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WHEN will Danoz Direct open a fully stocked product shop in Melbourne? 25 odd years ago, Danoz had a shop in The Glen, Glen Waverley, and we bought lots of Danoz' products because we could actually see, touch & try the product in the shop first. Melbourne people deserve the opportunity to enter a Danoz shop again - the same as people in Sydney! Between Moorabbin & Frankston, there is oodles of room and space for a Danoz Direct super store to be located. So, WHY is there no Danoz Direct shop in Melbourne?
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Denoz was also in Greensborough Shopping center but that was a very long, long time ago. Maybe if you Google for the information I would do it but I have an appointment to get.

Store or shop locations Sydney?
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http://www.danozdirect.com.au/stockists/campbelltown mall 02- 46277770 - Best kept secret!

can you get extra lids for the flavorstone products, if yes how much.
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Yes you can buy extra lids, they are $19.95 each.

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