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Danoz direct are dishonest & disreputable


They took my money immediately for Flavorstone cookware, after they told me that it was only available in Sapphire Blue. I asked further about other colours, but they said they didn't sell it in other colours. A few days later I saw it advertized also in Red, Gold and Grey but, when I rang Danoz and complained about this, they said that it "was not the job of the Sales Dept. to outline products" for customers. They said my blue cookware had already been sent and would not exchange it. They were also equally the rudest staff I have ever dealt with (AFTER they'd taken my money).

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Lorraine T.Danoz



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10 year warranty is meaningless at Danoz


My non-stick Flavorstone frypan purchased from Danoz Direct has a 10 year warranty. After about 18 months it's no longer "non-stick" but do you think Danoz is going to honour the 10 year warranty? No way. Instead, they've given me instructions on how to clean off the muck that's now sticking to the pan, using a convoluted process of soaking and boiling with baking soda, when I'm supposed to be able to clean it with "one swipe of a towel instead of all that scrubbing" according to their advertising. My advice is be very cautious about anything you buy from Danoz and hope that you don't have to try to exercise the warranty.

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Lorraine T.Danoz




I ordered after seeing it on TV. I was told it would be delivered in 7-10 working days, that was on 18/10. I rang today 5/11 and my product hasn't been delivered, isn't in stock and won't be in until the end of the month. They were very quick to take my money, but no customer care. Harry was very nice on the phone, but a call to let me know would have been appreciated.

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Lorraine T.Danoz

GabbyToowoomba, Queensland

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It's been 25 days and no product


A day after I posted this review, the jeans arrived. They are quite nice, although a bit big. So I would like to give them three stars instead if possible.


Actually I take that back, These jeans are useless at least for me.

Feeling ripped off


Ordered the flavorstone pot set from the TV for$149.00 they offed me to upgrade for another $149.00 total $300.00 they did not mention I would not get the one pan I wanted the deep fry pan so after opening the box I found it wasn't there I then rang and rang finally getting someone to be told if I want the pan it would cost $59.00 or if I return the pots I would have to pay postage so what you see on TV may not be what you get
I will never buy from Danoz again very rude customer service

Call centre always unavailable


Two weeks ago I received the h2o mop and it was cracked so I phoned and requested another to be sent. Two weeks later I'm still waiting and whenever I call I always get the answer phone. I work so I keep missing the silly return phone call. Customer service is not efficient and I'm still waiting on a product I ordered three weeks ago now.


SamGold Coast

Waste of money on Flavourstone


Waited 1 month to finally get my upgraded to 28cm Flavourstone Saphire 3pce order. Followed the preparations to a tee as I paid a lot of money for this set. After using the pan twice, I find it is not scratch resistant. used non metal tongs but the bones in the lamb chop did the damage. Danoz said that I should not use these pans when cooking meat with bones. It's a frypan, you should be able to cook any meat. I was then told that there warrantee would not cover this, when I said I wanted to return the whole set. So angry for wasting a lot of money on a product that I thought would last me many years to come. Buyers beware.


TaniaMt Annan

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I have purchased two steam mops the first 1 didnt last 6 months,and then it stop working,the second steam mop
i only used twice,and it stopped steaming.Not happy.its not a very strong product,i thought by watching the ads
i would be thrilled with my steam mop,as i have all tiled area down stairs,but i was very disappointed in your
product.im returning your product for the second time at Campbelltown Mall, i only used it twice and it stopped steaming,hopefully third time lucky.
It is very flimsy not made very strong
The first steam mop the water started leaking out of it.The second steam mop doesnt steam.


PommypeterHunter Region, NSW

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False Advertising


Purchase Flavour Stone Pans back in January and conditioned pans as per recommendation
Danoz Direct in their advertisement on Television stated they would give a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee
Had a couple of emails from Danoz but to this day I am still awaiting Danoz to get back to me about a refund
They are all talk no action

Pans do not do as Advertised as food does stick to pans

No item - No contact!


Ordered True cover foundation on 19th March and It hadn't arrived by the 9th April so I rang Customer Care and they said they could not track the item and must be lost in the mail, so they would express new item.. Waited until the 28th April and rang again - said they would find out what was going on and ring me back - No call!
Rang 29th April and explained again what was going on and was then told there is no stock of true cover so they couldn't send it, so would return my money.
No communication ! Very poor service !



This is false advertising and company suck


Worse purchase ever made and when ringing company for assistance was told it was my fault that pans scratch and discolour. So disappointed with product and would never recommend.very very disappointed would never tell anyone to buy these pans and when I rang company and sent pics didn't even respond

False advertising


SuzanneAuckland New Zealand

Why didn't I read this first



PammieBee3Adelaide, South Australia

Danoz Customer service review




Customer service very poor


Purchased only once over danoz direct never again. Paid for express delivery still waiting for the product to arrive its been 4 weeks. Every time i call i get someone Else telling me different things. Also every time i call im left on hold for an hour then i get disconnected. They are very quick to take money out of your account but never actually send you the product. So people think twice before ordering from danoz as their service is shocking...



Bath Mat


The bath mat is another product that does not live up to the TV Hype. I received my mat, I placed it in the shower the water does not drain from the shower while you are in there, so you shower standing in an ever rising puddle of water. I took my mat up to clean the shower and since then it has not stuck to the tiles and both my husband and myself have had a fall in the shower as the mat slipped under our feet..........so beware they are dangerous!

Dangerous - does not adhere to tiles in shower



Steam mop is a piece of steam


The steam mop certainly doesn't live up to their advertising, the extra add ons are hard to assemble and very clumsy, the actual floor mop left my floor very streaky, and as you are washing the floor the mop handle feels like it's going to snap, and the carpet cleaning attachment did absolutely nothing for the stains on my carpet, other than give my arm a workout, total waste of money

Expensive, flimsy, hard to use attachments



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Buyers beware!!!


If like me you have to return a product as it does not live up to the commercials or promises its not that easy!! You need to ring customer service & ask for a Return Advice Form to send back or you dont get a refund.Therefore, make sure you keep copies of all paperwork & register article back to them so they cant say they didnt get it.

Did not live up to expectation


greigySydney, NSW

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danoz direct flavour stone pans


These pans are fantastic, worth every cent. The do exactly as the TV commercial states, I was fully expecting to have to return them due to my negative view of TV commercials however, I am totally impressed and if you are thinking about getting them go ahead. Nothing sticks. I even baked a cake in the small frypan, perfect. Only thing was the cake wasn't brown on top but just yummy (used Aldi Vanilla Packed cake).
The sturdyness and the fact that nothing sticks to the bottom at all. So easy to clean
Bottom is very thick so takes a while to heat up but I have glass top stove.

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Questions & Answers



Hi bought flavorstone diamond edition how long is postage

1 answer
G.Y. Land
G.Y. Land

Hi, I do not work for Danoz nor do I have an idea how long it will take until you receive your parcel. You have to contact Danoz Direct and ask them about your problem. Make sure that you get a consignment number or a tracking number when you ask for your parcel you can follow it up on the Australia Post Website: MyPost if you have an account with Australia Post. I suggest you get an account and you will love all the benefits.



Hi Danoz

I like my H20 Mop (Green in colour), it is still working however the pin in the folding elbow of the mop is broken and hence it just wants to collapse. Do you have replacement pin that will fix this problem please?

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G.Y. Land
G.Y. Land

I am not reporting or be involved with Danoz Direct.. I thought it would be common sense to contact the customer service of the company. My test article was not about a steam mop but about the Bissell Crosswave Pet a product that has nothing to do with a cheap steam mop. Best is to throw the outdated steamer into the bin and get a reliable product like the Crosswave giving you 3 years of guarantee and peace of mind.


Thanks for your reply although the tone could have been a little more pleasant .
I bought it for $300 at Big W and Big W don't deal with it after sale - great service.
$300 is not cheap for a steam mop in my book; common sense tells me, at some stage your $400 item too will end up in the bin.

Lorraine T.Danoz

Hi Lesel,

We can get this replaced for you. Can you please confirm if it is the H2O HD OR the H2O X5 you are referring to?
How long have you had your mop for?
If you could please email customercare@danoz.com.au with your request they will be more than happy to help you.

Kind Regards, Danoz

Blossom B

Blossom Basked

I have been calling Danoz continuously to ask about the deal related to the steam mop. Money has been taken from my credit card but I have not received the entire product. I have left a message. Response???

1 answer
Lorraine T.Danoz

Hi Blossom,
Apologies that you are not able to get through to our customer service team. If you could email customercare@danoz.com.au with your best contact number and i will organise a customer service agent to contact you at a time that you are available to discuss your order.

Thank You,

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