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David Jones Retail Stores

David Jones Retail Stores

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Customer service

All right so this is in regards so the terrible behavior of one of the staff at David Jones Burwood. Racist behavior of a lady at make up counter who was absolutely disrespectful. Me and my husband were buying stuff and as we preferred holding stuff we shortlisted in our hand to get everything billed together. It was mostly my make up stuff. So this lady blocks my way, stops me and so rudely she attacks and says will “u you pay for this” and all I could say is absolutely if I am buying it, taking it home I am going to pay for it. But she specifically followed us and made us feel so humiliated that I gave her the products and chose to walk off. She told me that they have a policy that if a customer picks up a product they have to get it billed and then move around the store, like really? I am a near by resident and visit burwood David Jones very often, and this was the second time that I was disappointed with staff behavior. Last time I asked one of the lady to check if they had size in jeans that I wanted to buy and she made me wait for 15 minutes saying she was occupied. I mean where are the basic etiquettes and on what bases are these people hired if they are of no help to buyers?

Estée Lauder Carindale

I had a great experience at your Estée Lauder counter at your Carindale store today. Julie matched my make-up. (perfectly )and did a wonderful natural make-over . She was lovely, as well as professional . Thankyou DJ’s And Thankyou Julie .

This is why David Jones will not survive in the is tough environment.

Popped into DJ's Bourke Street store on Sunday. I wanted to buy a Fitbit. Had done my homework so no real technical info was needed. Now, I know that the boxes are empty to stop theft and the staff have a box of styles and colours hidden somewhere under the counter for the punters to look at and try on. I mentioned I was going to buy either the Alta or the Charge but I wanted to try one on and see the actual colours. The staff member checked the computer and told me the colours that were available for both, I asked to see the actual watch but she had a bit of a putter about and could not find the elusive box of sample stock. No real effort put into the search, no hurry, no asking anyone else. Merely told me the colour availability. If this woman was working for me she would be on notice. I left. They have lived up to their reputation for lousy service.

The worst delivery service ever seen

We bought one of those Sealy beds from David Jones 9 days ago and we still could not be able to have it. Their delivery service is very very poor, disappointing. I got a day off from work to be able to accommodate their delivery times and while I was waiting at home, they cancelled it. The whole story is quite long, it took us all day to deal with it. But the summary is I do not recommend this shopping experience to anyone. At the end of the day you will waste your day, breath and energy without having your product which you have already payed for.

Disgraceful service from male employee in male shoe section of Hay street store.

My husband and I were excited about going to to David Jones to purchase two pairs of leather shoes. Unfortunately we needed a larger size and the only place the stock was available in W.A was Hay street mall.

After an amazing experience from the Carosel team we were looking forward to visiting Hay street to take a look at the range and collect the size we needed.

When we arrived we noticed the sales person was busy so we waited patiently for him to tend to us.

After half an hour of waiting the sales person continued to chat and even after the sale was processed he refused to acknowledge us.

He walked to the back of the store and returned with two boxes of shoes. He told my husband and I that we are wasting our time coming to Hay street as the leather shoes are always lighter on the left side as that is the shoe that is used for display purposes.

He said oh and I guess you are Danielle.

There was no introduction prior to this.

After feeling shamed in front of the other customers and staff I explained to him that we were there to purchase another pair of shoes and swap the size as Hay street is the only store left with the size we needed.

He went on to say that he has been working there for 4 years and was in management for 30 years. I didn’t care about his work experience I was there for a simple reason.

He said “I know you work in management as you give me that feeling”. I was shocked.

We asked for him to kindly match the price from the other David Jones store as we had a receipt and they matched a price from the competitors website.

He replied that “the Carosel team are new, they don’t know what they are doing. I know what I am doing and I am not discounting anything, do you want the shoes or not?”

My husband asked him to not speak to us in that manner and especially not to a lady.

He continued to say that he is being straight with us as he doesn’t want to waste his time.

My husband said that he has a poor attitude and he should be careful in the way which he speaks.

We placed the transaction as quick as we could.

Upon leaving the store we were walking away and I heard him saying to his colleague “Those stupid people wanted these shoes on discount and i didn’t give it to give it to them so they got angry they don’t know about leather or anything”

I was so angered when I heard that.

I turned around and introduced myself to the colleague.
I told them that we were not angered by the fact that the shoes weren’t discounted. If we couldn’t afford to be in David Jones we would never walk in.

I told him the situation and the male employee kept on interrupting saying he has four years of experience and he did nothing wrong.

His demeanour and his attitude were disgusting. The way he treated us was not acceptable. I have never been exposed to such a rude employee of David Jones.

I work in customer service myself and it isn’t about what the outcome is. It is about the way the situation is handled. I am in the process of placing a formal complaint.

To others with poor experiences... do not be bullied by staff. Do not let them get away with it.

Bad customer service experience always

I find David Jones Perth City Staff to be very rude and judgmental always when I visit the store, now I shop online instead.
1. Often unapproachable-as some staff are not DJ employees
2. No eye contact or assistance offered
3. You’ve to walk around looking for staff—always short staffed and they are never available

Poor customer service

Got 2 online orders and spoke to two customer service representatives at Martket street on the phone, the first one couldn't explain what's going on with my online order or bother to check properly even I received the email ready to pick up. Just got told to call customer service online team. Then the second one when I tried to call back after waiting a long time on hold, before I even get to explain myself, this guy just hang up on me. Seriously??? You are the worst customer services I've ever dealt with. Will say no with David Jones online order in the future. And I would give you minus star if I could. So terrible!! Ended up just have to cancel the order and buy it from the store instead.

No customer service

There is not a time I walk into a David Jones store especially Bondi Junction in any department and there is no staff to serve you.
Since when has David Jones become self serve.
Talking Hand Bag section, shoes, kitchen wear, baby clothes, womens clothing, toy department.
When you finally find someone they are so unmotivated, they actually give you the shoe size you ask for then hide.
Do you advertise for the most unmotivated, unenthusiastic, less knowlegdebale , people and the most unemployable staff are all in David Jones.
Pick up your act this has been going on for years just getting worst. Go overseas to Europe to a department store and you will be blown away with the service.
A great Shame

Parramatta child mattress section

Came in last week and was advised that an Evelyn would call me on tuesdaat for a baby mattress. Nothing on Tuesday. Here now on Thursday evening at the desk. A folder is on the desk with my name but nobody here. Been waiting since 640pm it’s not 7:03pm. Let’s see how long I have to wait to be served!! Next review will have the time... if I don’t give up... ooo someone just mistook me for someone who works here..

Shopping made easy

As a guy shopping for clothes, it is very convenient that everything is in one place. The staff are very helpful. It is a bit expensive compared to other stores

Worst customer service

Went in to David Jones Macarthur square in perfumes older lady thinks she knows it all pushing me to buy things I don’t even want to look at I know what I want I know what I like i have got a few things in my hands I want to purchase give me space I ask a question answer me if you don’t have it Thats fair enough let me decide what I wanna do from there don’t push me to get something I don’t want I do work in retail myself and I manage a showroom we don’t push our customers we give them respect and time to decide themselves yes you’ll get my money but give me time let me look around I intend to buy but don’t push me don’t pressure me don’t ever say to a customer oh while your here just do it buy it plain hungry and shark approached customer service skills she’s not cut out to be in retail unless she changes her attitude

CUSTOMER SERVICE BY Tamorah ( Tam) Chermside Westfield

We went to the Estee lauder department of the Chermside Store on 14/02/19 - The customer service Tam provides is exceptional. Not just to me , i saw her interecting with an elderly couple while i was waiting -Amazing .I will go back to DJ just because of the customer service i got from Tam . Well done to whoever hired her. She is a keeper.
Thank you

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