industry for boiling water is vast, but for the most part (especially in Australia), they are of the electric variety.
Enter the Cuisinart Stovetop tea kettle.
It's sleek, no fuss, and looks great in the kitchen. It doesn't end there though.
For those who like their appliances to be a little 'gadgety' this will appeal. This kettle shows off its smarts with a built in temperature gauge with a tastefully coloured indicator for different types of tea and coffee.
So, if you take your tea seriously, treat yourself to one of these stovetop kettles. I promise, it won't dissapoint.
The variety of colours and it's sleek no fuss design.
Very hard to fault this kettle. If anything, the whistle could be a little sharper.



  • 5 reviews

The Pefect Tea - everytime!


As a lover of herbal teas, this product is fantastic. I love that it has different temperature settings, and comes with a handy guide telling me which temperature is best suited for which type of tea. It looks very stylish and I am very happy with this kettle. Well worth the investment.
Looks great, different temperature settings, easy to use.



  • 4 reviews
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Not as good as it is meant to be!


This is a nice looking kettle and if you make tea all the time it is ok but you have to clean it after use and it isn't as easy to clean compare to a teapot!

We mainly use it as a kettle but would never buy another one.

You also have to ensure that there is enough water in it as once it boils dry, it is finished. We accidentally boiled it dry and the temperature gauge is now broken. So now it is a useless teakettle but we can still use it as a kettle. As mentioned above, we would never buy another one!
The look of it as we wanted something for our cooktop!
Expensive and you must ensure that there is enough water in it so it doesn't boil dry. Once boil dry, the kettle is temperature gauge is ruined!

Questions & Answers



My kettle has corrosion inside the lid, inside & outside the spout plus rust inside the lid. Why is this so? Unhappy

No answers

Jayde Ash

Jayde Ashasked

What does the whistle sound like on this kettle? Is it pleasant enough?

1 answer

Hi Jayde,
The whistle is not too shrill or intrusive. Pleasant enough as far as kettle whistles go.

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