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Essential service

Darbecca provides an excellent and professional service, giving us detailed report and photos to submit to our builder for rectification along the stages of our new house. Thank you.

Dear Dil, Thank you for your comments and taking the time to assist others in there choice of service. We sincerely hope that your house is now a home. The Darbecca Team.

Well worth every cent for peace of mind and attention to detail!

Cannot speak highly enough of how much Darbecca assisted us during our very stressful and difficult build. Our inspector Paul was amazing and picked up so many things we couldn't see ourselves or didn't know about. The fact that the reports link to building code and guidelines is really helpful. If you are building we would thoroughly recommend getting the team on board.

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Dear Dduva, Thank you for your comments. Details make a house a home. We thank you again for taking the time to assist others that may read your review of our service and we wish you all the best in the future. The Darbecca Team

Brilliant Inspection by 2 Very professional Inspectors.

Thank you very much Darren & Greg for a very professional inspection & Report. Our building supervisor has commented to us on the report & they are ripping through with the defects & minor alterations. We have highly recommended your Company to our friends who are building in our complex & they also want peace of mind that they have been given a good build.

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Dear Ron, It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for your feedback and your recommendation to others. The Darbecca Team

It was worth the peace of mind

We originally went with Dennis homes because they had a reputation for quality. Having said this, not being builders, we also had a nagging concern over whether we were getting a top quality house. Darbecca were highly recommended and we are so glad that we engaged them. Brett and the team were professional, prompt and above all, very reassuring. They picked up numerous errors that the builder then set about rectifying. We particularly liked the way the Darbecca inspectors spoke to us in plain, simple English so that we could easily follow the building process. They provided detailed written reports within 24 hours of each inspection. For peace of mind and to ensure that you are getting a quality build, go with Darbecca.

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Dear Bob, We appreciate your feedback. Brett and the other consultants in your area are all great people. We would like to tank you for your recommendation to others. The Darbecca Team.

Darbecca is a must

We hesitated to spend money to hire a private inspector as our builder is well known as a premium builder. However we decided to hire for just a peace of mind.

We engaged with Darbecca as our private inspector as recommended by most of my insta followers.

It was such a good decision to go with Darbecca because they were punctual, thorough and very professional.

My SS told me that he doesn’t like Darbecca as they’re too picky, which is totally ok to us. Yes all Darbecca inspectors were strict and professional.

We are not sure of choosing same builder in the future but we will engage with Darbecca if we build our second house for sure.

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Dear Sean, Thank you for your comments. We love the heading. We sincerely look forward to assisting you when you next build. The Darbecca Team


If got Darren or Rod as inspectors your in luck!
Very friendly and professional from the staff that would organise your inspections to the actual inspectors. If you manage to get Rod L or Darren L as inspectors your in luck. Because they are extremely good at what they do. Great eye for detail and the report provided is comprehensive, easy to read and backs up all recommendations with actual policies. Only downer if you get a diff inspector other than Darren or Rod, they are just not as good.

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Dear Tom, Thank you for your feed back. Both Rod and I are astounded by the high level of competency that all of our consultant have. We train them and they also train us. I would like to suggest that all of our inspectors are of great quality. The vetting process to obtain a role at Darbecca is second to none. We again thank you for your positive feedback and look forward to assisting you again when you next build. The Darbecca Team.

Very well exicuite

Very professional,helpful and very honest. Inspected the entire house thoroughly without any problems and would get Darbecca again if I were to build again.

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Dear Paul, Thank you for your kind comments. We look forward to assisting with your next build. The Darbecca Team

New build

We found Darbecca to be very accommodating, staff were friendly & always prompt with replies to any correspondence. Inspection appointments were made promptly & the detailed reports were great. The inspector took the time at every inspection to go over main issues & talk me through solutions. Have recommended to others who are building.

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Dear Katie, Thank you for your feedback and your recommendations to others. The team are all grateful for positive feedback as they all try very hard to assist. The Darbecca Team


Friendly and efficient admin staff
Reliable inspectors and does work for the benefit if the customers
Easy booking system, prompt response through email

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Dear Jonas, Thank you for your Feed Back. I'm sure your comments will assist others. All the best. The Darbecca Team

Essential and professional service

Darbecca provides an excellent and professional service, giving us detailed report and photos to submit to our builder for rectification along the stages of our knock down rebuild project. As novice builders, we relied heavily on the findings and comments of Darbecca and valued their input. For a fraction of the cost of the overall build, using Darbecca was a “no-brainer” to keep our builder on its toes!

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Dear Naomi, It was a pleasure assisting you. Keeping the builder honest and ensuring that the home is built to the acceptable Standards is fundamental to having a hassle free home. We love your comment, "no-brainer". All the best. The Darbecca Team

Don't know where I'd be without them

My entire experience with Darbecca was a very pleasant and professional one. From enquiring about their services and answering my many questions, to making my first initial booking, through out my Inspection stage, receiving my report and follow up emails.

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Dear Carla, Thank you for your feed back. Our team enjoys assisting with one of the biggest challenges a person can experience. Follow up and ensuring peace of mind via the many concerns home owners have is a core element of what we are trying to achieve. We are glad we were able to assist. All the best. The Darbecca Team

Thank you Darbecca

We employed Darbecca when the builder of our new home would not listen to our concerns over some issues we had. Darbecca came out, completed a thorough report and were extremely easy to deal with. As a result of the report, the builder has now began rectification works on our home, including new bricks, bathroom/ensuite/laundry floor tiles, floorboards and plumbing. Without the help of Darbecca, we would still be disputing with the builder. We highly recommend Darbecca and just wish we had of employed them sooner.

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Dear APC, Thank you for your comments. I'm extremely happy when feed back such as yours is passed along. This task can be somewhat hard at times and comments such as your drive us forward. The results are what counts. The Darbecca Team.


They r friendly and excellent job they did
They r best in the market
The report they gave is very helpful

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Dear Shankur, Thank you for your comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We enjoy assisting where the house is turned into a home. The Darbecca Team

Would never build without them!

We had 2 guys Paul and Patrick and found them to be professional and very knowledgeable. It took the pressure off the build and if my partner and I ever build again we will definitely be using Darbecca!

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Dear Kylie, Thank you for your feed back. It was a pleasure assisting you. You are correct, builders do appreciate our involvement as it is an extra set of trained eyes looking over the project. It helps them help you. Once again thank you for your comments. The Darbecca Team


The inspectors have knowledge on things that need to be checked against the standard. The reinspections of defects were significant to us because we don't know if issues were fixed or not.

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Dear Airlie33Vista, Grate advice to people looking to use our service. Re-Inspections are critical to ensuring that the builders comply. Than you for your feed back. The Darbecca Team

I depend on it , it is smart , educate u as well

This refers to all people who decide to build the house , should use Debecca , at list once for the inspection, service to get the results of all hidden
Defects ,before u move in to ur dream house , I am satisfied that I did use the service
M Lata

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Dear Mohini, Thank you for your kind comments and recommendation to others. It is always pleasing to read when a customer calls their house a home. We wish you all the best. Again thank you. The Darbecca Team

Professional and flexible

Used Darbecca for for for inspections and one re inspection. At all times the team were flexible on timing to tie in with ever changing schedules and always attended on time. Reports are timely and professionally presented backed up with references to relevant codes and photos of issues. My sense is though that some of the tougher issues were not picked up. Eg did not detect dip in frame resulting in uneven tiled roof, unable to enter roof cavity to check correct placement of ceiling bats, only looked at some structural defects after pointing out etc. They do not check for correct dimensions or that correct items are installed as per building addenda etc. So, in summary, can recommend but you still need to be vigilant and thoroughly cross check your build to your specifications.

Dear JJ41, Thank you for your comments. We are restricted by OH&S and the builders do like to enforce the OH&S rules to limit our access. Overall the experience was positive and We again thank you for your comments. The Darbecca Team.Hi team. FYI, some feedback after moving in two months ago and still working to resolve multiple issues with the builder. Some of these issues should have been picked up by ourselves and the builder but more to the point Darbecca, such as several very badly bowed windows not sealing, missing seal under architrave (Darbecca checked top), a tap not working (requires cut into wall and replacement of pipe and mixer), rangehood not extracting, badly scratched shower door ledge, missing sink plug, solar hot water sensor wire missing (was behind brickwork). I understand that we not infalable but we paid a lot for a final inspection of the completed home after conducting the initial final ourselves and would have liked some of these issues to have been found by the inspector prior to signing off the build and moving in.Dear JJ41, More than happy to talk with you about these items. Movement will continue to occur to a home for many years in some cases. You have the option to talk with us on 03 5367 2111. We can assist you further. The Darbecca Team

Great service

The staff was on time and very thorough. He the service was bit pricy but definitely worth it. We will use them again next time.

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Dear Jessica, Thank you for taking the time to comment. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your next building project. The Darbecca Team

Worth it!

I have used Darbecca for 3 major stage inspection for my house.The report was very good and accurate.It includes all minor details including the relevant Australian codes.The builder have rectified all defects picked up by Darbecca.
Overall best experience.
Little expensive but worth it!

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Dear GNil, Thank you for your comments. We are glad that it gave you peace of mind and the experience was positive. The Darbecca Team

High customer focus

We had Darbecca come and do our final inspection after having some concerns about our build. From the beginning the office were efficient in getting quotes and booking information to us. Our inspector Hayden was personable, efficient and thorough. His report was detailed with great description and pictures. He picked up a nasty structural oversite which could have had major ramifications later. We got Hayden to come out and do a re-inspection for our piece of mind and he gave us the thumbs up.
Thanks so much. Will recommend to all friends

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Dear Emily, Thank you for your feedback. Your comments and recommendation to others is very much appreciated. As you stated, an oversite which is a mistake can easily lead to trouble at a later date. All the best. The Darbecca Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi I have been advised that as Darbecca are not registered building surveyors if something ends up in VCAT it gets thrown out due to the fact your not registered surveryors. Can you advise if this is correct.? Thanks Anna
2 answers
Hi Anna, When you receive the report from down the bottom it says if your needing it for vcat they can format it for vcat, and if you have a lawyer and real things wrong with your house it won’t get thrown out. As I’m aware they are inspectors. But for example you could get me to do your inspection and I could tell you things that are wrong and not intolerances with your house and if you took what I said to vcat the fact that your house isn’t up to standard is what the case will be on not who said what. It’s on facts you could even do your own research into what to look for and not pay anyone. But from my experience it was great hiring someone else who worked with us to understand what was wrong how things are wrong and what is acceptable and what’s not. And unfortunately me and my husband don’t have all the knowledge to look at every trades work to pick up on things but getting the report done. Showed us what we would never have noticed until it would break or we would have problem. But they wouldn’t throw your case out. If your building I’d say use them and maybe call vcat and ask but as I’m aware I can bring in their photos or mine or both and show facts. Hope that helpsDear Anna, This is a complex response. Please take the time to read through all parts. 1.Registered inspectors are only responsible for structural defects as per The Building Act Vic (Law) which is administered by the Victorian Building Authority. Even then they do miss items. 2. Darbecca will not only look at structural items, they then look at all the other items that builders must do, however are not the responsibility of the Registered Inspector. These items generally come under the Domestic Building Contracts Act (Law) which is administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria Government. 3.Given that Darbecca cross over both Acts which are the responsibility of two different Victorian Government Agencies, No registration has ever been agreed to by either Agency. 4. The builder must fix all defects brought to their attention, both Structural and Cosmetic. It is in the Domestic Building Contracts Act (Law). It is also in most Building Contracts. 5. Darbecca would welcome these two agencies (Vic Building Authority and Consumer Affairs) getting together and finding a class of registration, then two things would occur. Firstly the quality of the inspectors would be set at a industry level that would demonstrate some level of competence. Currently anybody can put out a shingle and state that they are qualified. Secondly the builders would not be able to put fear doubt and uncertainty into the home owners mind by stating that the inspector is not registered. A tactics often used by many a Site Supervisor. 6. It is worth noting that there is no registration for Site Managers/Supervisors, Construction Managers or Building Managers. The only person in a building company that must be registered in the person at the top. The builder. In big companies, I would be very surprised if they went to every site and checked on the quality if at all. 7. Finally, a little known fact is that the Home Owner is the one held accountable under Law for the quality of the build and the Compliance with all regulations. Not the Builder or the Registered Surveyor and or his Registered Inspectors.. The Law is very clear that the home owner who may or may not have any understanding of the rules carries this burden. Hence why we do what we do. As an example, if you lived in your home for a couple of years, then there was an issue that the local council discovered, the Council would put orders on the home owner to fix. Then it becomes a legal battle between the home owner and the builder/Surveyor as to who is going to pay. However in the mean time, the home owner carries the burden in all matters. The only reason why a Darbecca report are not VCAT compliant right at the start is they take more work to produce up front and most builders would fix the defects that Darbecca bring to their attention. However if the builders refuses, Darbecca have been to VCAT on many occasions and delivered expert evidence regardless of any Registration. The report is then converted to the VCAT format in compliance with PN2. Note: In other states where the State Government has registration for processes like what Darbecca does, Darbecca holds those licenses. I hope this helps. Darren Love and the Darbecca Team.

I want to engage Darbecca for my new house construction but after reading the above review I am now confused whether to go ahead or not, please suggest any other building inspector
2 answers
Alam, We have been chasing a client for payment. He has threatened to use social media if we did not let payment go so that he got the report for free. The matter is now with our lawyers and the police for attempted blackmail. I ask you to read all of the other reviews that are from customers that are good as they are true. DarrenHi Alam, I would recommend you use darrbecca for your inspections, we haven’t had a problem and have honestly been a blessing to have them. And we only used them because a friend of yours used them and highly recommended them. And if your unsure maybe get your first inspection done with them and if you don’t like or whatever change. But we honestly couldn’t fault them. Hope that helps