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There is a reason why these products are not stocked in retail stores people.. byers beware!!! Ocassionally you can buy from Big W

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Hi L, Danoz have a long list of retailers selling our products and have done for a couple of years now. If you have some of our products and wish to discuss a warranty claim feel free to contact our friendly Customer Care team or email at customercare@danoz.com.au. Kind Regards, Danoz

Slim and Lift

Great the first time I wore them, then went completely out of shape, didn't lift anything, constantly pulling them up, sagging around the crotch and bottom area and I'm only a size 10, very bad pilling, very disappointed in the product and happy to be receiving a refund. Complete waste of money.

Hi Katrina, Thank you for your feedback! I am sorry to hear that your experience has not been all that positive. I would like to assess this further for you. Can you please contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au and we will be happy to reconsider our options. Kind regards, DanozI just received an email saying 'congratulations, 919 people have viewed my post.. Woohoo! Makes wasting over $100 so much better

Caresse slim n lift jeans

I loved them the first time I wore them however once washed and worn a second time I am very disappointed. Sadly I have missed the return period. The have piled very badly and completely lost their shape, they fall down and I'm constantly pulling them up. I hoped I was just unlucky and got a bad pair however the same thing happened when I tried another pair in my 3 pair pack.

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Hi Kembury, Thank you for your feedback! I am sorry to hear that your experience has not been all that positive. I would like to assess this further for you. Can you please contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au and we will be happy to reconsider our options. Kind regards, Danoz

Most companies are grateful when you pay upfront for their products

Not Danoz Direct though....I ordered their latest steam mop which offered a bag of free accessories for taking up the Free Trial...not wanting to bother with the hassle of a 'free trial' I opted instead to pay for it upfront. What a rip off, I only got the steam mop plus the opportunity to purch ase extra cleaning pads for $15...

Never again.

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I withheld this review in the hopes that Danoz Direct would resolve the issue, their communication channels are hopeless, I'd resolved this with the company a full two weeks before their Customer relations at Product Reviews even responded to my initial review...so much for valued customer!

Flavourstone response to residue build up on 10 year warranty

I had the same problem with residue build up and sticking after around 12 months use and when I went back to the shop with the pan was told the same thing, sticking is not covered under the warranty and to go home and use a mix of bicarbonate soda, white vinegar and scrub it. This of coarse did not completely clean it so I also question, if the advertisement promotes a 10 year warranty claiming nothing sticks, then why is it not covered when something does stick? I was told the warranty only covers cracking etc. I'm sure this could be classed as false advertising.

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Hi mi.voice, Thanks for the feedback. Our 10yr Warranty certainly covers the Non-Stick properties of your cookware so it's interesting to hear you were informed otherwise. We would be more than happy to resolve this on your behalf with the store. If you could please contact us on 1300 135 085 between 8am and 6pm AEST Monday to Friday, and make reference to this review, one of our representatives will be more than happy to take this further for you. Kind Regards, Danoz


Totally misleading, thought they would represent jean like material, instead they are just like a legging, but worse with a polar fleece lining, not for wearing in the warmer months. Material is way too thin, can actually see through it. I am very disapointed with them, expected way better.

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Hi Kaye, Thank you for your feedback! The Jeans are designed to have the appearance of regular jean apparel, with the feel and comfort of your favourite leggings. Your feedback is appreciated and we will take it into consideration as these may be quite warm to wear in the warmer seasons. If there is anything else we can assist with please feel free to email us at customercare@danoz.com.au. Kind Regards, Danoz

Hydro Mousse

WHAT A CRAP PRODUCT DO NOT WASTE YOU MONEY. I followed the instructions to the letter even youtube this to make sure i was doing it correctly. Well to my surprise after doing this the mousse ran out after 30 seconds it left seed in the bottom of the container. This product is CRAP. Legal action to follow for FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!. When you purchase a product you expect it to work like they advertise it too

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Hi Dean, Thank you for your feedback! Please be advised that we are confident in our products and we would love to see if there is anything else we could assist with to make your experience a positive one. Feel free to email us at customercare@danoz.com.au so we can look into this further for you. Kind regards, Danoz

Caresse jeans

I love the feel and comfort, but very sad they "pilled " so quickly and now look shabby and no longer feel comfortable wearing them out in public
Unfortunately I missed my return period so have 2 unopened pair...very sad because I loved them

Hi Denise, Thank you for your feedback! Please be advised that we do try to make sure that all our customer's are having a positive experience from our products. We will be more than happy to hear more about your experience regarding the Slim N Lift Jeans. If you can email us at customercare@danoz.com.au we will be more than happy to see if there is anything else we could assist with. Kind regards, Danoz Thankyou for your reply, I really loved the feel of your jeans but was so dissappointed with the way they pilled.Hi Denise, We would like into this further for you. If you could please contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au and elaborate on the way they pilled we will respond within 24 business hours. Kind Regards, Danoz

Hydro mousse does not work!!

Honestly would not buy another product from here again we brought the grass and it did not work one bit, still have no grass tried multiple times in different areas but still nothing we followed all the directions correctly as well..

Not happy at with the product.

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Hi Kathleen, Thank you for your feedback. We would be more than happy to hear more about your experience regarding the Hydro Mousse as we do try to ensure that all our customer's do have a positive experience with our products. Please email us at customercare@danoz.com.au and we would to see how we can assist you further. Kind regards, Danoz

Not "just" jeans!

Recently purchased Danoz Direct's Slim 'n' Lift Caresse Jeans and I couldn't be happier! I love, love love, love them!!!! Paid via PayPal and delivery arrived within 7 days! Super-fast delivery. These are not "just" jeans - they are lovely leggings that look exactly like jeans. Three pairs for $99 - blue, black, and ripped blue. Super soft and comfortable! I LOOOOOVE them! They look and feel great and are a great basic item for your wardrobe that can be utilised in so many ways and for any season or purpose. Dress them up or down - they look great. And yes, they do have a slimming effect on your hips, thighs and legs. They are suppose to have hidden slimming panels around the buttocks but this area of the jeans feel and look the same as the legs, so I don't actually believe this particular claim but with that said, they do have an overall slimming effect. Very, very happy with my purchase!

Hi MissyMoo42! Thanks for the feedback! We love hearing from customers, like yourself, who are enjoying our products. So much so that we would be happy to offer you a second set for HALF PRICE! If you would like to accept this offer please email customercare@danoz.com.au and mention this post along with your original order number and one of our lovely Customer Care representatives will be in touch as soon as possible Kindest Regards. DanozDear Danoz, thank you for your reply and kind offer but that won't be necessary. I am happy with having just the single set at the moment. I always give honest, open and genuine feedback and give credit where credit is due. I don't provide feedback in order to get free or cheap items from the companies I have reviewed, but rather; sharing my experience with all consumers. Thank you again. Kind regards. xHi MissyMo0042, Entirely understood. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will always look to further enhance all of our customers experience. Please feel free to contact us with any queries at customercare@danoz.com.au. Kind Regards, Danoz

steam mop

I had the same problem mine only worked a few times than nothingtried the vinegar also plugging it somewhere else still nothing

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Hi Jodie, Thank you for getting in touch. So that we can assist you further, please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your order number, customer number or delivery address, and a brief description of what you are experiencing. Kind Regards, Belinda

buyers beware take 2

My experience with this organization is finally over. It took 8 emails and numerous phone calls

Than when I mention action against them by Victoria Consumer Affair , Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal and the A.C.C.C all of a sudden they started talking to me again. And finally they accepted my proof of paying for items purchased 4 months ago and the terms of my contract to them.
Never again Danoz. You lost me.

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Thank you for your feedback! I would love to review your dealing with Danoz. At Danoz, we do strive for a first contact resolution, if that was not your experience I would love to investigate the reasoning. Are you able to email me your Order/Customer number so I can investigate this outcome and hopefully change your outcome. The email address is customercare@danoz.com.au please ATTN Tureif Thank you, Tureif H Customer Care Manager.

H20 Steam Mop give it a miss no go product

Worked ok for 3/4 times then would steam intermittently. Tried white vinegar as per instruction book worked one more time. dam expensive floor mop and cleaner. Give this one a miss as other products on the market that cost less too purchase and work.

Hi Keith, Thank you for getting in touch. We would like to investigate why your mop is steaming intermittently, so you can get back to using the H20 mop as soon as possible. Could you please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your order number, customer number or delivery address? Please include a brief description of what you are experiencing with the mop. Kind Regards, Belinda Hi Belinda, Purchase date 29/1/13, customer no 4715929, order no AU5284389. delivered end jan. Mop will work for several minutes when it is working then just stops. works now and then and has from day I received had tried vinegar several times and sometimes this will work but not often Regards Keith ps has only worked twice in the last 12 months for verey short time 2/4 minsHi Keith, Thank you for confirming your account details. We are currently looking into your account, and will be intouch shortly. Kind Regards, Belinda

Danoz Dreadful

Woeful! terrible customer service! No customer service!
Item was suppose to be 10 working days delivery, took 10wks!
No apologises, just cancel they say if not happy when kept ringing, yet they kept taking my money from credit card!
Will never, ever purchase from them again!

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Thank you for your feedback. We would love to follow this up for you. Could you please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your order number, customer number or delivery address? Kind Regards, Belinda

H2o Steam Mop x 5

I have one of these products 10 months old used 5 times works just OK but the main head fell apart & the handle is way too flimsy on this machine it bends as you use it & you have to hold it in two places, Customer service manager is a waste of time, they have offered another head as replacement but really based on the other reviews from other people i don't expect it to last very long for $275.00 it is just not good enough. I wont be buying any products from direct TV advertising ever again.

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Hi Jack, Thank you for your feedback. We have recently introduced the H20 X5 HD mop. This may suit you more if you are looking for something with a larger water tank capacity and larger mop head. Check it out at the link below! http://www.danozdirect.com.au/h20hd/ Kind Regards, Belinda

Flavour Stone Pans

I ordered these pans while living in Remote Queensland. Even with having to wait for the mail plane to come each week, my pans were in my hands not even 2 weeks after ordering.
Have also ordered other items through them which took no time at all to get to me.
I have nothing but good things to say about them :) If you read he instructions and follow them, there should be no problem.

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Hi Ashley, Thank you for your great feedback. If you haven't already, check out our Flavorstone Pro Series at the link below; http://www.danozdirect.com.au/flavorstone-pro-series/ With the Flavorstones trademark 6 layer construction, they also have a new look and design. Kind Regards, Belinda

Danoz DIrect

Purchased Slim Jeans on 14/12/14. It is now 30/12/14with no jeans. Aust post tracking complaint says I should have received them by now, complaint after that response is closed. Danoz Direct won't give me refund but will look into in with Aust Post. If I want a speeded up resolution it will cost me an extra $19.95. Moral of the story neither Aust Post nor Danoz Direct give a dam. GO somewhere else for your online purchases.

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Hi Alex, Thank you for your feedback. It is very important to us that you you receieve your order in a timel manner, and we would like to look into this further with Australia Post. Could you please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your order number, customer number or delivery address? Please include your feedback in the email. Kind Regards, Belinda

customer service not a priorety

ordered caresse jeans in the l/xl wehin recieved discovered that size converted to a 10-12 in australian sizing that would be expected to be a14-16. spoke to customer service and sent back expecting a replacement size instead they refunded $24.88 back into my account when the origanal first payment wasw actually 94.88 after speaking to cs they credited the $70 off . the balance of my first order was. $74.88 new order for the same product balance wa now $99.80 if danoz had exchanged size as diswcussed with cs balance should have remained the same but through no fault of mine am now being charged an extra $25 . very hard to get through to cs they only see it there way even thooug the math dosnt add up very dissapointed in my experience with thid company just hope i dont have any more stress from this company with recieving goods and further payments being proicessed correctly.

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Hi Michelle, Thank you for your feedback. The Slim N Lift jeans are available in size 8-10, 12 - 14 and 14 - 16. Please see our measurement guide at the link below for extra measurements that may assist you with selecting the correct size; http://www.danozdirect.com.au/slim-n-lift-caresse-jeans/ If there is anything that needs to be explained on your account regarding your order we would love to do this. Please email customercare@danoz.com.au with a copy of your feedback and your order or customer number if you require any further assistance. Kind Regards, Belinda

Danoz direct are dishonest & disreputable

They took my money immediately for Flavorstone cookware, after they told me that it was only available in Sapphire Blue. I asked further about other colours, but they said they didn't sell it in other colours. A few days later I saw it advertized also in Red, Gold and Grey but, when I rang Danoz and complained about this, they said that it "was not the job of the Sales Dept. to outline products" for customers. They said my blue cookware had already been sent and would not exchange it. They were also equally the rudest staff I have ever dealt with (AFTER they'd taken my money).

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Hi Kim, Thank you for getting in touch. At this stage not all of our Flavorstone sets are available in different colours. It may be the case that the set you purchase was only available in blue. We would love to follow this up for you. If you would like to purchase a Flavorstone set in a different colour we can surely organise this for you. Please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your order number, customer number or delivery address, as well as a copy of your feedback. Kind Regards, Belinda

10 year warranty is meaningless at Danoz

My non-stick Flavorstone frypan purchased from Danoz Direct has a 10 year warranty. After about 18 months it's no longer "non-stick" but do you think Danoz is going to honour the 10 year warranty? No way. Instead, they've given me instructions on how to clean off the muck that's now sticking to the pan, using a convoluted process of soaking and boiling with baking soda, when I'm supposed to be able to clean it with "one swipe of a towel instead of all that scrubbing" according to their advertising. My advice is be very cautious about anything you buy from Danoz and hope that you don't have to try to exercise the warranty.

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Hi Karen, Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like there may be a build up of residue on your pans. Please see the Flavorstone wash and care guide for handy tips on how to prevent this. If you need any further assistance with your cookware please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your order number, customer number or delivery address, as well as a copy of your feedback. Kind Regards, Belinda

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Questions & Answers

Hi Danoz I like my H20 Mop (Green in colour), it is still working however the pin in the folding elbow of the mop is broken and hence it just wants to collapse. Do you have replacement pin that will fix this problem please?
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I am not reporting or be involved with Danoz Direct.. I thought it would be common sense to contact the customer service of the company. My test article was not about a steam mop but about the Bissell Crosswave Pet a product that has nothing to do with a cheap steam mop. Best is to throw the outdated steamer into the bin and get a reliable product like the Crosswave giving you 3 years of guarantee and peace of mind.Thanks for your reply although the tone could have been a little more pleasant . I bought it for $300 at Big W and Big W don't deal with it after sale - great service. $300 is not cheap for a steam mop in my book; common sense tells me, at some stage your $400 item too will end up in the bin.Hi Lesel, We can get this replaced for you. Can you please confirm if it is the H2O HD OR the H2O X5 you are referring to? How long have you had your mop for? If you could please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your request they will be more than happy to help you. Kind Regards, Danoz

I have been calling Danoz continuously to ask about the deal related to the steam mop. Money has been taken from my credit card but I have not received the entire product. I have left a message. Response???
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Hi Blossom, Apologies that you are not able to get through to our customer service team. If you could email customercare@danoz.com.au with your best contact number and i will organise a customer service agent to contact you at a time that you are available to discuss your order. Thank You, Danoz

What is the maximum weight for the Rock Gym please? Simon
1 answer
Hi Sye, The maximum weight allowed is 120kgs. Thank you, Danoz.

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