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A sweet smeling fragrance that is great for younger girls. It is a pretty bottle and the fruity top notes mellow out to a nice subtle sweet floral that is perfect for spring / summer. You can grab this at a great price nowdays and is great for a gift for teens/early 20's. The best of the Britney Spears Collection in my opinion
Great Price. Nice Bottle. Perfect Spring/Summer Scent for young ladies
As great as the atomiser looks it actually lets air into the bottle casing it to spoil... Use the Spray attachment that comes with to ensure long life


as with all britneys perfumes the bottles are really beautiful and look nice in my little collection when they are empty. i have found with all my britney perfumes in different flavours, they all seem to disappear really quickly either through leaking or the nozzle breaks which is really annoying. overall the scent is stunning, able to wear it everywhere night or day, and even at work as it is very subtle. so girly and pretty, makes me feel refreshed when i get ready to go out. would recommend, especially if they fix the problem of leaking.
affordable, always on special, pretty scent
bottles leak


Overall its a lovely, light feminine girly perfume for use in the daytime. Really pretty bottle for those who are into that.. looks lovely on show.
A nice fruity daytime purfume and the bottle is really cute.
Not very long lasting and not really for night time... its very light.


overall the fragrance is fabulous, not very long lasting though. The scent is very feminine and floral. The bottle isnt very good as all my perfume has leaked out of the bottle because when the puff is attached the lid doesnt screw on properly. This perfume is always found at a good price now as its always in chemists and also some discount stores
ist a great price, its now always cheap in pharmacies. i love the floral scent which is very feminine which i like.
the bottle leaked everywhere, very hard to do up tight when you have that puff thing attached.


I just adore all of Britney's perfumes. She has a wonderful nose!! The scent is very warm but still flirty and sexy, and it will leave you craving cookies! It reminds me of a winter fire, or of an icy garden. I highly recommend this to younger people, I think that a classier perfume would be better suited to moer mature people. But if you do buy it, you won't regret it!
The bottle, one of my favourite Britney bottles. It's a very warm scent, like flowers and vanilla and it just reminds me of winter nights.
Nothing at all!


definently a perfume for the younger generation (15-30), it has a fruity scent which is just fun and flirty. Has a gorgeous old school perfume bottle for the 100mL bottle which makes it even cooler and cuter. The shimmer stick as a perfume stick with the curious scent and it lasted me for 2-3 years, and it was glittery too so if you wore it you would be all sparkley. Its a shame they don't sell that anymore atleast not that i know of.
fruity, gorgeous bottle, gorgeous colour, originally had an optiuon to buy the perfume in a shimmer stick form, when first released it came with a gorgeous/cute handbag compared to other bags you get as freebies with perfumes.


This perfume I bought on impulse and I was not at all dissapointed. Visually speaking I love the atomiser, it is so classy. It is 50’s elegance mixed with the sexy ways of today. When I spray the sweet smelling perfume all over the floral fragrance leaves me feeling really sensuous and sophisticated. When you are wearing it you will have people complimenting you for it everywhere.
It has a lovely sexy scent which isn't too over powering. The atomiser is fantastic and it just looks so great, something from the past that you would expect to see in an old Hollywood movie.

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