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Appalling service

Purchased for an eatery restaurant. Installed Jan 2019, day one didn’t cool properly. Winter stopped working completely. July 2019 they say out of warranty and won’t come. Firstly pay the call out fee they’ll then come and give us a quote for repairs.

Utterly delighted with customer service and with my AC unit

My Daikin air conditioner was turning itself on and then straight off. Looked around at local service people, then was told it was still under warranty, given its age. Phoned Daikin, who stepped me through how to use the remote to give an error code. I was then given instructions on what to do. When I turned the power back on, it worked straight away. Marvellous. The wonders of modern technology! This has saved me $200 at least and waiting around for a service technician. Love that equipment does self-diagnosis. Love that I can fix simple problems myself if I'm told what to do. If I ever have to replace this, my next air conditioner will be a Daikin!

Return Claim MadeNo

No protection for fan motor failure causing big $$$ repair bill

Daikin as well as a few other brands I am reliably told use the same brand of fan motor. Daikin Outdoor Condensor RMKS140EV1.

What happens is the fan motor has a 300v feed and a low voltage control circuit – under high humidity or even a bit of water vapour getting into the fan motor (supposedly sealed but not quite) creates a short across to the LV and fries some components on the control board.

also advised there's no way to protect against this even with a fast blow fuse on the LV side
and if you get a less humid spell then the fan motor tests fine but the tell-tale is some form of deposit on the outside which is due to it not being fully 100% sealed

I have read about this on forums, am currently experiencing it and have been advised by a Melbourne company that repairs main controller boards that this is not uncommon

nobody will warrant the new/repaired board unless both fan motors are also replaced

getting a fridgey in would cost 2.5K for new board and 2 new fan motors fitted, $1700 of which goes to Daikin – board repair (using a Melbourne Company that specialises in repairing these boards) and supply 2 new fan motors is around $1.1K

our system is 8 yrs old but <2000hrs use in a holiday unit i.e. new – Daikin refuse to provide any cost relief and have told me that their 5yr warranty and provision of spares is sufficient to comply with Consumer Law

in summary, a rogue fan motor worth $250 causes $2.5K damage

ours is a VRV setup and there is no current swap-in Daikin replacement outdoor condenser and it's in a Unit with 5 splits and VRV type BP units buried in the ceiling – so I'm fixing rather than replacing

have written to Daikin who, even though it's effectively brand new will only supply parts at full retail price - have even written to their upper management and am awaiting a reply 6 weeks later

will never buy Daikin again given their one-sided customer service for what is effectively a new system

if ours was purchased after the ACL came into force with change in 2011 (I think) I would take Daikin to QCAT to test this premature failure against consumer law - that option though is not available

Date PurchasedJun 2010

Excellent support and knowhow.

I visited the electrical shops noted for the sale of air conditioners. All were willing to supply me but indicated that an outside electrician approved by them, would be required to install the unit. I phoned Daikin who assured me that there own employees would do the installation. I asked if they would inspect my location, and next day two 2 employees did an inspection and recommended a model and location and gave me a quote which I accepted. 2 days later they installed the unit with a 5 year warranty and made a first class job of it. I have now used the unit in the hot and then colder weather, and can highly recommend the results. The model is FTXS5OLVMA and was installed on the 8th. March 2018.

System not cooling properly and no fault can be found

Long read but worth it if considering buying a daikin ducted system - Our Daikin ducted system (FDYQN140) is at present 15 months old and under warranty. A few months ago it stopped cooling consistently and fluctuates in temperature. The first few hours of running the system it works well (most of the time. On 2 occasions it has taken over an hr for the motor to turn on but room temperature air circulated from the vents) however after this it gets warmer and warmer in the house. It then stays this way for hours. Anywhere between 6pm and 9:30pm the system starts cooling the air again. This does not happen every day of use but more often than not.

If I leave the system running overnight it stops blowing out cool air and it is cooler outside than in and we all wake up hot around 1-2am - baby included! Who then takes at least an hr to get back to sleep.

We had to go out and purchase a $70 pedestal fan to help cool us down even with the very expensive air cond running. We recently had a 47 degree day here and my house felt like an oven, we were all sitting in front of the trusty Kmart fan. The system was set to 20 degrees and full fan on. The technician told me the system is built for these conditions and should have cooled the house. When I put my baby down for a nap I had his ceiling fan on, no blankets, just a nappy and air cond on full force at 20 degrees and it was still 26+ degrees in his room. At this time he also had a 39 degree temperature from illness. Very dangerous combination.

Other examples include-
* Leaving the system running while going out on a hot or warm day to keep our large and older dog cool and returning to find it is hotter inside the house than out.
* Putting Baby in room for a nap and room temp is 20-21 degrees (so all blankets on) by the time his 1.5-2hrs nap is over room temp is 25 degrees. No change made to settings on system during this time. The baby monitor continuously shows the temperature of the room.
* Setting system to 23 degrees. Room temp as shown on the display panel reaches 23 or 24 degrees then increases over the day.
* When leaving system running overnight upon waking due to the heat I can feel room temperature air (not cool) being circulated by vents and the system motor is OFF. System temperature still set to 23 degrees and room temperature showing as 26 and over and it definitely feels this way.

Now to the service Daikin have given me -

I have reported this to Daikin and had 4, yes 4 service calls to try to fix the issue. Each time a technician attends I explain the issues and they assess the system and guess what? No fault can be found.
The fluctuation in temperature doesn’t occur everyday that the system is in use and as I mentioned previously it doesn’t occur for the first few hours of operation. I am told to rebook another service call if the problem continues. It does continue.

At the first service call the technician (who is lovely by the way) replaced a faulty sensor in the outdoor unit and said that may not be the only problem but as it was not a hot day he couldn’t test to be sure. Book another service call if the problem continues.

Second service call, again no fault found. I was told to book another service call.

This is when I called Daikin and after hours of waiting for a call back and multiple calls made to them I spoke to a manager named [name removed]. After explaining the situation and that I had a sick baby with 39 degree temperatures he arranged for two more technicians to come out in 2 days time with the part they believed would fix the problem.

Third inspection, the two technicians replaced the control panel and told me to call if the system didn’t work properly again.
Next time using the system I called the technician and told him I had had the system running at 23 degrees for over 2 hours and the room temperature was still at 27 degrees. He said it should have dropped but he was not in the area so I would need to book another service.

By now, after being very patient and respectful of their procedures (even through an Australian Summer 40+ degree heatwave) I was no longer willing to “wait and see” if the system will work. I called Daikin again and requested the system be replaced. Daikin has had 3 opportunities to find and fix the problem by this point. The next day the manager, [name removed], called me and said they would like to come out “one last time” and spend 3-4 hours inspecting the entire system, doing a thorough check (what were they doing the last 3 times if not thoroughly checking it?) and would bring every part they would need. I reluctantly agreed. I also left a message on [name removed]’ voicemail asking his manager review my replacement request in the meantime as I don’t believe the technicians will be able to find/fix the problem. I did not receive a call back.
The next business day I again left the same message without a call back. I called again and spoke to [name removed] and he said he would put the request to his manager. I asked what would happen with my request if the fault wasn’t found or fixed on the day. I was told the manager would need to authorise installers to replace the system as Daikin don’t do their own installations.

Today was the fourth inspection and guess what?!?! No fault found again. I understand they don’t know what the problem is unless it occurs while they are here but how many times am i meant to book service calls and cross my fingers that it happens when they are around? Perhaps until the warranty runs out and I am then paying for the service calls and repairs.
After 2.5 hours the technicians had packed up. What happened to the 3-4 hrs they were meant to spend here? I offered them to stay the night to check the system when it cuts out but unsurprisingly the offer was declined. I spoke to [name removed] again while the technicians were here and he said they have again found no fault, implying there is no fault to be found. I have a system which is 15 months old and under warranty, why would I want it repaired or replaced if it was working properly? There’s absolutely no reason. So either the system is made to function this poorly or Daikin is unable to find the fault and me and my family are left to suffer through this Summer and all the Summers ahead of us unless we pay to replace this system which is under warranty with another one.

All I want is the system that we paid thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars for to work the way it should or be replaced with one that will if the fault can’t be found or fixed. I don’t think that is unreasonable.

Now, I’m told by [name removed] they want to fit a monitor to my system that will read the system 24/7 so the fault can be found even if they aren’t in attendance BUT you guessed it the technician doesn’t have this with him even after [name removed] ASSURED me they would have everything they needed with them. Again I am asked (well this time I am TOLD) to wait for this to occur. I have again agreed to this even though I don’t think I should have too. My objective here is to get the problem fixed in whatever way that needs to happen. I’m not trying to have the system repaired or replaced for the fun of it or because I enjoy wasting hours on the phone and sitting around the house with two young children instead of enjoying days out together, I simply want the fully functional system that I paid a lot of money for. Not unreasonable right?

I have also spoken to Department of Fair Trading and was told I am well within my rights to receive a replacement, refund or repair carried out by another business and billed to Daikin.

So my present situation is this - waiting for the monitor to be fitted and waiting for the manager to call me in response to my request to replace the system. I wonder what the answer will be?????

Wish me luck with this system!!!!

Appalling Customer Service

Communication with this company when your unit breaks down while under warranty is almost impossible. After two weeks of calling them and being on hold for more than 30 mins, bounced around to different departments (only to have to keep repeating the story) I finally phoned the Queensland office and my complaint was forwarded to a manager. Even then it was 5 days until this manager gave the technician a list of parts to order. No prices. I had to chase that up by calling him again. I needed the prices because they make you pay for parts and labour up front and then you claim what they are willing to reimburse you later. I still have to navigate this part of their cruel process. Save yourself the angst, buy another brand.

Poor quality product and after sales service

Have previously had a Daikin with poor results. Was convinced to try them again. Purchased a brand new $3000 air conditioner as above and it was faulty. First problem technicians were not allowed on a flat roof while wet in spite the sun was shining...OH&S supposedly. Finally took 2 visits to view problem. Replacement parts not readily available to installer have to go through Daikin head office. Was taking up to 4 weeks to repair in middle of winter. Threatened agent with Consumer affairs complaint and had problem fixed in 2 days.


We bought several Daikin air conditioners the first of which has just passed its warranty date. It ceased to work and when I could finally get someone out to look at it... it was in the peak of a heat wave...they said the compressor had blown. We live in Buninyong near Ballarat. The unit has certainly not been overworked. We have very few days per year where it is required. We rarely use the heat setting on it as our home is centrally heated. I then went on line and read reviews for this product, something I now wish I had done before buying this brand. It seems to be very common that just out of warranty the unit has problems with the compressor. We were quoted $1860 to have it repaired. Obviously this is not worth it. The quote for a new one is not much more. I know the warranty date had passed.. by just a few weeks but I still feel disappointed and a little cheated. I guess now I just wait for all the other air cons I purchased to reach their 5 year warranty and see what happens to the compressors.
It was fine while it worked
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