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Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy

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3.9 from 73 reviews

Yummy thick and creamy!!!

I am not a fan of yoghurt but Dairy Farmers has convinced me to enjoy ever serving. I just love the chocolate and lemon flavoured thick and creamy. Oh why don't they sell this in big servings? Its just a healthy way of enjoying yoghurt in full flavours that is smooth and thick yet healthy for those calorie counters. It's perfect for a snack for kids too!!!

Hurray, I've found a healthy full cream yogurt.

Never bought yugurt until I saw Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy. I checked the small print and lo and behold this is made with full cream milk and is quite low in sugar! Well, I couldn't believe my eyes - I can't stand low fat products. I bought a small tub to try and now I'm totally addicted. I only buy the large tubs - my favourites are the Caramelised Fig and the Raspberry and Coconut. Please, please don't take these off the market.


Why can't coles/Woolworths sell large tubs of creamy lemon yoghurt. So frustrated. Buy 10 small 150 gm at a time. Expensive but oh so nice.


WHY have you taken my favourite Blueberries away????? I am not interested in the new range that you feel we need in a yoghurt, dessert range!! I don not want chocolate with my yoghurt for breakfast!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK

Lemon cream is tops!!

I agree the lemon cream version is sensational and I really want to be able to buy it in the large tubs! Please, please, please do this!


I cannot express strongly enough my disappointed amazement at the discontinuing of the Vanila and Rhubarb yoghurt. I would buy it in the box it was packed in. The only yoghurt I have ever like and now I can't even buy it.
why, why why, does it always happen that the things you love the most at discontinued, only available for a limited time or discontinued. Angry ........

Dairy Farmers Caramelised Fig

totally addicted to it! Can't stop eating (drinking) it! Easily the best yoghurt I've ever had. Usually eat a 600g tub in one sitting, alone of course.

Thick and Creamy Caramelised Fig

I was dubious about buying this one but it was yummy!!!!! Rich and creamy and flavoursome best one Ive had.

Thick custard

the custard should stay in the easy pouring container not the milk carton container. the old container was easier to pour it and didn't collapse when squeezing.

Lemon cream dairy farmers thick n creamy yoghurt

Why can,t I buy this in large tubs anymore. It,s the only yoghurt I buy in your range and it is not cost effective to buy small tubs, What happened to the large size??????


So disappointing there are no more fat free options. I bought 16 per week but since the new flavours and fat have gone on the market I've gained weight and will not be eating these again. Not to mention I found pink plastic in the yogurt. When I called quality control they said they would send me a post pack to send it to them and that was 4 months ago. It's gone down hill big time :(

Lemon Cream... yum!

I'm so glad we're moving away from low-fat to full-fat yogurts. These ones are delicious and I really glad that they come in 150g tubs... I eat way too much of the large ones! I'm definitely going to keep these as regular shopping list items. I've only tried the regular and the lemon cream flavours. Judging by reviews, I will have to work through the others as well...
Flavour, texture, packaging

The very best yoghurt I have ever tasted

Thick and Creamy Caramelised Fig Youhurt is to die for!! cant get enough of it . The Taste is perfect
Thank You Dairy Farmers Would recommend it to everyone and sing its praises.The creamy taste and consistency are just perfect and it leaves you wanting more. Would love it to come in a larger tub as the small is just not enough
Just Perfect

Such an Improvement

Finally a yogurt which has gone back to full flavor and none of this fat reduced garbage.

Gone are the tastes of artificial sweeteners. and the horrible bright colouring.

Flavors are excellent.

Many years of searching for a proper yogurt which wasn't a greek yogurt are gone.

Thank you Dairy Farmers

Best tasting yoghurt available

Yummo!!!!!! definitely thick creamy and great new flavours will definitely be adding these to my shopping list :)))) accidently bought raspberry & coconut as l usually don't like raspberry yogurts but found it very nice and creamy with no seeds etc to spoil it. My fave tho would have to be the caramelised fig have not tasted anything else like it !!!!!!
Thick creamy and especially Luv the caramelised fig

Perfect in every way

Just love this product - thick and creamy indeed. My son keeps looking in the fridge for another! The carmelised fig and lemon were favourites. I hope Coles keep this product on their shelves. I love it with my muesli and again for supper. Keep manufacturing this lovely product! Thanks
inexpensive and delectable


I have been buying Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yogurt, since it first came out, my favourite being Raspberries & Cream, of which I regularly bought weekly around 8 to 10 pots, $20 a week, $1040 a year.
What stupid marketing idiot decided it would be a great idea to call the revolting new flavours sophisticated products. Well you can jamb your new sophisticated flavours, nasty, nasty, nasty. I have since changed to another brand, after taking a long time to find an appropriate replacement. Silly, silly Dairy Farmers, what a shame !

Yuck flavours

You should have kept the old yoghurt recipe

I don't like the new Yoghurt, it is 8% fat and the old one was much less fat. The taste is bland and fatty, I used to buy a tub of Dairy Farmers passionfruit low fat yoghurt every week, I will not buy the new one again. Sorry Dairy Farmers.

The taste and texture and the high saturated fat content.

Absolutely hate the new thicker creamier yoghurt

I used to buy only this yoghurt, will not be buying it any more, it tastes just like straight cream discusting, the vanilla yoghurt was just like a yoghurt custard and used to have it every day not any more, go back to the old recipe you have spoilt one of the best yoghurts
far to creamy yuck

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where are the diary farmers thick and creamy light yoghurts available?
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Local IGA storeI buy mine from Coles