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Why can't we buy it??

So sad that Coles and Woolies no longer stock Bornhoffen yoghurt. Local Milton IGA stocks a small number so will support them. Was it a choice or did The big two make it impossible for them to supply.

I am disappointed it contains Milk Solids

I agree the taste is fantastic but I prefer yogurt with no milk solids. There is yogurt that it completely natural out there anmd also at Woolies and Coles.

Loss of another quality product line.

As a regular shopper with Woolies and Coles in Ashgrove I am fed up with quality products such as Bornhoffen Yogurt being dumped from their in store product range. IGA or Aldi will continue to get more of my business until the Duopoly wake up and treat customers needs with respect. Ron

Bring it back! Best Yoghurt ever!

This is my favourite yogurt! No other yoghurt is as tangy or as good as Bornhoffen. Please bring it back supermarkets!

Available at IGA Cleveland

After a long search I have found it available at an IGA store close to me. Prior to that I called Dairy Farmers - the man I spoke with thought that some Woolies stores still carried it (this is not the case) so he suggested I speak to Woolies Customer Service on 1800677852. The woman I spoke with was keen for me to make an 'official' request for it - she said she has had many many people asking for it. I guess they may start to re-stock it if the numbers are great enough. So give them a call people.

Supermarkets! Bring Bornhoffen back!

My partner and I prefer Bornhoffen to any other yoghurt - it's the only one that has that tangy yoghurt taste but still has delectable mouth-feel. Like other reviewers, I'll go to any store that stocks it!

Best yoghurt ever made

I can not understand why Coles and now Woolworths have deleted Bornhoffen yogurt. My whole family have been eating it for breakfast for 20 years at least! What is wrong with these 2 supermarkets. When I ask the staff, they say they don't know why it is deleted and that it was always very popular! I hope it keeps being made and I will go to what ever supermarket stocks it.

Where can I buy Bornhoffen yoghurt?

Bornhoffen yoghurt no longer available in either Woolies or Coles. Is it no longer being produced? Have been eating it for the past 30 years or so. Looks like it's time to make my own.

Woolworths Booval, Qld, delete Bornhoffen Yoghurt

I have just returned from Woolworths Booval Qld and passed a letter to them: "I am distressed I can't find Bornhoffen Yoghurt." - I can't remember a time it was not on the shelf. It has been deleted I was told. No replacement product. The staff knows nothing. It is the best yoghurt money can buy.

Keep Bornhoffen in production!!! I've been a loyal customer for 30 years

I too am devastated, just 3 weeks ago my local dropped it. I've contacted Woolworths and they confirmed that this is true across the country. I will talk to IGA and hope they listen!

Can't live without

I've purchased this product for over 5 years at this time I'm so unhappy that I can't purchase this any longer as it's been discontinued for a number of months. I'd like to let you know if there is any other chance of purchasing from another store I'd be happy to do so.

I too miss Bornhoffen

My Woolies has taken it from their cold section too, why is this happening to so many products that just happen to be on my weekly shopping list. I'm happy to hear IGA stocks it, ill have to find one close by.

Love bornhoffen

I have been buying this product for years, it is my all time favourite yoghurt, however woolies no longer stocks it. I am on the hunt for a new supermarket to do my weekly shop.

Bornhoffen yoghurt

This wonderful product has been discontinued by Woolworths in Queensland. It is the best natural yoghurt and it is all they (Bornhoffen via Dairy Farmers via Lion) produce. It is clearly not being sold in big enough quantities for the major stores to stock it so I am thrilled to discover IGA still do. Long live IGA.

How can we live without it?

Coles at Ipswich no longer stocks it and Woollies have also taken it off their shelves.....Now I am wondering where to buy it??

Best commercial yoghurt on the market

This is my favourite commercial yoghurt by a country mile. But for some reason my local Coles at The Gap Brisbane, has stopped stocking it

Yummy but heavy

It tastes great and as it is very sweet kids tend to like it. But a bit too sugary for my taste and too heavy for an everyday end of meal...

There's no other yogurt as versitile as Bornhoffen

This is a great yogurt for adding to savoury or sweet recipes. And because I'm not racist and misinformed I am happy to hear it is now Halal certified.

I'm Disappointed!

I have been looking for this product for quite some time - but have been unable to find it in Queensland. Having read your reviews, firstly of the recipe changing and secondly now being Halal - I will now stop looking for it.

Halal certified

I no longer buy it as it is halal certified. Apart from that it tastes very bland with the new recipe.

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Where can i buy this product please? Looked everywhere i can think of.
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Where are you from? I found mine at daisy hill IGA in Brisbane. Try your local IGA. otherwise call up Dairy Farmers customer service and they might be able to help you.At IGA in Bellingen NSW

Where can i buy bornhoffen yogurt please. So hard to find.
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Woolworths and coles. But mainly woolies I think :)

Why has Bornhoffen's Natural Yoghurt only the same Health-Star Rating of 3.5 out of 5, as Kellog's Baked Muesli Breakfast Biscuits, which per 100g, has 5x more fat and 3x more sugar? My breakfast is often 200g of Bornhoffen Yoghurt and I love it. Instead, would I eat 10 (TEN) biscuits of Kellog's with 35g of sugar? HELL, NO THANKS. Helma.
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