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Hi Danoz I like my H20 Mop (Green in colour), it is still working however the pin in the folding elbow of the mop is broken and hence it just wants to collapse. Do you have replacement pin that will fix this problem please?
3 answers
I am not reporting or be involved with Danoz Direct.. I thought it would be common sense to contact the customer service of the company. My test article was not about a steam mop but about the Bissell Crosswave Pet a product that has nothing to do with a cheap steam mop. Best is to throw the outdated steamer into the bin and get a reliable product like the Crosswave giving you 3 years of guarantee and peace of mind.Thanks for your reply although the tone could have been a little more pleasant . I bought it for $300 at Big W and Big W don't deal with it after sale - great service. $300 is not cheap for a steam mop in my book; common sense tells me, at some stage your $400 item too will end up in the bin.Hi Lesel, We can get this replaced for you. Can you please confirm if it is the H2O HD OR the H2O X5 you are referring to? How long have you had your mop for? If you could please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your request they will be more than happy to help you. Kind Regards, Danoz

I have been calling Danoz continuously to ask about the deal related to the steam mop. Money has been taken from my credit card but I have not received the entire product. I have left a message. Response???
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Hi Blossom, Apologies that you are not able to get through to our customer service team. If you could email customercare@danoz.com.au with your best contact number and i will organise a customer service agent to contact you at a time that you are available to discuss your order. Thank You, Danoz

What is the maximum weight for the Rock Gym please? Simon
1 answer
Hi Sye, The maximum weight allowed is 120kgs. Thank you, Danoz.

T V dinner trays or stable tables. Do you have any please.?
1 answer
Hi Helen, No sorry we do not retail this kind of item. Good luck in your search! Danoz

Hi I brought some slim n lift jeans from Danoz about about 5 or more years ago they are not the tight jeggins ones they have a flared boot leg they came in 2 black and blue pare. Do you still have these in stock at all?
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Hi Lyn, I am sorry these are not currently in stock. This product has not retailed in many years, we only have the tight styled leggings at the moment. Thank you Danoz.

How do i clean the pressure cooker without getting it wet?
1 answer
Hi Ginni, Thank you for the comment. If you are referring to the outside of the unit, this can be cleaned with a very lightly damp clean cloth. The Inner Pot can be washed in warm soapy water. The underside of the lid including the Seal Ring, Pressure valve. Thanks Danoz.

How much extra is the powerfit vibration gym after the $14.95 postage? I am really interested in trying please can you let me know the 1st amount of costs involved. Thank yo!u
2 answers
Hi Joya, thank you for your query however Danoz Direct does not retail this product. You can log onto www.danozdirect.com.au and check out our products. Kind Regards Danoz.I am pretty sure you will pay around $800 in total for this product. I've just been looking at reviews and I've been put off as it doesn't seem to help with weight loss, but some people say it makes them feel good afterwards and helps core strength. I was hoping to ditch my treadmill and get a power fit but I wouldn't spend that money on something that probably doesn't do what I expect.

How much cost nicer dicer Fusion the new nicer dicer send me the price in the picture please?
1 answer
Hi Avi, Thank you for your question but Danoz does not retail this product. We are unsure who sells the Nicer Diver Fusion. Kind Regards, Danoz.

We have a faulty steam mop the power lead has come free, is there a recall on this product?
2 answers
I'm sorry, I can't assist in any manner. I'm a consumer, not a representative of the seller. I don't have the steam mop you refer to, so I can't even offer an observation or any information about it. I suggest you contact the seller direct and explain your problem. I my experience, they have dealt with product issues very well in the past.Hi Helkay, Can you confirm the name of the steam mop? We need to confirm if the steam mop is a Danoz product. If you wish to speak more about this issue please contact our Customer Care on 1300 135 085. We are more than happy to assist you. Kind Regards, Danoz

Hi! I've just ordered the grass product. All I've seen is horrible reviews not one person says it works, if it doesn't is danoz going to not going to take my one off payment? How will they know of it has or has not worked? I'm concerned about the amount of people who say it's near impossible to get help or your money back.
2 answers
Hi Steph, we offer a Money Back Guarantee for all our product because we believe everyone has different needs, expectations and wants from a product. The Hydromousse has a 30 day trial. This means you have 30 days from the day you receive the product to try it out. In terms of payment, the second installment gets deducted 30 days from the date of order but for whatever reason you decide to return it this payment does get refunded. I hope this information helps. Kind Regards, Danoz.Can't answer just yet Steph; We've had 200mm rain in 3 days just after receiving item. I hope to apply this weekend and will post a review of the outcomes.

why don't any of the big stores stock Danoz products?
1 answer
Hi Gazza, we have along list of stores we retail in such as Big W, Harvey Normans and Mitre 10. Here is the link to our waebsite -- you will find the list of stores and locations. http://www.danozdirect.com.au/stockists/ Kind Regards, Danoz.

I have the flavour stone pans but they have all discoloured how can I restore colour?
1 answer
Hi Reevsie, please contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 135 085 and we will be happy to help you with this issue. Kind Regards, Danoz.

Hi, to whom it may concern, I'm trying to find reviews on the powerfit to find if it really makes you loose weight or not. If you could please let me know that would be great. Thanks! Jessi
2 answers
Hi jessi, The Power Fit is not a Danoz product. Sorry we could not help you out further. Kind Regards, DanozHi had it for the trial period, i think its an expensive fad. I am getting acoustic wave therapy now and as the session finishes I step onto a vibration machine for 30seconds a few times. It is an up and down movement which moves the lymphatic system. The power fit is a sideways vibration. I believe a thorough checking of your energy intake into pure unprocessed foods is about the only way to lose weight. Its a $750 exercise in futility when really you need to swim and move and work out systematically. There is no way powerfit would break up cellulite either, its the skin structure itself that needs to be changed. This is just my opinion and for a short time use, you may want to experiment with $750 and take a year to see some result, good luck. J

Does hydro mousse work?
2 answers
Hi Sandi, I don't know if hydro mousse works as I haven't tried it. Perhaps someone else on this forum may be able to help you. :)it works eventually takes longer then advertised after several applications and lots and lots of water

How much warranty is there on Flavor Stone Pans????
2 answers
Hi Cherish, thanks for your question but unfortunately, I cannot answer that as I haven't purchased the Flavor Stone pans. Sorry! You will have to direct your question to someone who has bought them. Good luck with your search. Regards, Missy MooIts a terrible products. Don't buy it from danoz they will never honour their warranty. I've had bad experience with them

Has anyone bought the True Sleeper? Would love some feedback please.
1 answer
Hi Vicki i have not bought this product from Danoz but based on my dealings with this company i would not buy any products from them under any circumstances

I would like to know if anyone's bought the FlavorChef Trial also the Pressure pro X? I am very interested to know if they are as good as they look with all their demonstrations.
3 answers
I have not bought these products but I would not deal with this company under any circumstancesThank youI purchased the 'FlavorChef' Jan 2015.The extra kit $59.80 was not as advertised on the order page or the TV ad.. That one offered some larger individual baking cups, a macaroon inset, grilling plate,some small blue cups and something else I cannot recall. One does not expect to have to memorize offers.... just receive that for which one has paid. What actually arrived was a crappy grilling insert and two more sets of the red squares of shallow dishes. Not worth $60! Why would anyone want 16 shallow baking cups in squares of 4? They are claiming that the extra kit was/is what they have sent and they are refusing to budge. It is also interesting to note that the items are all made in China, despite the suggestion that they are products of the USA The recipe book is a few pages mostly telling nothing useful. I would not recommend dealing with this company at all. By the sound of most of the comments above, perhaps it is time to involve the ACCC or similar. Marloo.

What size to get in slim'n' lift caresse jeans?
3 answers
I'm so sorry, but I've never purchased these jeans.-mine was Hydro Mousse- best of luck, thoughThe small is more of a medium. The waist area is a bit too loose. They are very soft. There is absolutely no compression zones. I just wrote a review about them but it disapeared off there. Could become sloppy.Hi Licha, The jeans come in most of the standard sizes from small to extra large. You select the size applicable to you when placing your order. I would normally wear an extra large in pants but I bought the large size allowing for some stretching as time goes on. I haven't had any problems with them. I love them! You can dress them up or down. They are very versatile, comfortable and soft. Best wishes! :)

I have the 3 pack pot and 2 pans flavorstone set , can I buy the small saucepan separate please ? I just love these pots and pans ,I would love that little saucepan as well. Could you please let me know ? Thank you .
1 answer
Good to hear you've had success with the Flavorstone pans. I bought the 3pack and two are fine because I only use them for liquid based cooking but the third I use for dry frying and it's useless. I did all the right things with preparing and seasoning the pans before first use but the frypan discoloured from blue to black almost immediately and now everything sticks to it. I hope you continue to have a good experience but don't be surprised if things go south with Flavorstone. If so, don't expect any help from Danoz as they've weazeled out of the 10year guarantee to replace my faulty pan.

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