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David Jones American Express

David Jones American Express

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Loyalty card requiring a credit check

Pretty poor card 1. The reward points have significantly less value per point then the standard amex cards. 2. If in store they will convince you to get the card to save 10 percent. Issue is the process to sign up and also ensure that you meet the sign up annual fee waiver is messy (I.e 3 transactions in a short period) . The card is essentially a standard loyalty card but requires a credit check.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateApril 2018
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Customer support nightmares not worth your time

I’ve not experienced a worse customer service than from David Jones American Express team. They do not stick to their promises at all. I’ve been eligible for a $250 David Jones gift voucher which never arrived since last May 2018. It’s Feb 2019 as I write this. I still haven’t received it and each time I make a call, I’m told it’s being processed and that I will get a call back or that the card should arrive in 7 to 10 days... That’s how we’ve ended up here. This company clearly is experiencing a lot of issues, I would not be surprised to see it collapse at the rate they are managing clients. I’ve canceled the card and discourage strongly of anyone looking to sign up to this migraine inducing experience.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateFebruary 2017
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForOnline Shopping

Great card to have.

I have always liked Amex, since I have used an Amex before in another country. I have never had any problems with it whatsoever. Most of the retailers don’t accept Amex but then, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It sometimes helps me spend in a controlled manner.
The points that you can accumulate over a certain period is something which is unparalleled as compared to most if not all of the credit cards available out there. I have used my points on purchases at David Jones and the ease of using them is something I have found really impressive.
Last but not the least, I have never had any issues with reaching out to their customer service and it’s not just in Australia but also with the previous Amex that I used. They certainly maintain a standard worldwide.
All in all I am quite satisfied with my David Jones Amex Card.

Be careful- their systems for storing your personal details are defective

Since gathering my personal info on an iPad in store, they have managed to lose it completely with no explanation and no apology.
These people cannot be trusted with your personal data.

Appalling customer service

I lodged a dispute on a charge. Received an "Update" email on 24 October with an Inquiry Ref No. I made a telephonic enquiry on 3 Nov. to follow up on the progress of my dispute and received an email on 7 Nov requesting me to upload documents, but the amount was incorrect and it had a different Inquiry Ref No. I contacted Customer Services again, to enquire why there is a different Inquiry Ref No as well as to inform them of the incorrect amount reflected. Assumed they duplicated the dispute during previous telephonic conversation. During online chat tonight (logged into my account) the person I was talking to was condescending and unwilling to accept that a duplicate Inquiry was incorrectly created by someone at the customer centre. He first told me "not to confuse the matter" as well as "It is the same query" Then he insisted that the incorrect Inquiry Ref No was the first dispute submitted and due to my inactivity to provide necessary documents it was cancelled and that the Inquiry number I believe to be correct (email dated 24 Oct.) is in fact the newly created Inquiry. It is quite unclear to me how the "CORRECT (according to him) " Inquiry Ref No can have the wrong amount on it as well as being dated later. During the process of questioning how the "New" Inquiry Ref No can be dated prior to the "Old" he actually booted me out of my online account in order to end the chat. Will be lodging an official complaint against this staff member. This charge reversal has been absolutely exhausting to deal with. I never received communications requesting uploading of documents until I received the "duplicate" Inquiry with incorrect amount. I am basically to scared to phone the customer service again, because there is no telling what incorrect information will be reflected to my account next.


We needed to sign an "account management consent form" to allow the subsidiary cardholder to check payment status. The idiots sent us a form with was duly signed and returned. AMEX then came back saying it was the wrong form ....2 weeks later.
Dealing with the people on the help desk in the Phillipines is useless...but unfair on them ...the idiots in Sydney ..then start talking about anti-money laundering ...and are in a useless.

Don't use it

The services become worse and worse. and the member benefit offer less and less. I use the card already five years. I think it is time to change.
Last time they use my point to redeem David jones gift card without my authorise and no apologise when I call them.

Worst Card Eve.

I Try to dispute for an unauthorized transaction and it takes a while to investigate, and at the end they still want me to pay for an online transaction that I never made. I won't pay for it. customer service is the worse in the world very unhelpful (Amex doest have the text alert that you need to verify before any online transaction like visa and master card have)

So far so good

Statements and website easy to understand. Points system quite good compared to many others. Of course the usual high interest rate, but that is par for the course. I like that they text/email confirmation of payments and reminders.

Love Amex DJ card forever

I have been an Amex cardholder since 1999. Their services have been always 5 stars. I feel so Privilege to have Amex and Amex DJ cards!

Don’t ... Just Don’t!

I cancelled my DJ American Express card because the customer service & websites from both companies were awful. I was sent my points balance in $350 worth of DJ gift cards.
I went into the store to spend them on Xmas gifts, only to be told at POS that there was no credit on them! I had no choice but to leave the store without the gifts I planned to buy. I spoke to customer service and have followed up more than 4 times over 3 weeks, being promised time and time again that they would resolve it and they would call me back. Spoke to 6+ people who’ve apologized and promised to call back. 3+ weeks later and no resolution.
Absolutely useless, please do not deal with them!

Unhelpful staff and misleading

My whole experience with this card lasted less than a month. it's a waste of time.
The website is difficult to navigate.
I rang the helpline 3 times and I was told 3 different stories.
Untrained staff

Great benefits !!

We were offered this David Jones American Express card when we did some shopping in David Jones this year. We did pay the annual fee but also got a cash back. The offer sounded great. We now use his card much more than the other ones because we can collect point and then redeem.

Easy and great value for money

If you like getting more back when you spend then this is the card for you!
I have been with DJ Amex for over two years now and it is so great to be able to redeem your points on vouchers, my partner and I love being able to go to the movies for free.

lovely service after 4 years or so

no complaints from me at all , the staff are ok when i miss payment by day or two and really the most helpful call staff ...good points from majors i.e. coles woolies petrol


Make sure you are making more than the minimum repayments or you won't pay the card off before the interest free period and that's how they get you.


I recently moved and thought I had told everyone that I had moved. Apparently according to American Express I had not. Fine it was only about $50.00. I paid it but it was the abuse I received for being an 'idiot' for not changing my address properly. I am now trying to cancel card. I had told the chap who called me an idiot that I did not want the card anymore. Still an email telling me they are sending it to my previous address. AARRRGGGHHH. That I can't respond to the website that only allows me to talk to a company that encourages abuse, by the fact that you can't send an email. Hopefully my contact with David Jones will help. Hopefully the card is now cancelled.

Really Bad Experience

I was encouraged to sign in DJ AMEX Platinum and been told that there is NO ANNUAL FEE for the first year. Just after TWO WEEKS, I have checked online statement and $299.00 has been deducted as "annual fee". I am really disappointed and sad, it seems that we have been cheated. Be really careful before you sign DJ cards and read their offers.

Misleading INformation

I was with AMex DJ creditcard since 2012 and paying annual fee of$99every year however was offer an upgrade to a Platinum Card DJ amexcard last March 2017 as the Customer officer was giving a 50,000 bonus points if you upgraded. During that conversation I was told that there is no annual fee yet and it will take effect nextyr so I was convinced to upgrade. I received my latest statement this April17 but without my knowledge that they have charge me on my statement a $299 and instead they credited an amount of $74 as a membership fee (as I have no idea that this such thing exist??) I had called them and clarify whats going on they told me that I misunderstood all the offer it apparently was from my old creditcard fee $99 which they still short pay me of $25. This was very appalling and shocking experienced on my part that I was charged already of $299 wherein the card was only used for 1month and not knowing that they already take money out from their customer without the knowledge of their clients. I told them i Will report to the Fair Trading Commision if this issue will not be resolve and Not very happy at all that the information they are giving me were all misleading at the end of the day I have to watch out for the big catch..... TO AMEX btw your card are not widely accepted anywhere and some store charge a lot for a surchargefee.

Very embarrassing

I was offered an American Express David jones card , I told them I have another Amex explorer , they insisted I should get the David jones amex , I did , I had set up a direct debit for full amount for both cards , and my payments were paid on the due date . To my surprise , my David jones card was rejected in several places , and I thought it is from the stores , because I know my balance was above the amount , I called David jones today , and was advised my card is suspended because my other Amex card due date was on the 27th of April , and they were waiting for it to be cleared , the lady asked me to send her a statement from my bank showing the amount was paid to rectify immediately the situation , which is so unprofessional , to embarrass me infront of my customer ! Why wouldnt they call me and advise me that they will suspend my card till the due date of the other card and until amount is physically received ? If they are so progressional and cards are linked why don't they cancel one before they offer you the second one ? Or each salesman wants to get his target and then we as customers can go to hell ! It is really disgusting sales strategy

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Questions & Answers

I want to cancel my credit card. Can I do this at my local David Jones store?
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how can I activate my card?
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I would call the number on the back of your card but now that Amex is involved nothing is straight forward. So much easier when DJs were managing their store cards and much nicer staff to speak to.You can do this online.


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